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  1. I cannot believe anybody with 4 brain cells to rub together would buy this stuff...LOLOL
  2. GunShipz

    Armada: Ägir

    $77.20 .....NOT 104....
  3. GunShipz

    Armada: Ägir

  4. GunShipz

    Armada: Ägir

    I like this boat a lot......
  5. GunShipz

    Review of the Updates to Combat Missions

    new interface is MUCH better guys GOOD JOB !
  6. GunShipz

    Premium Ship Review #145 - Ochakov

    I like it ... too many Potatoes in that sack however....
  7. GunShipz

    London vs. Albemarle

    Albemarle no question....it's the first Brit Heavy to have the SuperHeal, and it's DANG good when set up right and played with Panache' ....
  8. GunShipz

    Drake what POS

    Another decent game in the Goliath....the Drake is almost as good, faster and more nimble... IMHO, these are good boats folks...
  9. GunShipz

    Drake what POS

    Suit urself...I love 'em ...
  10. GunShipz

    Another ship setting sail...

    Good on ya Laddie Girl ! .... thanks for all your efforts to keep this place going. "I wish for You Fair Winds, and a Following Sea ...."
  11. GunShipz

    How Good is the Puerto Rico?

    Bought it the first day....today I finished the 5th Mission in the 7th Directive, and finally made the Hall of Fame..... After over 200 battles in it, here's what I think.... ditch the radar, it'll just get you dead trying to get close enough to use it, mount the spotting plane, and Hydro, take BOTH rudder perks, and the Reload in the Modules, and Concealment in your captains Points...you'll need Main Arms Mod 1 and Preventative Maintenance BOTH, cause the Turret Towers are Thinner than the Alaska's and they get ruined... I use Halsey on mine to Facilitate the turret turning a bit....that'll give you 14.5 Concealment,.... I run-n-gun it beyond that....you'll absolutely NEED the Dispersion in your modules also....also use AR and SE, High alert, and Superintendent.....don't bother playing it without a Speed flag, heal flag, and Fire flag.... set up this way, it's fast, fun and NASTY....Good Luck I will also say that I think it's the best cruiser in the game....and I have them all....in 8 games so far today, 5 were wins.... DISCLAIMER : this is MY OPINION......do what you want, this works for me YMMV
  12. GunShipz

    My Back.....My Failure..

    Yeah...tell me about it.....
  13. GunShipz

    Special Christmas horn?

    what are you missing ? WeeGee doing what they SAY they're going to do... as are we all.....
  14. yeah, they're no problem, right up until you realize that you will be grinding only that CRAP boat for a week... LOLOL....I may go ahead and grind the stupid POS, but not for the shipbuilding containers...for the perm camos .... already have the PR so it's moot....