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  1. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    Why the CV attack delay?

    There seems to be some misconception among you guys that unicum CV players use slingshot a lot. From what I've gathered and my own personal experience, most of us unicum CV players don't use slingshot very often, only when there are very large AA bubbles. The only thing this nerf will actually change for the unicum CV players is chain attacks. I've been doing some testing on live without ever using a slingshot on every CV but Indomitable. Here are some basic stats over the last 21 days from wows stats of my time playing CVs Hakuryu: 30 Battles Avg Dmg: 156k KPG: 2.03 WR: 73.33% PR: 2906 Midway: 14 Battles: Avg Dmg: 170k KPG: 1.21 WR: 57.14% PR: 3127 Graf Zeppelin: 24 Battles Avg Dmg: 116k KPG: 1.5 WR: 75% PR: 3224 Saipan: 12 Battles Avg dmg: 139k KPG: 2.08 WR: 83.33% PR: 3588 Ark Royal: 6 Battles Avg Dmg: 101k KPG: 2.5 WR: 66.67% PR: 3466 It really became apparent to me after all of this that this nerf will not change the gameplay of CVs except for nerfing chain attacks.
  2. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    Good ships for operations?

    Ark Royal is great for ops
  3. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr


    In my opinion, I think CVs are encouraged to push up close and that the suggestions you make would make them unreasonably powerful with those HP buffs. I currently play very aggressively in CVs and push up close when I can and that's resulted in me being within the top 20 on the leaderboard for many CVs. CVs are already encouraged to push up for the following reasons. 1. Reducing plane cycling time. A reduction in plane cycling time allows for more strikes and therefore more impact into the game. By pushing your CV closer, you're supporting your team better by causing more damage and spotting more consistently with your aircraft. Most high level CV players already do this. 2. Providing AA support By pushing your CV closer to the enemy, you provide AA fire support to your team allowing them to survive attacks a lot better. Most CVs have very good AA arsenals so they are very effective at shooting down planes. Because of that, I disagree with you because I really don't want to see CVs being OP with your proposal. I would much rather see the following changes 1. Spotting enemies with your planes only causes them to be seen on the minimap - This allows your team to get critical information on where players are without outright being able to shoot them. - By extension, this allows DDs to have an easier time as they will just have to focus on dodge the planes instead of both incoming fire and planes. 2. Reduction of damage of rocket planes - Rocket planes in their current state do a little bit too much damage. A reduction in their damage output would greatly help the game 3. Attempt to educate the player base on how to play against CVs. - As someone who has played on the Asia server with a high population of CVs, I can say that actually being effective in a CV is much harder there than it is on the North American server. Most players there actually try to dodge your torpedos or bombs greatly reducing your effectiveness overall as a CV. The only reason I can average the same numbers I do in NA on Asia is because match times tend to be double that of the current average match times on NA. - Teach DDs to learn what the rocket reticles look like. This allows them to take advantage of the dispersion of the rockets and successfully dodge thereby mitigating or completely negating damage done to them. - Try to educate players that sticking together is the best option & to use your priority sector.
  4. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    Misconception of Unlimited Planes

    CVs in all actuality don't get very much regen on their planes. We can take Midway as a standard example. Midway with a full plane regeneration build takes 89s to reload one torpedo bomber plane. Throughout the entire course of the match (a full 20-minute game), you can only regen at maximum, 13 planes. Midway has 16 torpedo bombers on deck as well, or 1 + 1/2 squadrons. Due to this, they can field full squadrons but in it's really just an illusion. You don't have unlimited planes, it just appears as if you do, especially if you cycle through different squadrons and manage your planes properly through dropping squadrons early, playing smart and not targetting AA blobs, and using island cover to reduce plane cycling times. The unlimited plane argument doesn't hold up for every CV either. Saipan, for instance, has a 143s plane regen time on the torpedo bombers. That's well over 2 minutes to restore just 1 plane. Saipan also has very limited deck space as well so every loss you take in that CV hurts. If you destroy a single squadron from Saipan, that CV will be hurting for the rest of the match effectively neutered in her damage capabilities. The same applies for Indomitable as well. Of course, there is some truth to this argument of unlimited planes, however. Some CVs do get insane plane regeneration times such as the Ark Royal and Enterprise with regen times in the ~50s ranges which makes them feel like they have unlimited planes more so than other CVs.
  5. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    This method applies for Shokaku and Ryujo as well since Hakuryu's "strike" setup runs the same torpedo loadout as both the Shokaku and Ryujo. Although I have not tested it for American CVs, I do not believe it is possible to pull it off on one. This is because the time it takes for the aiming reticle to settle down to a straight path is far too long compared to the Ryujo's, Shokaku's and Hakuryu's "strike" setup. The IJN carriers also allow a lot of movement while aiming making it easier to start your run parallel to the ship and then turning in to cross drop them quickly. They will probably have to nerf this across all IJN carriers as it is way too powerful. It almost guarantees permanent flooding and can easily zero ships if done correctly and can result in damage numbers comparable to the Hakuryu's "stealth" setup. Max damage record for Shokaku is about 215k with my games normally going to around 180-200k. Although I have not played Ryujo, my friend says he is easily able to break 100k with the ship. A quick comparison on WoWs Stats and Numbers also shows the Ryujo and Shokaku consistently outperforming their American counterpart.
  6. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    You can also just force the DD to thread between oncoming torpedoes and either force them to slow down or keep outrunning the torps. Then you just cross drop them and they die.
  7. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    CV nerf is a bad idea-Better Solution!

    Just saying, it's not that hard to snipe DDs with Torpedos... You can see it within the first 40 seconds of this video... All you have to do is cross drop them and they will die.
  8. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Currently, the only counter I can find for a good CV player is grouping the entire team together. It becomes a lot harder for the CV to strike a large group of ships although it is still possible. The one thing they have to do is fix the AA system. Shimakaze can shoot down more planes than a Des Moines and Salem. If they can fix it, I think some of the problems will go away but as it currently stands, AA is practically useless. Here's a video that proves it:
  9. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    To answer all your questions. 1. It's easy to dodge the flak, just keep turning left and right and it will almost never hit you besides the random one that pops in front of you that destroys your entire squadron, I mastered this skill in about 1 night... - If the flak gets really bad, just press the f key. Your planes become invulnerable afterward and nobody's AA can shoot down your planes, therefore, saving most of your squadron. It's very abusable. Nothing punishes you for doing that. 2. Most key aspect is dodging flak. As long as you can do that, every carrier can strike any target they wish without any fear. My Shokaku can strike T10 AA cruisers without fear because I can dodge flak. It's only heightened by the Japanese line because they don't lose accuracy while aiming torpedos so you can dodge flak while on the attack run and only take minor damage. 3. Engine boost while you are on the attack run. You spend less time in the AA bubble and you are less likely to hit flak in that moment. You come in fast and strike hard with the torpedo bombers. 4. For my attack strat, start off with rocket planes and scout the entire team. You can figure out where they are going and strike the side that is weaker overall first. Strike the DDs if possible, if you line up the shot right, you can easily do 8k to a Gearing. Once you hit the dd once or twice, look around the area and just start rocketing other ships. Although your planes will be shot down, you don't care as you probably won't use the rocket planes that much anyways. Your goal is to set fires and do superstructure damage to the cruisers and battleships. Afterward, go in with torpedo bombers and hit them. If you set a fire on one earlier and they DCP (based on the dmg counter in the corner) strike them first. Make sure to have flooding flags equipped because it allows you to have around a 1/3 chance to flood them with each torpedo. Once you hit them first, speed out and turn around. You should be able to get a cross drop (this works on dds too so you can snipe DDs with torp bombers) and be able to perma flood them. Once you have done that, rinse and repeat with every other ship. You also don't care if there is an AA cruiser next to them, just press F if you are taking too many losses. If you take too many hits on torp bombers, use the AP dive bombers. Target the cruisers as you can citadel every cruiser in the game for 1 to 2 citadels normally. Always lead about 1 ship length ahead and don't press a or d. Use your mouse to aim the reticle and you should get a tight drop that will guarantee cits. Usually, drop around the midpoint of your dive. For BBs, I'm still testing where you can cit them but I found it for the Yamato. Yamato, aim for the bow drop when your reticle is there. The ship will probably move forward and the bombs will hit between the 1 and 2nd turret. Easy citadel there. There are a ton of other ways to abuse the system such as using the map border to get quick turnarounds or using the heal on attack run against AA cruisers so no planes get shot down or just knowing how the fighters work and abusing it so they can't shoot down any of your aircraft. You also get invul frames when starting the attack run so you also abuse that to take less AA damage or avoid flak completely by just going under it. 5. I'm sure you'd be interested to see how this strat looks in action so I'm attaching a replay here. 6. Biggest damage comes from torp bombers followed by rockets and then AP bombs. 20190203_003653_PJSA110-Hakuryu_00_CO_ocean.wowsreplay
  10. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    You are exactly right on this. I'm just an average player at this game and even I'm getting insane damage numbers from the Hakuryu. I have no fear striking DMs, Woosters, and Minos. I even striked a group of 2 T8 Battleships and 3 T10 cruisers and didn't lose a single plane in my attack run with the Hakuryu. Sank both BBs and destroyed 2 CAs. The amount of damage you can pump out even with the rockets is too much. Seems like people in this forum want data too so I'll post some of my stats. 2nd image is what I'm getting in games... I never get these types of numbers on any other ship.
  11. GreyGhosto12yo_prpr

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    Carriers are broken. Period. A Ryojo or Shokaku literally has no fear while being up tiered. Anyone who has any idea of how to strike with a Torpedo bomber and knows how to cause a perma flood will easily get over 150k per match. Even at T6 and T8. The current system is so exploitable by people that it's just disgusting. You can't lose too many planes as if you want them to survive, just press F. The AA itself is so inconsistent that you'll have shimakazes shooting down more planes than Woosters. Even with DFAA activated, nothing really changes that much, I can still strike a DM with my Haku and kill him no problem. Fighters don't shoot down aircraft most of the time so they are practically useless for defense as the carrier can also just recall their strike aircraft.