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  1. Yep looks like it 1800 PST +2 is what it says, used to be 1900
  2. Uhhhh this kinda violates some rules.... but hey I'm expecting too much of you to have read them.
  3. I have 1% of my battles in DD guys im an expert... maybe i should write a cv rant with my 0 cv battles next
  4. Are you trying to say that your clan's CV will be trash? or that the enemy CV will be trash? Sure this may happen at lower tiers, but with MMR, you should be matched against a CV of comparable skill at higher tiers.
  5. 1 BB limit in 7v7 is not the worst idea, if you want 2, 9v9 will be more appropriate. No CVs is just absolutely daft. Banning a class because you feel its imbalanced/not fun should be something WG as a game developer, should take very very seriously and look into re-balancing, instead of avoiding the whole issue by banning an entire class altogether. Finally this whole renting a T10 thing.......... if you want CW to be more accessible, maybe split it up into a T8 stage and a T10 stage or something like that, but giving people who have T8s T10s to use in clanwars is just beyond stupid.
  6. WG has stated on multiple occasions that there are no underwater torps ........ Bet you didn't know that one either eh?
  7. Good luck with school :) Daddy don't leave me T.T also SMITH ME DADDY
  8. No. No. No. No. Finally: A public forum isn't really the best place for this.
  9. DADDY make me purple
  10. I was gonna buy you an Atago , but seeing that you're spoilt for choice, I'll send some bitcoins your way.
  11. pleb.

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      one day reyte, one day i will git gud.... about 100 years from now ;)

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      dont even think about it.

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