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  1. [RushB] In search of Proletariats

    No i just find you to be extremely challenging so i want a support group
  2. a bit of peropero never hurts ;)
  3. [RushB] In search of Proletariats

    I'm down as long as you have pero pero safespaces and online dating support.
  4. I thought this was intended to be a meme
  5. @m373x nobody wants you baka
  6. Oh dear another one of these....
  7. Generally its better to approach WG with all your data/proof than to post on the forums with incomplete information (cuz any actual proof = naming and shaming). Anyways, just my two cents...
  8. Eyyyy thanks man. Everyday is my birthday, the dream
  9. warships.never works on every 5th Tuesday of February, and it still shows the same stats. Unless you want to compare PR vs WTR, i don't see why it would matter what site you use.
  10. A Benson in a T10 Battle

    Benson has 9.2km torps. Yes they are slow, yes they don't do too much damage, but they are relatively stealthy, and you can stealth-torp! The ship itself has great concealment at 5.8km which is very competitive. As for countering the radar spam, hard cover is a very powerful once you get used to using it. You don't need to stay at 11km+, imo thats not really a productive use of your time, as islands will allow you to stay far more relevant to the battle, and also offer you interesting angles, shooting opportunities. Another thing to keep in mind are the obvious island camping spots for the enemy radar cruisers, and the spots where you are safe/can take cover when it radars. Capping by reversing into caps also helps you mitigate the damage you take as you are already ready to run when the inevitable radar pops up. Like all destroyers, its effectiveness scales with how long you live, and favorable early game HP trades on enemy DDs will serve you well in the late game when people space out, and there are fewer ships to worry about.
  11. I get bullied DX... especially by @Destroyer_Arashi and @Destroyer_Hagikaze FeelsBadMan
  12. @Senpai_NAI have more birthdays than @ZuikakuDere now. monkaS what is this.
  13. All of the CC vids, portal articles, and forum posts have all stated that you would only get replacements for your US Heavy CAs, and Cleveland owners would get the new T8 Cleveland + T6 Pepsi so I dont get where this belief that you would be credited free Seattle's/Woosta's for having a Buffalo/DesMoines comes from. People with old Fubuki's did NOT get Akizuki's, and people with Khab's definitely did not get a free Grozovoi. I'm just confused as to why you seem entitled to a free Tier X when you were never promised one. Looking forward, i would recommend paying attention to portal articles, CC content and forum posts about future line splits.