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  1. For a dd that already has an incredibly low health pool.
  2. Wait.... what’s with the deck armor reductions on those dds? Is this a nerf or will it reduce normal pens by bb caliber ap to overpens?
  3. Hmmm I actually find her guns to be extremely accurate
  4. Today I took my Bismarck out. Got into A T10 match where a Hindenburg dumped a full broadside of torps into me from 1km away I flooded as my damage control was on cooldown he finished me with guns. I must be a crappy bb player since I let a cruiser get so close without punishment....oh wait he was on my team. The other team accused him of kill stealing.
  5. I got mine in a sc with a ten pointer
  6. I got two scs back to back once. One had the hydro mod and the other had 100 signals. Since I run the German lines quite a bit I find the hydro mod to be quite useful. Got a radar mod a few days ago, but I’m only at t5 with my American cruisers and you can only use that at 9 and 10 :(. Wish I could slot it on my Indianapolis! got a duca from my first Yamato crate!
  7. The ceasar is still in shop thru Thursday. So expect a release on Friday. Typically it’s one at a time, no?
  8. So I’m thinking about adding a new premium to my port. What I really need is something that will consistently drop some good silver into my bank with an average game. Since XP isn’t a issue for me, but having enough credits seems to be. I already have the Sims, Graff Spee, Indianapolis and the okt rev. I was thinking about the derpitz (but I have the Bismarck). Not into the Atago since I haven’t touched IJN cruisers yet. I would pick up the Mass or the Kidd when the come out. Any other solid suggestions?
  9. Yorck..... Barf. battleship rotation speeds on the turrets. He is the only thing that’s effective past 10km. At least you have hard hitting torps and a turtle back.
  10. For zero damage are so obnoxious
  11. Lem des Moines class cruiser. Currently a museum ship in Massachusetts. Tier 10 premie?
  12. I have two krakens in the last 5 days with my sims...
  13. Getting it handed to me. As a matter of fact it's been an epidemic for me for the last two or three days. I can't even carry seal club lower tier games either! Maybe the rev mission is getting to my head? Ever since I hit the win 3 battles and finish top 5 stage I've been on an epic losing streak. So far today? 1-8