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  1. Still no t-61

    TY for listening and taking care of this. I hated to complain in the forums but it seemed that customer support was afk
  2. Still no t-61

    2627212 TY
  3. Is the Nelson a good credit-grinder?

    I heard the t-61 is a good credit grinder
  4. Harugumo Legendary Upgrade?

    i heard the hargumo is the rich man's t-61
  5. Fr BB secondary or no?

    Secondary builds are definitely worth for upper level french bb. They're good for burning down dd's like the t-61.
  6. Steel to Coal Conversion

    Sorry I dont. I'm trying to convert 25000 doubloons to a t-61 but i"m failing at that.
  7. Still no t-61

    They said they would investigate it 6 days ago. It’s something easily confirmed. So this situation is unacceptable. But to be honest, WG has to more to lose than I do
  8. Still no t-61

    Hey Wg isn’t six days a little long to respond to a ticket?
  9. Where's my T-61 ?

    Good for you. Still waiting so far after six days
  10. Where's my T-61 ?

    I'm in the same boat with you. Didnt get the t-61 and it's been a few days since i sent the ticket in.
  11. What does "On hold" Status mean on a support ticket?

    i put ticket in a few days ago and still is "on Hold"
  12. WOWS-mon go "Gotta catch 'em all"
  13. Super Container Rewards

    Holy crap you a a Musashi?!!? thats awesome
  14. My first Kraken!

    well played. my 1st was in the kamikaze. the kraken should be easier to get from now on. especially if you have the imperator nikolai