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  1. I think WG missed a trick here. I have spent money on the game when I first started and that was on the Santa crates 2016. Even then I only spent £30 and have not spent a single penny since. Upon seeing this offer I would have spent money on the game as its a great deal. But as I have spent a small amount of money nearly 2 years ago, this discounts me from this offer. So WG lose out as I will keep playing and not spending. I would also guess there are many players in the same position as me, they don't spend but have made a small purchase before and with an offer like this would do so again. To use the phrase "You missed the boat" on this one WG.
  2. Rewards for killing Pirate

    Just logged in game to see if I got my reward for 1 pirate crew kill and not received anything yet. Hopefully its still being sorted.
  3. Are servers down right now?

    Having the same issue, good to know its not just me.
  4. You did well, its not easy when lower tier to do the job you did. this game i had was one that really hurt but you get used to them. Keep going and those defeats will become wins and you will suddenly crack the 200k barrier. Great when you do that for the first time
  5. RN Light Cruisers Need some love.

    A super heal really doesn't mean much when you have a citidel the size most RN CL's have. if you get a citidel hit on you most of the damage is not healable. People are also very very good at firing into smoke these days too.
  6. Hi all, Now that we have had the release of the USN CL's its interesting to look at both lines. I believe mainly that the RN CL's need their armour increased and citidel lowered in line with the USN CL's. Looking mainly at the T8 to T10 ships. If you look at the Des Moines and the Worcester the citidels are about the same and a minor difference between of 2 mill on armour. Now look at the difference between a Mino and Worcester. Both are CL's and yet Mino runs around with 16mm and the Worcester has 25mm. Then compare the size of citidels. I think CL's of both lines should have the same armour and similar citidels. If you put a Mino 1v1 against any other T10 cruiser it will lose due to its armour. (only having AP doesn't help but it does fine for random battles). They managed to give a buff to the Moskava and armour when it didn't really need it. How about buffing RN CL's armour a bit in line with USN CL's. Yes Mino has smoke and torps with short range guns that have shells fall to earth at max range. For the guns to be good you have to get 10km-12km or closer. Smoke up, move in smoke and not be broadside. But spotter places make it easy to hit Mino in smoke and also people are very good these days at firing into smoke. It only take 1 BB shell to hit Mino in the cit and half health gone. I am not asking for major buffs just a little love for the RN Cruisers on the armour in line with the USN CLs. Happy sailing
  7. it was a fun battle on my part and the Republique is a wonderful ship too play
  8. Hi all, I don't often post and not a unicum but what is going on with teams at the moment, they seem so lopsided. Just had my best damage game ever and it was a tragic loss. My game is improving a lot but gets so frustrating when you play 10 in a row and all losses. Pull out a game like this and still can't win. I know, I know....... get gud ... carry harder lol All the best and hope you don't be on the end of a game like this on
  9. Hi, Radar could do with fixing if possible. I can play against one radar ship no worries but when you get 3 or 4 ships with radar on each team it's just crazy. Doesn't matter where you are on the map or what islands are in the way, you are seen by everyone. what I don't get is that you can pop smoke and sit in it and someone uses radar and you are seen and the shots fired at you can hit you (that's fine). Works as it should. Now I am sat behind an island and someone pops radar, I can be seen, but shells or torps can't go through the island, so why can the radar? if someone spots me and I am detected their whole fleet sees me but if I sail behind an island they loose that detection. Radar should not be able to counter sailing behind an island and keep detection for the whole enemy fleet to keep detection on you. The idea of radar in game is good but as it stands it needs some sort of fix. If they can't fix radar through islands then maybe adjust it, a couple of ideas spring to mind. 1. Reduce the range of radar on all ships that have it to 9km 2. Only allow ships that are in the radar circle see the enemy ships detected 3. Only the ship that pops radar can see the detected ships be interesting to see any other ideas happy sailing
  10. Rename Clan Wars....

    hi nuttybiscuit, Thanks for the clan recruit pitch. Do you have toffee popcorn or is it just regular? Need the pop to have some crunch and chew. Send me a pm or invite
  11. Rename Clan Wars....

    I am no expert and do not profess to be, but reading how many people on the forums are saying that it will most likely be 6 khab dds, which would be no fun. the format will limit who can play. It will not take long for the top clans to work out what is best and everyone will do the same. Great way to alienate many players.
  12. Rename Clan Wars....

    Hi all, I read the forums but don't post much but CW should be called DD wars, that's the way it sounds like it will go. I have 1 T10 ship myself (HMS Minotaur) and not in a clan yet. Not likely to get a chance to play the mino in cw even when I join a clan. I do think the format is wrong, especially to omit one ship class completely. This is a game after all and CV's are a part of the game and should have the same opportunity to participate in CW as any other ship. Anyway have fun, happy sailing and enjoy blowing your enemy out of the water.?
  13. Clan Wars Ship Restrictions

    Hi, well just from reading the posts there is a lot of mixed feelings. I don't play CV's but have no problem with them and they are a part of the game,this is a game after all and CV's are part of it whether you like it not. So to exclude one facet of the game is wrong. From reading different posts, so many teams think 6 dds will be the way to go. So now 2 parts of the game are excluded. lets just call it dd wars then, with a token bb.
  14. Birthday anniversary

    hi, Got the SC for my 1 T10. I completed Mission 1 and got the 10 camos but not the flags. Annoying as was counting on those flags. Hey ho, guess we will see what happens Happy Hunting
  15. Sometimes you just can't win

    Hi all, First post here. Sometimes you have a great game and it ends in a loss. I love my Shinyhorse but even it can't always swing it. This is my best damage ever in the beauty and it ended in a loss. Was a great game and great fun. Just had to post the picture. Happy sailing and watch out for those pesky DDs.