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  1. zippychippy

    Teddy Bear Captain

    should put the voice of the guy who plays Ted in the movie
  2. zippychippy

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    You are still gaming. It's called the game of life and it looks like you got good at it. Best wishes to you and yours
  3. zippychippy

    ST, New ships

    WOWS is under new management
  4. zippychippy

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    As I have said many times, If they had run this by you and other employees that have actually played this game, they could've saved themselves a lot of embarassment and disgruntled customers. They have good employees and should really use them.
  5. zippychippy


    the 6km hydro is a cool trick. last thing a dd sitting in smoke is a gorizia plowing thru the cloud with it's hydro on.
  6. What do you is a good avg damage for a cv is if 176k is pathetic
  7. zippychippy

    PR Grind Done (6 Directives + 1 Booster)

    I completed #4 directive. I think I'd go mad if I had to do the dir #5
  8. zippychippy

    Another 50 dollar plus ships!!! Thanks WG

    If ur talking about the Indomitable, you can get it for 49 dollars and change. If the game looks this bad to you, perhaps playing another game might be to your liking.
  9. Why don't you play the Yamato. It's basically the same ship with worse MM
  10. I agree, You achieved something not many will.
  11. zippychippy

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    zippychippy NA Benham: Holding down entire flanks while being outnumbered never gets old
  12. zippychippy

    Which ultimate upgrades are worth it?

    Henri iv upgRade is awful. You'll be spotted from mars
  13. zippychippy

    SO,do we have Armada pack for this year?

    Damn u got skills! The best i've ever done was 88
  14. zippychippy

    SO,do we have Armada pack for this year?

    They don't make the player better. I've spent a lot of money trying. LOL
  15. zippychippy

    GK just isn’t fun

    +1 to this and get the space camo, that's a lot of fun