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  1. Hi all, Well just got my 18 super containers and feel most upset as not a single one gave me any DET flags...... what does WG think its doing giving out rewards that you can use. I mean look at this, this was what I got from my containers: 1. 1000 dubs 2. 25 x Dragon Flags 3. 100 x india delta 4. 25 x Dragon Flags 5. 30 days Premium Time 6.50 x Revolutionary Camo 7. 14 days Premium Time 8. 100 x Zulu Hotel 9. 15k Coal 10. 1000 Dubs 11.50 x Blue Lagoon Camo 12. 50 x Pi Camo 13. 7 days Premium Time 14. 15k Coal 15. 7 days Premium Time 16. 15k Coal 17. 15k Coal 18. 50k Free EXP I mean really where are the useless camo's and the DET flags, just what is the world coming to when you get rewards like this. I have to say thank you WG for making the Start of the Anniversary really great and very happy with the rewards. I hope everyone gets as lucky as me. Happy sailing
  2. Tinytim_46

    Sometimes you just can't get a win

    I just look on it as best result in Fiji ever and not the end of the world that it was a loss. Plus is was not a steam roll.
  3. Hi all, Well just had best game ever in Fiji, such a good boat. I did all i could but sometimes its not enough to get that win. Great game all round though and nearly pulled it out of the hat. Went right down to the wire, the sort of games you enjoy being part of.
  4. Just had to post again as I got the T7 Surrey and the next prize in the line is the T5 lol. WG is tempting me to get more Doubloons, not sure I will bother though. Going to try the Surrey out and see how she is. All the best to everyone and hope my luck comes to you.
  5. Hi all, I have just completed the first directive and got my tokens and no ships from the first 4 and the next one is also flags. I had no intention of spending any doubloons on this event until I had a quick look at the doubloon side of it. This is what was was waiting in the first slot. I was very surprised and just had to get it, never see the T7 or T8. Hope everyone else gets lucky with it too.
  6. Tinytim_46

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    Thank you for all your advice, I think I will sleep on it and make a decision in the morning. I am leaning towards Bourgogne, but we will see.
  7. Tinytim_46

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    Thanks for the replies so far. The Stalingrad to me seems very much a clan battles ship and a very limited game play style for random, I have Moskva but only played a game in it. Just do not want to waste my steel as its taken sometime to acquire it. It would be nice if WG allowed one to demo the ships before you buy to see which you prefer rather than buying one and regretting it and not being able to do anything.
  8. HI all, Well i would like some advice as i now have enough steel to get either the Bourgogne or the Stalingrad using the voucher. I Play Cruisers and Battleships, so not looking at any of the destroyers for steel. I also have enough coal to get either the Thunderer, Yoshino, Salem or Georgia. I do like the french battleship style and was annoyed when they nerfed Alsace to be able to bring out the Bourgogne. I have recently just got Moskava and not sure yet if the play style suits me. I don't play clan battles as not in a clan so that side of it is not an issue. Any advice on this would be much appreciated, I am leaning towards Bourgogne as I enjoy the kite and flank style of French BBs but will happily listen to arguements for Stalingrad. May your aim be true.
  9. Hi to all, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and that the New Years brings you what you want. I thought I would treat myself to a Mega Santa crate, I tried 5 before Christmas and got the Roma......................................................................................... But this crate was just one of those times you know luck is on your side. I have wanted this ship for ages, I have actually been on her and being a Brit the RN cruisers are my favourite. So here you go the picture .................... Good things come to he who waits.
  10. Tinytim_46

    My Sincere Thank - 25k Sub 30 Ship Giveaway

    Congratulations and jubilation's on the milestone, always enjoy your videos. Tinytim_46 NA server
  11. Tinytim_46

    Steel for Coal (aka Downvote Harvester)

    Hi all, Out of all the ships that have been in testing the Bourgogne is the only ship I have wanted and I have put the effort in to get FXP and coal so I would be able to get it when it came out. I used too have a really good Alsace which they nerfed so they could make this ship and that annoys me that a ship which was a tech tree ship is now buffed and can only be obtainable with steel. I already had this ship without spending anything, I have done the work but it got taken away. If I want it again I must now play hundreds of hours of game play to get steel. Everyone says you can get it from Clan battles and Ranked. Hmmm but WG has not said full ranked is coming back ever. There is ranked sprint, no steel from that though. Before people say ranked is coming back, not just sprint, why then did they say that rank 10 would be the last time you could get the pirate flag. Seems to me they don't want full ranked, just ranked sprint. So if this is the case, you will only be able to get steel from Clan battles and only the top top clans get max steel each season. So you can put the work in and get hardly any steel and still be trying to get one of the steel ships in a couple of years.
  12. Tinytim_46

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    From all the good info and chat here it has raised something else. If part 1 of RN event is the missions and crates and part 2 is missions with Halloween crates and the full tech tree of RN DDs......... what is part 3 of the RN event for as I can see no use for it. Any thoughts?
  13. Tinytim_46

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    We all knew that part 1 and part 2 of RN event gave containers and sovereigns. Part 1 only gave the RN DD missions, part 2 RN crates with sovereigns and part 3 was no sovereigns which was fine. They explained it all fairly and I was happy with that. Now they are doing a sneaky change because they have no Halloween missions and using to the part of RN event as Halloween mission
  14. Tinytim_46

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    This is where its all messed up as WG have not changed the information on the October mission briefing but in the update 0.7.10 it says you will not get sovereigns and crates will be pumpkin crates which contradicts whats the mission briefing says. this is why i am annoyed as its underhand and shows WG are being lazy by not doing any Halloween missions. They are just using the RN event as the Halloween missions.
  15. Tinytim_46

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    This is straight from the 0.7.10 news from WG. Royal Navy and British Destroyers The Royal Navy event is in full swing in World of Warships. Having taken part in it, players can receive brand new Tier V–VIII British destroyers and be the first to try them out in battle. The remaining British destroyers are undergoing final stages of testing at the moment. You will not be able to get Sovereigns in the new version, but they can be exchanged for quite an extensive list of valuable rewards. You can also keep accumulating Guineas for Tier VIII Premium destroyer Cossack, making it available with a huge discount. The new Royal Navy phase offers another 4 Stages, with each lasting 1 week. Each Stage has four Directives that contain a specific number of missions to be completed. Having completed a Stage, Directive, or mission, you will receive a corresponding reward, including various game items, Guineas, and new Halloween containers. You can complete the missions simultaneously, but you will only be able to access the next Directive after completing a certain number of missions from the previous one. Missions can be completed simultaneously and across any number of battles, unless indicated otherwise. Don't worry if you are unable to complete something on the fly, because all the Directives are available for completion until the end of the Stage.