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  1. gmrbull


    Bbs are slow? Who knew the Bismarck is as fast as most of the German cruisers, so there is that.
  2. gmrbull


    It’s only available on the bis
  3. There are an influx of players who are playing more frequently than the “weekends” or players who have not played in quite a long time due to the corona lock down.
  4. gmrbull

    Loving the Mainz!

  5. gmrbull

    AP Over-Penning Citadels

    There is no such thing as a citadel overpen.... a citadel is a citadel, always deals full damage.
  6. Don’t sail straight for the border or hid behind an island 20km from anything. Position yourself where you are out of spotting, but close enough to launch frequent attacks with as little as possible travel time. This requires attention to the map and keeping an eye on if you are detected or not. harrass the DDs. You don’t have to kill them, but flying over them, dropping fighters over them and hitting them with the occasional rockets really messes with their plans and allows your team to kill them. If you can take as much HP as possible from them with rockets. If you want to win and win frequently. Don’t concentrate so much on farming damage. Concentrate more on using your planes to influence the flow of the battle. You can do this while getting ok damage numbers on solo ships (if possible) or weaker AA ships on the edges of blobs.
  7. gmrbull

    Some ships just seem Hard

    One thing I loved about what you wrote... is that you waited an extra second to fire. Patience is key for good battleship players. Why fire the second that reload clicks if you are looking to shoot at something bow on. Wait an extra few seconds if you think they’re going to turn or look at your mini map for an opportunistic broadside target to farm those citadels. Your getting a lot of hits, but try and look for different target selection so you can score some bigger damage. As far as the hood is concerned... don’t have her I hear the guns can be derpy, but she has improved AP angles.
  8. gmrbull

    Moskva becoming Premium

    You should have a month or so
  9. I’ve got JB, she’s printed plenty of million credit games for me. ive also got the Prinz with the Adler camo, pretty good as well, but not as good as JB
  10. gmrbull

    MARDET 1982 New Jersey bb62

    Very cool and thank you for your service! that you mention the 5” 38 mounts were built by RCA. I know from touring a few other BBs that the range finders for the 16” guns (local control in the turrets) were built by a company that surprised me as well. I can’t recall, but I believe Bosch and Lomb? Were you surprised by the makers of any other components?
  11. gmrbull

    Need Advice on Getting Smolensk

    I disagree with navalprides assessment. I experimented with ifhe smol before the rework and full fire build was better then and is certainly better now. Even with IFHE your ability to pen some High tier BBs was questionable and even after most ships become saturated your damage numbers became reduced. Fires are always going to be your chief damage dealer. Played two games with mine today and dealt well over 100k damage and got witherers in both games. ship is still worth it. as always with suggesting spending money and resources on a ship.... investigate it, watch CC vids and see how it fits within your play style before pulling the trigger.
  12. gmrbull

    What was your best salvo ever?

    Dev struck a Yammy with my Yoshino... all guns
  13. I haven’t noticed it before very recently, but on the side of the Massachusetts B turret they put George the Gremlin on it. george is sailor artwork that was painted on the side of the same turret during the war. Can also be seen at the museum. sorry, don’t have a screengrab
  14. gmrbull

    Questions from a beginner

    Based on your number of games you are still in “daycare” for boats. Typically in games against other newer players and bots before being released into genpop. My best suggestion: I attempted to pick a line or two to grind to tier 10 from the beginning. It was a struggle. The game experience can go south in a hurry around tier 5 and 6 if you don’t have at least some experience. My advice is this. Don’t shoehorn yourself into one or two lines. Play them all or as many as you can based upon port slot availability and advance your way up slowly. This will help you figure out a class or playstyle within that class that suits you.
  15. gmrbull

    You ruined CVs

    I was watching Flambass the other day playing on the Asian? Server. Where you can still play the RTS system. Man, I got some nostalgia.