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  1. Issues I find with the game ?

    1- Ship build they need to remove from my port its useless from the start to the finish .   sorry wows not paying you 200 bucks for a stupid ship thats worthless in the game.   36000 doubloons to finish?????    really    just remove the hole spoiled idea from my port and others and do us all a big big favor.

    2- I found game play in Naval Battles a total different play on my ship ability and what damages I can place on enemy ships seems my ships have lost all thier battle ability and its been taken down at the very least to 50% compared to what the same ships perform in random or coop outside the Naval battles.   why is this ????/     more Wows control on game play???      unfair

    3-Why am I purchasing containers in the armory for tokens and cion and coal I earn when Im given collections that are duplicates in the KEYS i hae already completed?      Another great waste of not only the time it takes players to earn these so called rewards just to see them spent in the wind on NOTHING?????

    4-whats with RANDDM  BATTLES? our team and members plus other players have issues with playing for example 30 battles and 24 of them are always complete to almost complete WOWS wipe outs.  where the enemy takes little damage and your team gets completely wiped out.   I play in Divisions a lot and the players are skilled and we all get sick and tired of the unfair game play.   always off balance and when you know your making good hits and the enemy is not effected its pure [edited].     Invisible ships again  what a stupid concept for a battleship game. completely ignorant and useless to call it fair or understood by players.

    4-CLAN BATTLES........when their working correctly is alot of fun....WOWS pushes this CLAN thing alot but why be in a clan when their idea of membership and clan play is only temporary or under their supervision of the type of clan play we are allowed.   The wows idea of CLAN is way up thier behinds.   its useless we waste for weeks or as long as a month to play a short clan thing ??????         They need to have a clan battle all the time availible to all the members and teams numbers matched up in the server such as 4 member play 6 member play 10 member play battles etc.    ITS not a DAM rocket science to realize that all the clans find CLAN play in this game a complete JOKE.

    5-Mechanics in the game.   well as we all know thats gotten way out of hand to the point of destroying the enjoyment and fun in the game completely.   first off invisible ships dont go over well no matter what WOWS believes its trying to accomplish.   Invisible is stupid ...unfair. play.....Mechanics???  What???   the only game on the net that has battle ships that are not able to be seen right in front of you and the call it their detect ability ????    Outrageously insane for a thought in creating a fair game battle that is believable and completely understood.    Way out thier WOWS   no one enjoys it but we put up with it.  For advice on how it should be is this ......use rain  or smoke    or fog   or the water conditions to conform to the understanding of concealment.    What they have here is totally and with out a doubt STUPID and  adds to the unfair game play along with other elements in the game such as noted above.

    6-Summary on the PROFILE front..........Ive played this game for 3 years and since then my summary hint changed from its (%)   on all ship victory ? That being realized tells me the profile crap they have here showing you advantages or disadvantages to your game play is completely useless not true and just something other players either do not understand or use to ridicule each other which im sure WOWS loves to see.

     7-Paying for Premium and not Paying after almost a year giving up on the idiot unfair play in this game i decided to pay for premium cause WOWS talks thier bit about more XP and rewards available when you pay.      Got to say     I call complete and total [edited] I see nothing more in paying for Premium in the long run then i did NOT PAYING.   and they think im going to purchase ships for over a hundred bucks or even over 40 dollars.  not sure who does that but  im an avid player in other battle games and Im not paying that amount for anything in a game.

    8-Ive placed tickets in support complaining cause in this game theirs lots to complain about that im not getting my XP in the Navy Royal event, members told me to write one cause I play with them alot and they know im to be getting this XP in the event or 20/20.   Im yet to receive ! XP.   And I was told paying for premium you get more XP and event rewards???????      Not seeing it?????   Plus in this same event I see ships listed on the number 2 part of the event that I do not or have not been able to find in the tech try or in a forum???????   is this another up coming lets change it all up [edited] ship thing WOWS has hidden behind closed doors????    who the hell knows Im still waiting on a clan battle that makes since along with a fair based ranking battle?  God save us when they throw SIBS at us we already have plenty of them .....seeing all ships are invisible so is a sub.....or spaceship i think??????          WOWS pull your heads out of your butts.


    Well in closing on this post I will say I continue to play cause as stated I purchased a year of premium this Past Christmas .   Im in hopes that WOWS changes some of this crap up big time like a complete do over but not counting on it.   In hopes that they do or another game such as [edited] which I very much enjoy playing due to their setups and graphics ....until another company comes up with a REAL great battle game I will finish this year out but will not Pay for this type of game play in the future unless WOWS designers do a better job.     If not I will just come and go.   no sweat off anyone's back especially mine.      Hoping this game gets straightened out I've never played a game so screwed up that players in general have issues like most do here.