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  1. Angling = Useless

    This is the armor model of the Des Moines: Most of the light green areas are 27mm except the deck in the middle which is 30mm. Republique has 431mm guns. In WoWS, if Shell Calibre > 14.3x Armor, you over-match the armor, i.e angling doesn't matter beyond that point. 431mm can over-match 30mm armor, and there is no armor when you are bow on in a DM that can bounce it. This forum thread should have more information, but it might be outdated.
  2. from the wiki, here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Repair_Party
  3. I might be alone when i say this, but pink is not really a huge issue. Just attend to your real life emergency and the pink will go away after a couple of normal games.
  4. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    @Kaga_Kai_Ni He left me again
  5. DECENCY not found.

  6. CompetitiveClanOrganizer

    This is amazing. i just wish i could do more than just upvote this. Incredibly well done tho :)
  7. Not really a fan of new player punishments

    So you complain about abuse, then talk about abusing the system yourself. Also If you have You might be the problem here.
  8. Thanks and ggs to you guys as well. Its been a wonderful season.
  9. The Ship You Love to Hate

    203 Graf Zeps really really test my patience
  10. Combat flags are not purchasable. Only economy flags can be purchased in store ...and according to the devblog for doubloons.
  11. Never been a fan of detonations. Losing all your hp because RNG said so is not fun at all. Detonating makes the game less fun for me. And detonating someone else.... well i just feel bad for them and compliment them for it, because its not really their fault. Then again if these "remove-detonations" posts actually had any impact on the game design I doubt we would have detonations today.
  12. Move Kutuzov to Tier7

    Kutz performs perfectly fine bottom-tiered. Infact, I think its one of the few ships people prefer to get uptiered in, just so they can do more damage. There's a reason it isn't sold anymore.
  13. Thank You so much for putting this to rest @LittleWhiteMouse. Amazing work as always