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  1. gmrbull

    Wiki error Icarus

    Stock torps are 95. Upgraded are 120
  2. gmrbull

    CV [edited] MM*

    Double cv
  3. gmrbull


    Came around Mid December last year IIRC
  4. gmrbull

    How To Fix Carriers

    Problem 1: player skill gap. It’s hard enough starting this game from scratch. Then put them into a 1v1 class against a more experienced player. Problem 1a: There needs to be a CV “school” or tutorial. Even at high tiers I see enemy CVs going straight in for the nearest ship no matter what it is, losing a boatload of planes and then left clicking his fighters on mine within my friendly AA bubbles. When I see a cv player like this on my team I immediately feel like we’re probably going to loose. There are a few things every CV player should know and most of us found out the hard way and too many still haven’t found out even at tier 10. problem 2: Saipan and problem 1. I rage quit at tier 7 more than once before I became stubborn enough to keep trying. Saipan isn’t as much of a problem for surface ships as it is opposing cvs. If we could do a poll at how many people quit playing CVs at tier 7 vs other tiers I wonder what the outcome would be. problem 3: AA balance. This goes both ways. There are super AA ships that can delete squadrons with the push of a button and there are ships that even when AA built can’t even dent the planes. This is a huge problem. I understand ships had better AA systems than others, but it doesn’t have to be so dramatic. problem 4: the premiums. Saipan, kaga, enterprise and graf Zeppelin. To those who advocate removal from the game. If CVs were more common would you spec into AA more? Would you pay more attention to your map positioning in relation to friendly ships? If AA was more balanced would you play CVs more? If a Unicum CV player couldn’t delete all your planes In a single click would you play CV (I know this is frustrating, but seriously sometimes it’s well deserved)? What if DDs were given higher DPS in a shorter range AA to alleviate plane spotting and punish CVs who hovered planes over you for too long? Or if plane spotting was nerfed? This doesn’t even address problem 5: the UI
  5. you can still spec into secondaries with fire prevention, it’s just not full secondary build.
  6. gmrbull


    Find some people to division with?
  7. So if we already have a metric ton of premium time, but only really play wows can players switch their premium time?????
  8. gmrbull

    High Ping Problem

    Mine hasn’t been below 70 and usually averages 85 in the last 1 or 2 months. Pretty damn frustrating. Ping tests show I should be around 20-30.
  9. gmrbull

    Survivabilty Expert question

    It applies to the ship he is on in that particular battle.
  10. gmrbull

    What are the proposed FDG buffs?

    I would hope for a few of the following: improved rudder shift improved dispersion/sigma improved firing angles maybe give people a reason to take the 420s?
  11. gmrbull

    jean bart,credit income.

    I’ve been showering in 1 mil+ credit games with the Jean Bart. Cash money well spent.
  12. gmrbull

    Refunding Jean Bart ; Need Advice

    Doesn’t it say all sales are final?
  13. gmrbull

    Nobillium Aircraft Carrier

    For the sunray Halloween op