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  1. Is 15k Coal Super?

    Thanks damn, I have to start getting some of these containers
  2. Is 15k Coal Super?

    has anyone gotten a supercontainer with steel yet?
  3. Vote for worse 10 destoyer

    I agree the constant module knockouts make this DD a laggard in tier X
  4. Whenever someone challenges her judgment, she comes back calmly with hard facts and numbers. Very classy.
  5. Vote for worse 10 destoyer

    Yueyang, can't torp dd's and always getting modules broken, but still a good ship since all t10 dd's are good.
  6. The Moskva is almost as large as the Yamato. So if size is related to concealment the yes some cruisers will have worse concealment
  7. Still no t-61

    TY for listening and taking care of this. I hated to complain in the forums but it seemed that customer support was afk
  8. Still no t-61

    2627212 TY
  9. Is the Nelson a good credit-grinder?

    I heard the t-61 is a good credit grinder
  10. Harugumo Legendary Upgrade?

    i heard the hargumo is the rich man's t-61
  11. Fr BB secondary or no?

    Secondary builds are definitely worth for upper level french bb. They're good for burning down dd's like the t-61.
  12. Steel to Coal Conversion

    Sorry I dont. I'm trying to convert 25000 doubloons to a t-61 but i"m failing at that.