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  1. I think WG would have provided you some kind of communication regarding any ban hammer
  2. gmrbull

    How about more campaigns?

    I said campaign, like Halsey, Yamamoto, shinonome......not epic grindathon that most people can’t finish, and not another “collection” not everyone is into azure lane
  3. We all love new ship lines, the NTC or whatever it’s going to be called is a bit controversial. How about more campaigns to earn freemiums, captains and other wows loot?
  4. They had full trained crew and a 19 point captain. The US and Austrailains were still retraining and had 1 point captains.
  5. Flamu and flambass mostly. Occasionally mejash. I watch a lot of business6 YouTube vids, but haven’t caught a stream. for non wows and since I’m a fan of strat games I watch tommykay he mainly plays hoi4, ck2 and etc..
  6. I have gotten around this by attaching the visa cash card to my amazon pay account and use amazon pay to pay in the premium shop.
  7. gmrbull

    Elite Captian Retraining? Why?

    When you look at the captain screen there is a number at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. That number represents the current amount of “elite” captain xp you have storred. when you move a captain to another tech tree ship there is a certain amount of captain xp to earn to “retrain” him. You can utilize elite captain xp for this. When you move the captain, or later click the “accelerate retraining” button. Click on the 200,000 credit option to reduce the amount in half. Next clip the + button next to the captain xp bar just beneath the captains portrait to boost the xp and you will be given the option to utilize your captain xp to complete retraining. Done, no doubloon cost, no grinding him in a premium.
  8. gmrbull

    Stealth Nerf on the Hindenburg?

    Maybe with all the power creep WG should revisit the nerf to reload speed on the MB
  9. gmrbull

    WG should fix flooding

    I always thought that flooding damage and duration was a bit much, but WG nerfed it to the extreme.
  10. I personally ran the 420s on both the GK and FDG. They just seemed a tiny bit more reliable.
  11. gmrbull

    Wait for Yoshino or Buy Salem?

    The only reason I have Salem is because I don’t have the DM. I love the Salem, but I would wait for Yoshino.
  12. gmrbull

    Failing to GK

    At best with a monster secondary game it will only add 20k raw damage and some unknown amount of fire damage. At the expense of poorer main battery performance and a lot of survivability. Agreed, go for the consistency.
  13. gmrbull

    Failing to GK

    I ran full secondary builds on all my German BBs until I hit the GK. I find that I play my best games in the GK when I run a Tanky build, maximizing the large health health pool, armor scheme and running aiming systems mod 1. In short you need to minimize the fire damage (fire prevention, superintendant and basics of survivability are a must) I have had many games over 200k in the GK without even having over 100 secondary hits.
  14. gmrbull

    This patch and FPS

    Anyone else have their frame rate cut in half since this patch? The port UI is extremely slow and bad as ever and my in game FPS is in the tank, the gameplay is out of sync and the sound is laggy as well. Prior to this patch, the game was running probably as good as it ever had on my PC. I know it’s not just me, one of my clan mates is having the same issue. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same experience.