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  1. If I were a high school kid or something that had all the time in the world, had a Montana and all the flags I'd need for boosting XP, free XP, credits, etc., then maybe I'd try to make a run at it. However, as an adult with a job there is no conceivable way to do it without forking out for all three boosters (for 24K doubloons O_O), and even then it would be questionable at best. It's neither possible nor worth it, at least for me.
  2. Clearly you don't play BBs. Even at knife fight ranges RNGesus dispersion can cause whole volleys to miss DDs, even with perfect aim. I've even had it happen in a Lyon with a DD at 7km. The 16 shells landed all around the DD, but not a single one hit him.
  3. Xylphan

    If BB's are going to be impotent vs DD's..

    True. A 16" HE shell does not cause 16" of fire. But in the real world, a 16" HE shell turns a DD into confetti, and a 16" AP shell has enough kinetic energy alone to almost rip one in half. But this is game. If real world mechanics were involved no one would play.
  4. Xylphan

    Return of Belfast?

    Because you're not instantly nuked by every enemy when spotted.
  5. Xylphan

    Fix the N. Carolina

    I know your pain. When I first got the NC I was all excited about my first Tier 8 battleship. Outfitted her and jumped into a random. Game started, and was on my way to a support position at a cap. Two long range volleys from a carrier spot came in. Multiple citadels and sunk. You can't play the NC like the previous BBs in the line. Comparatively speaking, the NC is made of glass. Unlike the Colorado and earlier BBs, showing your broadside is inviting a quick death in the NC. She is ridiculously easy to citadel, with even some cruisers being able to do so. You have to be very much aware of your ship orientation and where the enemy is or is likely to be at all times or you'll become an aquarium ornament. Everyone knows the NC is a relatively easy juicy morsel for money and XP, so you will be a priority target. Sit in the back and snipe/bow tank until enough of the enemy team is gone, then move in.
  6. Xylphan

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    360 days premium time. My coupon didn't have a restriction on it so I used it. Dollar for dollar, it's the best way to get MOAR SHEPZ.
  7. Xylphan

    Game Issues

    There still seems to be several issues with the game after the server crash earlier. My ships stay locked in battle, even after the game ends. I don't receive any XP. The game locks up whenever I try to equip a camo on a ship or open a crate. So on and so forth. Anyone else having these issues?