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  1. I'll message you the images.... just replace them in E:\Games\WOWS\res_mods\\gui\crew_commander
  2. This is the WG Clan website: https://clans.worldofwarships.com/clans/gateway/wows/search change the ".com" to ".eu" ".ru" ".asia" as needed and you can see individual player stats for clanbattles like so: You can also find ranked, coop, randoms, and team battles here. Have fun!
  3. How is this remotely fair?

    So you get nuked in one CV game, then start another CV game, just to teamkill a totally random CV........... i'm sorry but i fail to comprehend.
  4. @Caxi i dunno he's usually on discord just message him lmbo
  5. [ZR] Absolute Territory Who Are We? ZR was formed at the start of Supremacy Season 4 in order to participate in a competitive warships. Since we started we’ve been able to improve and challenge NA’s top teams. ZR was formed for the sole purpose of seeking a higher level of play beyond what can be found in random battles. Most of our members are in their twenties and are weebs. You have been warned. What We Have Accomplished So Far: -17-1 in the Silver League of S4 regular season -Supremacy League Silver Division Champions SL4 -12-3 in the Gold League S5 regular season -3rd place in WSL S5 Gold -2nd Place in in Premier Season of Clan Wars -3rd Place in NA KotS and represented NA in the NA vs. EU clash Our Ambitions For The Future: -Become the best team in North America -Participate in more Cross Server events. What Can We Offer? -A skilled group of players to have fun with -A friendly yet competitive atmosphere -Opportunities to distinguish yourself in competitive play -Weekly practice leading up to tournaments -Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes What Do We Look For In A Clan Member? - A high level of skill, knowledge, and understanding of the game - Understand the flow of battle and act accordingly - Be able to coordinate between teammates to achieve victory - Communicate via discord and must have a working mic - Must be fluent in English - Does not create problems and unnecessary “drama” - Open to criticism and motivated to continually improve. - Considered experienced in at least one of the classes - 18+, or mature enough that we don’t notice. - Must at least tolerate excessive weebness Stat Specific Requirements 58% overall WR (Tiers and ships played will be considered) Minimum of 1500 battles played. Nothing really for WTR if I’m honest because it is padded very easily. Tier 10 - For BB: Yamato, Montana - For CA: Hindenburg, Des Moines, Moskva, Zao - For DD: Gearing, Grozovoi - For CV: Midway, Hakuryu More is better ZR CV Mains circa Clan Wars announcement, colorized These ships must have a high level captain that can be moved onto it on short notice. Preferably 17+ captain points. *Meeting these requirements does not guarantee your acceptance into ZR. Contact Us: Send a private message in game or through the forums to: @huevos22 @Red0Front @Your_GRE_Score Or join our discord server or send a private message on discord to: Halcyon#1015
  6. How do you counter radar in a DD?

    Generally, start to reverse into caps, its easier to leave the cap when stuff happens. Stuff = radar, hydro, random [edited]spotter plane, cv, the random yolo bismarck with SE.. you name it Otherwise, you can make use of islands, by getting so close to them that you cant be shot at, or alternatively you could just keep track of the radar ships and keep out of radar range, which might gimp your combat effectiveness. If you're looking for a video that demonstrates some of these things, high tier clan battles vods from DD players really helps, as theyre exposed to radar pretty much all the time. (flambass on EU from OMNI comes to mind, strangers123 has a couple of dd vods as well)
  7. I would suggest look at the OP's post/comment history. Truly a goldmine.
  8. I assume the BB's role is to team-kill/ team damage DDs?
  9. Finally Broke 300k

    oh poi
  10. dd should be one shot by bb

    I see glue has become a staple food nowadays