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  1. Corgi after action report

    I had a 110k damage isyaslav game. Makes me want to do the ru dd line
  2. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    Z-52 is balanced by taking massive AP damage, weaker concealment and it’s generally poor maneuverability. Not that I have the 52 yet, but if it’s similar to most then German dds then this should hold true.
  3. Tips to Save 100 Deaths

    This +100. Minimap and map awareness in general is a very late acquired skill for many. The faster you can pick this up the better. research your ships strengths and weaknesses. Use strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.
  4. The Ranger

    I’m still working on my strafing skills (recently started watching more farazelleth vids) and strategy. I do a good job of deleting more inexperienced players, but the more experienced/cv mains dodge and bait me pretty well. Time will make me better, but cvs are not for the impatient due to the high skill gap between high level and low level players. Thanks all for the advice.
  5. Detonation Change in 7.2

    meh... detonations never bothered me. Neither does being deleted by a cv. Yes it sucks, but it’s part of the game.
  6. Supercontainer glitch

    Only about 30 battles in on the Hindenburg. Took a few games to get comfortable and find the right modules and skills but now it’s Slayerbote
  7. Supercontainer glitch

    I got one the other day. Put it on my hindy and I seem to like it. Not bad on high tier cruisers.
  8. Capture area a... capture area b... wilco!... half of team goes to c
  9. The Ranger

    I’m well aware of the inadequacies here. I just leveled up last week to the Ranger. I’m a decent CV player who has a love hate relationship with them. I sold and rebought the independence a few times before I decided on keeping the grind up. Then we come to this thing. My first few games after feeling it out in coop we’re good albeit against other rangers. Then I get my first game against a Saipan and hard mode doesn’t even describe. The next game I had was against a Kaga and I had a hard time competing, but won in the end much more thanks to my team than myself as I was pretty well dominated by the Kaga aside from a few lucky stikes that got home. Any tips on facing those premiums from some more experienced players?
  10. Ship horn signals explained

    I can’t wait for someone to flame in chat for using the incorrect horn signals
  11. Dev Blog-German T-8 DD Z-39

    After looking at the stats same boat... worse torps. Da fugg? Making up for the T61 being OP?
  12. Mystery Torpedo Moment

    There’s a gif out there somewhere of a shimakaze? taking 5 torps from a narrow spread shot at close range and surviving. All five torps hit the same spot.
  13. Bayren

    The accuracy does not get better with the gneis, Bismarck and FDG. Learn to embrace the scattergun
  14. Bought: Sims, HSF Graff Spee and Indianapolis Container: Duca Bought with Dubloons from Containers: Icky Ichizuchi(Supercontainer), Gulio and Texas(Xmas containers) Free: Vampire, Duke of York and Ocktober Rev and soon Nelson (25k fxp away) so ive bought 3, kind of bought 2 and the other 5 were free.