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  1. zippychippy

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    maybe it doesn't exist cause I couldn't find it myself
  2. zippychippy

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    where did they say the would never sell IX and X ships? Link please
  3. To be honest, commanders are probably more versatile and important than ships
  4. operations and clan battles are two ways I find I get the most capt exp
  5. zippychippy

    'CVs are OP/Broken' by the numbers

    CVs are OP/Broken I just take it to mean, " Cv's are not fun to play with or against so they should be removed."
  6. the only thing WG guarantees is that you have "chances" to get your desired ship
  7. zippychippy

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    +1 random means random as in can get any of the ships at any time and not locked into a specific groups of ships
  8. zippychippy

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    3 years ago it was a true random drop where if you got the premium ship already, you got doubloons in compensation so I bought a lot of them. Last year if you had all the premium ships, you got no new ships or doubloons. So this year I bought only one premium ship I really wanted but the others I waited until the xmas boxes and stopped buying them as soon as I got the ships I wanted. So they kind of shot themselves in the foot doing it this way.
  9. zippychippy

    Premium Shop: Bismarck in the Gothic Camouflage

    I rather have paid the 19.99 as rather disliked the grind to get the gothic camo
  10. zippychippy

    Can coal ships be refunded?

    I wish I could get the RP back for the Colbert
  11. I sent in a ticket and they tried to gaslight me by saying i didnt have the enabled button on. But i did the same level 2 times
  12. TY FOR RESPONSE. I won't div when doing naval battle hits It's amazing that the players have more and better answers than the developers
  13. I didnt get a star for 75000 dmg in my brit bb and had the button enabled in the naval battles page. and happened again at 40000 dmg in my graf zepp