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  1. I got torped by a friendly once with no warning and he insisted it was my fault. Even insisted he would post a replay to the forums to prove it. Never saw the replay.
  2. My Review of Indianapolis

    It’s amazing how many of those are sub 50%
  3. My Review of Indianapolis

    Indy does have the ability to give solid credits. I had a 4 frag 117k damage game in her and made about 650k credits. Those games are very few and far between though. Ironically, playing the new Pensacola (which i think is great) has made me dust off my indy and take her out at least once a day.
  4. anything around tier 5/6. Stay there until you are winning more than 50% and playing against tier 7s as a 5 doesn’t cause you pain anymore. then start to tip toe into high tiers. The game gets very punishing at higher tiers.
  5. Some of the CCs were very happy about wowp 2.0
  6. I rage quit cvs because of this and the UI
  7. I splatted a Pensacola in my Bama today. Felt pretty special.
  8. User using illegal mod

    it’s easy mode with a spotter plane.
  9. Did you click redeploy in the email or did you just sign in? Might have had to “claim” the offer via the email to get it.
  10. Yes actually. Last KOTS, 07 got mopped by WGP2W in the international. ZR actually won a game against OMNI tho.
  11. Free Tachibana Lima

    It’s a “personal assignment” that you have to opt into via the world of warships website. It does not automatically appear via the game client.
  12. Building a GK

    I’ve been relatively successful with a hybrid survivability/secondary based build. For captain: PM-HA-JOAT-BOS-BFT-AFT-FR modules (the ones that matter) Secondary battery mod that boosts range and dispersion, might run target acquisition but I don’t recall, and main battery reload. I also run the 420s and I did on the FDG. I like the more consistent performance over the couple seconds less reload.
  13. Bismarck collection

    Your reward is, I believe, two perma camos for the Bismarck?
  14. Premium Ship Review #100

    Thanks Mouse!
  15. The men manning those 5in battery magazines and 5in batteries are on roids, clearly.