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  1. gmrbull

    Should games like this ever happen?

    Monday I went 23-2. It was the best day I’ve ever had playing this game. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I struggled to hit 50%. My average damage, K/D and PR were all higher in those other days where I lost. My friends and I joke that it’s WG balancing you. The last 6-9 months I’ve been averaging a 60%+ win rate. Sometimes there are wild fluctuations where I’ll struggle to stay above 50% for a few days. It’s just the way the game is and has always been. I know it’s nothing I’m doing wrong since my stats stay at or above my usual performance outside of win rate. When it starts getting to you, turn off the game for the day and come back later.
  2. gmrbull

    Don't understand SAP

    It is strong on broadside BBs with careful aim (with normal cruiser AP you want to go for the upper belt for large 10k salvos) with sap you want to aim more like a DD and hit the superstructure. Against cruisers broadside you can do good damage on on anything but hitting most turrets or citadel belt armor. DDs unless they are heavily angled (yes you can bounce) are a very juicy target. avoid shooting angled targets wherever possible. It will result in mid (2-5k if your lucky) low damage (0-2k) or zero damage salvos. so there are two things at play here: 1. You want to select a target you can do the most damage to in each situation, if this means switching to a different target for each salvo than you do so. Pay attention to your minimap to look for opportunities. 2. know where to aim. Even on a broadside bb aiming low and hitting any belt or hitting turrets will result in a lot of shatters.
  3. gmrbull

    Really liking the Sims

    Good boat to harass other DDs of the same tier or lower, excellent speed, maneuverability and great guns. The infamous sims sea mines got buffed believe it or not.
  4. gmrbull

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    Sounds like someone needs to go into a training room with replays on and experiment....
  5. gmrbull

    Is there an issue with aiming?

    I and quite a few people I play with have noticed the same thing lately. This caused me to ask a question in the forums recently where I asked if it mattered what gun you were aiming from.
  6. gmrbull

    Bayard or Massachusetts?

    With mass you need a minimum 14 point captain specialized to her (or Georgia) just to start to maximize her protential. The bayard jives better with the French cruisers than mass does with us bbs.
  7. gmrbull

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    Venezia has things it’s extremely strong at and things it’s extremely weak at. There is little middle ground and this makes it and other pizza cruisers difficult to play for the weaker skilled player.
  8. gmrbull

    What ia costing me my Doubloons?

    Check your flags on your ships and make sure that check box to resupply using dubs is off
  9. I’m sure if you put in a ticket they will fix it
  10. gmrbull

    SE bug with Edinburgh?

    Sorry to ask....,Why are you using that skill? There are plenty of better skills to put your points into.
  11. gmrbull

    Don't forget about the Italian cruisers

    For every 10k salvo you peg on a broadside BB or every DD you nuke there are 10 under 1k damage salvos with scores of bounces and shatters. i like them, but I would love them more if they shaved a little off the reload.
  12. Is horizontal dispersion specific only to the aiming reticle or is it relative to the angle of your ship. for instance if you’re shooting at a target with a 90 degree AOB (full broadside) and at a say 40 degree bearing to your ship. Will the horizontal dispersion be at a 40 degree angle to the targets position? Or will it be perfectly in line.
  13. gmrbull

    WOW! Push off is ok in the playoffs!

    There was a push, I won’t contend that, but there was also contact on both sides. Not only that, but the DB never once even looks for the ball and tries to grab rudolfs arm to prevent him from getting away. time and time again in the nfl and college. When have a DB who doesn’t play the ball he is going to get screwed by the refs. I can’t blame the refs
  14. gmrbull

    Gunther Lutjens: Best Line Fit?

    I think you might see the most utility on the DD line perhaps? The main battery hit requirements are certainly achievable and the heal could be a big help. I’d love to throw him on my Hindy as well.
  15. gmrbull

    Question about the Vampire.

    I don’t know if it was stealth removed or just sold for a short time? I know a lot of people, like myself, got it for free during an event