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  1. Bismarck collection

    Your reward is, I believe, two perma camos for the Bismarck?
  2. The men manning those 5in battery magazines and 5in batteries are on roids, clearly.
  3. Sims Torps

    No because?
  4. Sims Torps

    So WG. Can we think about giving the Sims Benson and/or the upgraded Mahan torps? I really doubt that would make her OP. I would call it more of a quality of life improvement. The sea mines are obnoxiously slow and very low damage. The 5.5 KM/ 65kt torps have much better damage, but at tier 7 getting that close to use them is suicidal or just way too situational.
  5. Patience and Position

    This is a sixth sense that took me quite a long time to learn as a BB player. It will make or break you.
  6. Ah yes, Had to look it up. My bad
  7. Vigilance doesn’t help hydro one little bit. They don’t stack. i would have preferred a buffed basics of survivabilty on Jutland.
  8. Can I send you a bill for the minute of my life just wasted?
  9. ships surpassing tanks

    I think part of the issue is the influx of steam players are hitting the mid-high tiers 7-8 at the same time en masse. i wish the server numbers were there to justify MM taking win rate into account. If not per ship at least average team. Might be doable. I would rather see that than the mirror MM that was implemented last patch.
  10. I guess I won’t tell you how many I have gotten in the last two weeks
  11. Capt skills for Biz

    I second this. You could also swap superintendent for basics of survivability. I think they’re interchangeable as it pertains to mitigating damage over time.
  12. How to tank.

    calls self noob. Has borderline purple stats and over 4,000 battles.