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  1. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    Huang He love fest

    Funny thing...I did and purchased it some months ago......as I described in another post she is my "money boat.....She is my only premium. Best 12 dollar investment you can make. Its big fun creeping around in the smoke. It makes it easy to hide and have a reliable escape route. I felt better when I saw your torp numbers....I can't seem to hit the broad side of a barge. You can pretty much ignore the CVs. It just walks through the planes shrugging off most salvos without help and as you said she is a pretty tiny target.
  2. I purchased 1 premium ship some time ago and only one because I thought that they would get nerfed like the rest of the ships. At the time I wondered why anyone would buy a premium without a guarantee that no parts would fall off all of a sudden.....lol. I guess that was a good thought although I was looking forward to owning a few more premiums...….I will wait and see now
  3. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    same here.
  4. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    From 60,000 feet above sea level...we look pretty puney.

    it tends to go away eventually....but it does a lot of short term damage.
  5. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    How is the Rework Being Recieved on the Other Servers?

    ummmm…..I'd be careful...………..are not most of the developers Russian.....they might tweak your code a little for that one.
  6. One of the development teams that I was lucky to work for was large and had a very healthy brain pool...except for me...I was proud to have worked with so many good human beings. For each major piece of an enterprise application there were literally billions of entities . To build algorithms around them you needed to understand these entities intimately and more important their relationship to the billions of other entities'...and of course in the end you did because you described them and created them. ( We had to beg some coders for documentation because if they disappeared there would be intellectual property left over that no one else understood. Things might get broken that couldn't be fixed) So my point is.....aaarg Financial metrics had the largest say in the tuning of the code (built right into the code) to meet certain requirements of the development overhead......requirements meaning enough money to make the payroll. The cash stream for our survival was designed from mining your habits (e.g. $/game played) You might be the most visible person in the game but if you are not an earner then you are expendable.) There is a metric for each and every unit of goodwill in a game app that can predict it's contribution in cash. That metric flows right into the main algorithms of the application. In the end it is the "metric" that speaks on the content of each release. It has the highest success rate. Listening to every user can only help you go broke.
  7. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    Thanks, WG, for the Rework (and the game as a whole)

    Check my avatar....I roll over people like you and then yawn.
  8. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    Thanks, WG, for the Rework (and the game as a whole)

    Exactly! I had a banner day in my Lion. I just needed to get settled with my build. In the past I suffered at the hands of CV's.....it seems I can defend now. I also had a great day in my Huanghe. Both of these ships have longer guns now and the dispersion seems reduced. The Lions stealth has been slightly muted but with fire range/power within a hair of the Conqueror it is not noticeable. With the spotter up and running the Lion is only a few feet from spotting the CV. So WOWS I can only thank you for the release . I really needed a change up so this is great. I spent 27 years in the software design business and suffered through some very trying code drops. It is exceedingly difficult to get it right and an enormous amount of thought is required. ……….Cheers to you and please continue the psycho-technical extravaganza.
  9. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    My Lion is completely caged - what now?

    thanks for that! and I will second that...….cheers!
  10. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    My Lion is completely caged - what now?

    No doubt I am a rookie but those numbers don't reflect my knowledge or skill...I study and play everyday. My win rate is steadily rising on my popular ships and I care much less than most people about that number. For that reason I have a huge amount of fun doing unorthodox things. As a team mate I put the win first and use a more pedantic style which usually gets the win. I think I am serious about 1 game out of three. The rest are experimental and designed for pure fun. I have put in a few games this afternoon and made a lot of changes. I also notices the main guns are longer...24.5 miles...I got rid of the fighters for spotters again and that extends it to an ungodly 26 miles plus. I have handed out a few surprises at 25 miles..lol…..and in the last battle I shot down 30 planes...….that was a good thrill. The sound and furry was amazing. So I am actually starting to have big fun again Sorry for being such a cry baby
  11. Such a long old grind to the Lion to have it hobbled, You CV guys think it is sad...….She was my no1 ship. WOWS has taken everything on her worth keeping away. So to fall into line with this new threat I take her apart, commander skills and all and setup her best AA build including switching my spotters for fighters...…what happens? I don't even get a look at a decent squadron. All that is left is a battered old boat with no clear mission. So now what do I do.....rebuild and redistribute again....reduce AA...…..I have no idea how to make it fun again. WOWS you have managed to change the CV's that I have never used and in the process penalized me. I wish it wasn't so but I am loosing interest in a game that seems to cheat me. I do appreciate the light show when the planes fill the sky and the fire works start...…..but my goodness...what have you done!!
  12. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    No, you got a beer and your going to get "tanked"
  13. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    Post CV first impressions here.

    I'm almost afraid to say, just 1 battle in and the Lyon does have a roar.
  14. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    I have been curious about W of Warplanes for a few weeks......all the depressing talk about the rework. I downloaded it yesterday just in case WOWS didn'nt show up Playing it now...…..yipeee!!….You guys have one less potato to fry up now.
  15. ColdwaterCowboy_1

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    well its past eight now...reboot....hang......lol.