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  1. To clairify. You only get the reward for each star once. So if you five star it the first time then you get the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 star reward at once and never again.
  2. But but but but...Ship is of American origin..
  3. Ignorance is bliss!

    Jingles wasn’t the actual player playing the game you watched. And as someone else also mentioned Jingles gets a lot of things wrong something he readily admits. The guy who sent him the battle is Flambass who is also prominent streamer.
  4. No.... Just no. Secondary builds in BBs at tier 8 are fun. At 9 and 10 they start to get questionable. In a cruiser that’s kind of a damage sponge like the Alaska seems to be is just silly.
  5. Also could have penned the torpedo bulges and shattered on an interior armor belt causing zero damage. A phenomena referred to as “spaced” armor. Or as others referred to damaging module hp
  6. Given the stats I would totally agree this is not the problem it’s pretty clear this dude is total potato or just clicks battle and bails.
  7. I’m not condoning this player, based on the stats. However, I think there is a difference between loading in and dropping in a game. I frequently have issues where my game loads (based on the progress bar), but I sit staring at the team screen for sometimes up to five minutes before dropping in with my guns already turned and loaded. I bring up the point about guns turned and loaded because people who haven’t loaded the guns stay pointing fore and aft.
  8. DoY Toe to Toe with two T9 BBs

    At first I hated the Doy, but I took her out for a few games recently and she put up some pretty damn impressive numbers! She leaves port much more often now
  9. Refunding premiums

    Why would you buy something and not use it?
  10. Ranked Has Me Frustrated

    Today I started 12-2 in ranked. Finished probably 13-9
  11. Cruisers are best at saving a star due to DPM. Ranked xp is based so much on damage it’s dumb, good dd play is not rewarded whatsoever. Like everyone else says just play the ship you are the best in. This gives you and your team the best chance to win.
  12. T-61 vs other T6s

    It’s 61 seconds with TAE
  13. Are servers down right now?

    Down for me as well
  14. Do you know if you got credit in the postgame results with the points for completing the mission? The “live” stats in game could have been buggy, I’ve had that happen before where it didn’t update right away.