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    Public Test 0.9.9


    Public Test 0.9.9

    I need a password......the old one just stopped working a few months ago and I just stopped playing because of the hassle required to get set up again....can someone tell me how to get a password and why do the test server passwords just stop working ?....

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    But it is satisfying to land on a good team at tier 10 and win the match. I think WOW should be given credit for making the tech tree ships competitive enough to make us stay on. Tier 5 to 7 is the fun spot as far as I can see. From there on up the veins are showing in everyone's head.......and the chat is sometimes more entertaining than the game. There are also a few sleepers at tier 7 and if you happen to have one you can really make a few people angry.

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    Is this game getting a little elitist ? The sticker price for the Russian boats is ball-park 300 Canadian dollars. Or is it the Canadian dollar is becoming worthless? There is no way I can afford to shell out that much money. I am trying to put it in perspective though. What can I do on this earth for 300 dollars. It must be a real big dopamine rush. I mean having the new boats? It is a humbling experience watching new ships arrive month after month knowing you will never captain one. I must confess it doesn't matter. I love the game and find contentment (and great excitement many times) in just working the tech tree. I have been running the Lyon for the past few days. The guns are fabulous and it is fun to getiin close and light up the secondaries ....what a great sound and light show! I know my place here.....lol.

    The coming Califailure: simple fix

    I don't pipe up often but you made me laugh out loud with that one.......well said!!

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    I think it would be amazing .....come on guys....set it up please!!
  7. Some of the best team play that develops in coop is so amazing at times you have to laugh out loud. Lately I have abandoned random for that reason. I'm hoping that the developers up the skill level of the bot opponents. I think it would easily pay back. You do win too often in coop but there is also this tendency for everyone to form up and attack. The matches often start with a lot of signalling and chatter....horn blowing...words of encouragement ...battler cries..lol.......Once in a while it seems the bots are mad and unpredictable.......requiring a lot of pretty creative defensive play before you can even get the offense off the ground. A lot of very quick matches that are generally pretty wild is more fun for me. I do drop in for a random match from time to time. It is just very inconsistent there. Although the human competition gets the heart rate up it is difficult to balance that with the slow pace of random play.

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    The builders have their own "real time rendering machine"...their game engine...and they can set up scenarios and play to their hearts content. Now I may be all washed up because that would need to be a pretty hefty engine considering the polygon count in those models has to be very high. The boats might not make more than 1 MPH if they all lined up like that to have a race. That would be fun to watch...line them all up...put their throttles on full......and film the race. Turn them up on their tales and watch the animated bar graph.

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    That was just breathtaking. The modelers and the texture/procedural-substance makers need to be congratulated on that body of work. The models are just amazing. It is a great piece of art and a great reference...thanks!!
  10. Oh...come on!....sure, by your definition. Let me address his concern.......I have paid money a number of times. I payed it because I wanted to have an advantage that I didn't already have. It worked.....what a shock!....I won. So here you have hard evidence....I paid and I won. Pay to progress is exactly the same. Ask yourself, Progress towards what? A prettier ship? There is nothing wrong with paying to win. If no one had a desire to win there wouldn't be any pay at all.
  11. ...and you just said it. "Compared"....so for example okhotnik torpwalls don't compare....but yes, (even though they will never meet) to a Smith OK's 12 torps are a wall. Further...a person can pay his way right up any tech tree line which is exactly what the op was pointing out.
  12. That is what he said......pay money...get op ships......for those of you with I log in your eye. On the other hand, If you have spent hundreds of hours getting good....yes you can win without spending .....just thought I better point that out in case it was too difficult for some.
  13. ROFL.......you pay....and you win. The fools here that think otherwise have a leaky bank account.
  14. He clearly mentions op ships that can be purchased (doesn't say premium, what do you think he means?) and regardless, converting XP for example to skip over lets say Neptune to get to the Mino is paying to play......and your last bit about not reading? Shove off!!