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  1. mrblueskye

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    We spoke about this a while back, if you remember. If the low tier BBs (up to Colorado) were base-lined in the US Haze grey (still allowing MS21 to be used as an option) you would have a standard set of peripherals and a more uniform look for the low tier BBs and you could offer dazzle options in the same way as for the RN. Admittedly, it's a fair amount of work but I think one valuable lesson has been learned; although it's a total pita, any new line has to begin with the peripherals being standardised first, as it then makes individual ships much easier to get right (within the limits set by WG's file structure).
  2. mrblueskye

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Nobody is forcing you to use the skins offered here. I like monotone myself; it works for much of the RN and Soviet ships and it also helps to ensure some continuity throughout the different lines. If you want crazy, loud, way-out designs just turn on all the WG crap and you're golden.
  3. mrblueskye

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report Description Enterprise attack aircraft still showing as Corsairs not Hellcats in the modules description and the information panel at the right hand side of the screen. How to reproduce Select Enterprise and look at modules or information panel and it clearly says attack aircraft are Corsairs Expected result Select Enterprise and look at modules and information panel and see attack aircraft described as Hellcats
  4. mrblueskye

    [ALL] Slayer's Skins 2.0 (Mostly Historical)

    Now that CV's are high profile again, I wondered if you had any plans to do anything for Big E. Something like this, maybe?
  5. mrblueskye

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    You have to be careful when talking about 5in38 as there are quite a few. Since you've now narrowed it down to model 0 single mount, I'll concede the point.
  6. I hear ya. In an ideal world a 'cash' refund if you paid cash seems like a fair ask, however WG like any big company has a policy which we all agreed to in order to enter the game. Think about this for a second, how many games even last as long as WoWS with any kind of significant payer base. Would it have lasted this long if they never changed anything? Another thing to remember to put all this in context. WG came out and said pre 0.8 that there would be a period of transition that they envisaged would last 2 full patch cycles. In other words, by the time 0.8.2 drops they anticipate the bulk of the work to be done and for the meta to have stabilised. Here is the video where it was said - 2 minutes 57 to 4 minutes 25 approx. I happen to believe WG when they say they listen to player feedback. I'm pretty sure they sift through everything and factor it all in but hey, ultimately it's their decision and if we don't like it we can vote with our wallets, our feet or anything else we like, that's our privilege and it's naive to suppose they don't know that already.
  7. Yes, like everyone else I can and did have a knee-jerk reaction to the changes that wasn't positive. However, once I get that out of my system I knuckle down and think about well if I can't do that anymore there must be something else I can do (within the game, I mean). Once the red haze has lifted I actually quite enjoy having to think about how to adapt and get back to feeling I have contributed to the team.
  8. You are missing the point. Nobody has the right to unilaterally remove a class from the game. That is what I was taking issue with; the whole 'remove CV' is selfish and no, you don't have a right to come with that now. CV is in the game we all signed up for and just because someone is disenchanted with CV does not give him the right to remove CV from the game; the only thing he has the right to remove from the game is himself. Not opinion, fact, pure and simple.
  9. I'm fed up hearing about balance as a reason to stop playing the game. Balance, re-balance, nerf, buff. Nobody looks on these objectively, everybody has a vested interest or an agenda that serves their own purposes, so if they don't complain about balance it's because their own little box of preferences and peeves is balanced, not the game.
  10. I've just played both my T6 CV's and gotten T8 MM both times. It's an absolutely miserable experience being bottom tier. Even being careful in selecting targets, planning approach and having an exit strategy does no good; planes drop from the sky like rain. Whatever this hot-fix did to tone down AA, it didn't go far enough. Strong AA would be one thing but the de-buff to adjustment of TB attack runs compounds the problem as you have to fly straight to get a decent spread but you might as well weave because your planes won't reach the target anyhow. When 2 sets of CV's both finish in the bottom 4 places of winning and losing team, it's just not right. Amagi shooting down 37 planes isn't right either. Again both T6 CV's near the bottom of the team. Lexington finishing top gives me some hope the story will be different when top tier. We'll see. Something has to change and if you won't tone down the AA you have to consider making the MM +1/-1 for CV's; the planes just aren't up to a two tier (3 tier if you're grinding) differential in raw AA power. It really is no fun and intensely frustrating to feel helpless and that you can't have any kind of positive impact on your team's fortunes. I realise we're in a transitional period and there will likely be more changes, I'm just saying, next...
  11. mrblueskye

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Did they give you the RN CV's too...hint hint...
  12. mrblueskye

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    They do look great but I'm sure we haven't forgotten about Jutland and Daring.
  13. mrblueskye

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    So, it's racial stereotypes now, is it? This is USNA_76's thread so I won't speak for him but suffice to say, we are not amused. Good manners cost nothing.
  14. mrblueskye

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    I think the colours would have to be muted to give a better match to the other UK cruisers and the baseline colour for guns/peripherals. Too garish as it stands and a plain 507c hull with number would look better anyway IMHO.