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  1. _LXXVII_

    The Best Supercontainer

    Best I've gotten is a Blyskawica. My clan leader, the lucky SOB that he is, got a Missouri.
  2. _LXXVII_

    New Premium Ship to be named for Snowflakes

    Ok, I'll bite.... Aegis Missile Cruiser. Can only be played by those with 49% or below win rating. Has CIWS... 5000 dps constant damage vs planes. SM-3 missiles have 50km range and can overmatch up to 1000mm of armor. 30,000 damage per missile. Unable to Target other cruisers of the same class, once they have killed everyone else they will have created a safe space where they can chill with the others.
  3. _LXXVII_

    Azure Lane

    Lots of prudes in here it seems. WG let you turn off the anime stuff for a reason. You don't like it, fine, but there are plenty of people who do and believe it or not we can be well adjusted high functioning individuals. But I guess the old people need something to whine about. Those darn kids these days, get off my lawn and all that.
  4. _LXXVII_

    RU BB's your impressions?

    Came here to see if it was just me. Glad it isn't. The current CV meta just rakes these lower tier RU BBs over the coals. I'd go so far as to say they are damn near worthless, given that any CV can just make strike after strike with nothing to fear. I got uptiered in the Izmail, and it was a miserable experience, something I cannot say about the other tier 6 BBs I have played. You have no armor on the sides and your gun angles are awful.
  5. I look forward to bombing each and every one of you in my Saipan. :)
  6. _LXXVII_

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    No it does not. It shows which ships are better in open water and which aren't. There is no amount of git gud that can save a Wooster on Ocean and conversely anyone playing the Henri will be jumping for joy. The map is awful and allows for no sort of strategy or thought, just a lot of "mine is bigger than yours" as ships trade back and forth.
  7. _LXXVII_

    Notice to CV players

    Why? I've dropped fighters on people and saved them a world of hurt. The key is to be proactive and use fighters as area denial, not reactive and dropping once the friendly has already been dropped on.
  8. _LXXVII_

    Feedback for 2 CVs Ocean

    None. It's a stupid map that requires damn near zero thought or planning. If you can sit back and hit people at range, do it. If you can't, oh well, sucks to be you.
  9. _LXXVII_

    Counter-Play / Countering CVs

    I just had a game yesterday in my Lyon. I was spawned out on the flank with a DD. The DD went and did his thing while I made a hard turn to starboard to join up with the rest of the fleet. The enemy Shoukaku flew his torp bombers over to me and proceeded to drop on me with his entire squadron. I maybe got 1 plane shot down. Just like that, half my health was gone. Where was my counterplay? I'm not anti carrier by any means, but this is not fun nor is it engaging to deal with a CV like this. I don't know what the solution is, but I do know that letting a CV destroy a ship at the beginning of the match cannot possibly be intended. Now granted that this doesn't happen often, but I'm sure it happens enough to warrant being looked at. I would suggest tighter spawn patterns so at least I get some AA cover.
  10. I will in fact be purchasing some premium CVs. I enjoy the gameplay and see a lot of potential.
  11. _LXXVII_

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    OP is an idiot. I can hit with 5 of 6 bombs with every bombing run on my Lexington. It's a little thing called skill. If the OP believes that a significant portion of the bombs should miss even when very patiently and meticulously aimed, that's fine, just open another CV whine thread. Just don't lie about it and call it a bug or exploit.
  12. You have to buy the bundles in successive order. I agree, Furious sucks. I wasn't a fan of the ranger but it is far better. Implacable, as compared to the Lexington, is even worse. The British bombs either need way more damage or a far higher fire chance.
  13. But you will waste yours, mine, and everyone else's time to announce to the world that you just don't have the patience or attention span to read the post.
  14. _LXXVII_

    Is the Neptune Worth Playing...

    100 percent yes.
  15. _LXXVII_

    Why i'm done with Wow

    Hypothetical question though, and I'm not necessarily complaining but rather playing devil's advocate. Why is it that these test ships can't earn achievements because they are still in testing but they if they kill someone that person gets a death on their record? The WG method of testing is just laziness. Outsource the testing to the live servers so that paying players can do it for them. How's this for an idea? Let premium players also test the ships. They are paying to be here, might as well give them some perks.