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  1. zippychippy

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    irrevocable at 8 and 4 as well
  2. zippychippy

    Examining Benham. Is she worth the grind.

    +1 I would've ground for her but I really detest the savage battles, so I whaled thru it.
  3. zippychippy

    CV summit 2010 posted by Flamu

    So basically the cv rework was about selling premium cv's? God's it's beyond belief
  4. Lol, my clanmate had the same theory about the YY nerf
  5. zippychippy

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    1st nineteen pt commander was for the Moskva thanks to clan battles.
  6. zippychippy

    Ranked Sprint - Which Ship(s) for You?

    Mahan post buff is plain filthy
  7. zippychippy

    Georgia is in the house

    The 400 steel that I will get during snowflake event :)
  8. zippychippy

    Random dominated by poor players.

    they should have mercs for clan battles
  9. zippychippy

    Ranked Sprint

    are there going to be rental tier vii ships so players at tier 2 and 3 can play too? lol
  10. zippychippy

    I have been part of the problem in Chat

    +1 to this. I wish the OP the best of luck.
  11. zippychippy


    +1 to this
  12. zippychippy

    Episode 133: Do Carriers Belong in Ranked?

    should've tweaked the rts which everyone, albeit begrudingly, accepted. the rework gave Cv haters an opportunity to campaign for it's abolition and it pissed off the rts CV players who honed their skills on rts .
  13. zippychippy

    The KV-2 of WoWs

    probable the closest to me is the West Virginia 1941, both tier 6, both slow and can close to one shot with op guns and susceptible to sky cancer
  14. zippychippy

    Can We Talk About YueYang?

    +1 to this. I even sent a ticket to WG about my dissatifaction with these extreme nerfs. I spec the YY mainly for torps. You basically have to pick either decent torps or guns.