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    when did you become a degen that identifies as a puppy
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  6. Dunning-kruger at its finest?
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    Uhhhhh..... This post would go here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/173-clan-recruitment/
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    @Gaishu_Isshokuand @Pulicat stream pretty often afaik
  9. Radar Change DevBlog Post [I am going to ignore the CV rework for this, as it is still being patched, updated, and hotfixed.] In short, this change breaks what is currently NOT broken. Firstly, we need to take a look at the two past and currently planned “DD Survival Buffs.” The CE nerf was completely unnecessary. It did NOT solve the issues it set out to change, and created a few new ones. DDs can now move around with impunity, certain cruisers are unnecessarily adversely affected, and battleships are largely unaffected. These concealment changes encourage more passive play. The BB AP change was a bit too strong of a balance change, in my opinion. It allows DDs to rush most battleships at close range with impunity, encouraging passive play. However, it has generally done wonders to DD survivability. Now, regarding the Radar Render Delay. This six second delay is highly abusable by skilled DD players. This is due to the majority of damage being dealt during the initial 10s of a radar, as a DD can usually disengage and mitigate damage after the initial burst. By adding a delay, even a mediocre DD player can mitigate the vast majority of damage by turning away during said delay, removing that initial burst of damage. This also allows destroyers to easily bait radar usage without placing themselves at risk. So, individually, these three changes are just QoL improvements in some areas. Put together, however, you’re giving any decent DD the ability to completely exploit the entire radar mechanic. Now that BB AP has been nerfed, DDs only have to worry about cruiser fire and overpens from BBs. The introduction of a 200-500m addition to the spotting buffer *and* a six second timer to the start of radars makes a good DD player completely untouchable. Increasing the radar duration won’t resolve this issue because said DD player will not be caught in that radar. This will only make the bad players suffer more. They get caught deep within radar range, and often sail into multiple radars for no reason, dying with little to no impact on the game. This change effectively makes the lives of bad DD players even harder. The reasoning behind this nerf was to allow for "Counter Play for the CLs in Smoke and DDs against radar". Wasn’t intelligent positioning and movement enough? This change will effectively let good RN CLs get off scot free in smoke. When they see a DM in radar range, they can press W and they're out of danger, allowing them to reorient to mitigate damage and seek hardcover. The “bad” RN CLs suffer even longer radar and die a horrible death. This change does nothing for them. Not to mention, RPF allows you to be constantly aware of where the nearest ship is, so you can set up to avoid getting caught in a dangerous situation. In general, the majority of damage from a radar’s spotting comes from the first few seconds of radar duration and this delay gives people a head start to get moving. Finally, does radar really need a blanket nerf like this? Why not target specific problem cruisers and nerf duration instead? Alternatively, why not nerf the special Radar Module? Another possible solution is to reduce radar duration for US radars, and reduce range for Russian radars. 12km radars are absolutely absurd, as are 40+ second USN radars. Radar does need reworking, with the oversaturation of long range or long duration radars, but I don’t believe this is the right solution for it.
  10. Do you want the 1 credit you paid for MO back?
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    Fuso feels neglected.
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    Nice. Not reading the post and completely missing the point.