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  1. Forgot to mention that the Designers Table rendering is very interesting and attractive.....cool idea! The ship model has a lot of harsh specular-reflection when I am zoomed out it is hard to make out some detail....generally I think it is set to high. Also but conversely the sub-surface skattering on the deck and hull make the ship look a little dull......I know the colors should be flat on those surfaces but you have them a little too absorbent. .......last thing...the wood chips are of a scale that is more suitable for a full size hull...lol...not a little model...same for the wooden vice.......you could hold a 10 foot plank in that thing. That would be enough wood for a truck load of boat models. Cheers! and thanks!
  2. First time on the PTS. I don't have a remarkable box or a real solid internet connection just enough to do the job. With that in mind I had no problems acquiring, loading or running the game. I find the WOW front-end useful...just one little click on the PTS Server tab and I'm off and running. I realized right away that if I was going to get games in, they would have to be Coop. The randoms I did do, the bots filled in and the teams where full so waiting was not an issue. I think the atmospheric rendering you do is beautiful sometimes but I don't like it at the expense of being unable to see. Facing the sun was still a little harsh at times and would make me go find a new target. Although that could be a strategy in itself. The new audio was easy to identify in game......a couple of times it was so distracting it made me panic a little but that was not because it was bad....it was OK.....just new. After a few games it felt pretty normal. I liked the old detonate sound...it had more bottom end. This new explosion has too much treble...to much high end for my taste. I think that you are going to have difficulty making everyone happy with the sound. Your demographic is all over the map......music/sound are completely subjective. I think it is best to leave it alone. If you are introducing new objects then yes you can ad those new sounds to the inventory. But there are classic sounds that will never change...leave those established/classical/archetypal sounds alone. I'm going to invest a few days in the PTS because It is enjoyable.......some think it a grind but to me it is an adventure in discovery. I am lucky to have the time to do this. I would appreciate more detailed instructions as to specific areas you would like tested. I haven't given you much here so far.

    div-up help for serious noob

    Thanks Alabamastan.....cheers!

    div-up help for serious noob

    Thanks UltimateNewbie. Great info.....sucking it up!!

    div-up help for serious noob

    That is pretty kind of you thanks! ...I do need the help. I really don't have a way....I am here to get told what to do... and to pay attention and execute to the best of my ability. Remember my life here so far has been solo and as you can see it has been difficult. I try to stay on top of the situation but I must say often I just can't tell what is happening. Other times it just seems to click. Overall things feel a little awkward, I am fighting to stay alive too often. I agree with all of your suggestions and would feel grateful if you where to take me out for a spin with you. If you could let me know what your sweet-spot is for play time I will come looking for you. P.S. the video is much appreciated.........I'm still aiming at the barn door......and missing...lol.

    div-up help for serious noob

    Well it looks like it is unanimous ....lol

    div-up help for serious noob

    I have you on my list now...thanks. I'll keep an eye open although I'm hoping to have some basic guidance before I waste a game on anybody.
  8. So my question is when I push the "looking to join a division" button, What happens next. How should I be prepared? What will be expected of me? How can I best contribute? Your help will be devoured...thankyou!

    Vet rages on this lil nublet

    Thank you!
  10. SPQQKY

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    lol...congratulations, glad to see you. I'm 68 and married 44 years ....and it is never TwoLate.
  11. SPQQKY

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    Exactly. ..........................For some reason I never get yelled at.......well maybe twice in 2800 games. I keep a 41% win rate.....everyone must be just ignoring me.....at 41% I'm not worth the effort. But that is my sheep's clothing (if you just got blapped by me.)
  12. I was responding to his question no 1......... You are answering his question no 2. I don't disagree with your advise although the prems have a whole new and different set of characteristics that you need to know about because you are going to face them. Understanding their unique characteristics is going to save you from some nasty surprises.
  13. One prem I don't see on your list that I recommend is the Okhotnik. you got to learn how to fire them torps....... ...........then you have to learn how to fire them so they hit something (hopefully not your team mate) Positioning and maneuvering a boat load of torps is my weakness. The Okhotnik is a good learner. By the way, it is also great fun.
  14. Until the stats show chronology they are just murky and meaningless. If you want to make sense of them you have to look at stats for the current day, week, month and the ships that where used to complete the missions. Considering the number of people that feel stats are important it seems redundant to just dump everything into one large over saturated file. If you want people to improve give them better tools to help them do so. If you really want to carry a high win percentage then open a new account and be perfectly anal about the tiers/boats and game types you play. If you want to carry a 41% win rate (that's me) play all your boats, all of the tiers you can and have a good time doing it. Don't what ever you do let the big shots bully you because they have well groomed stats. Think of it this way....they don't win every time and when they take a loss I'm sure they are blowing a proverbial gasket over it.
  15. SPQQKY

    Perma HE Rain

    I have been playing actively since last July. It has become highly obvious to me at least who runs this forum and who controls development via persuasion good or bad. DESTROYERS Last week I decided to put some serious study into DDs....if you can't beat them then join them. All of a sudden WOWS is fun again. I've discovered it is way better to watch 12 torps skimming across the water when you are driving the boat that dropped them.