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  1. Absolutely! My game crashed about two hours ago and the one "Clean installation" that I keep to copy over a crashing client which worked before crashed too. The error reports a problem with 'Bigworld' IP on the execution of the world of warships. exe  I thought that WoWs had gotten a handle on it but it has reappeared. On the whole, this client has been a crashy buggy one and the Tests in the Alpha offering was done in a hurried, haphazard way People were reporting that the alpha client was crashing regularly even in the last few hours. I have dark forebodings about 9.17. Even though it has not crashed once for me so far... I hope someone fixes this bug before moving on to the next client.

    Oh, dude during the crashes on 6.14 I had lost a passel of Signals and some good camo. But when I even mentioned it to the service guy who was trying to help me he kinda went ballistic saying that WoWs does not hand out free XP and Credits. I was going to go into the matter but I felt so demeaned and embarrassed that I just dropped it... You know what they can do with their stupid signals and gaudy and ugly camo. I dont ever go for rewards or competitions whatever comes my way is thrust into their docks during the course of play... Having said that a +777 is quite valuable so you should take it up I suppose. Do post what happens and any other news on this crash matter.

    Thanks, dude,  maybe meet in a game someday huh?