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  1. tinfoilpaperweight

    AskEveryone: So guys, how are you all adapting to the new meta?

    Playing other games more then this arcade.
  2. tinfoilpaperweight

    Co-op needs awards and more missions.

    More rewards on Co-op and scenarios so we can stop playing random battles once and for all.
  3. tinfoilpaperweight

    Its the Weekend....Yay

    The biggest downfall of the game, have to trust 11 other players to do their best. Never going to happen.
  4. tinfoilpaperweight


    Jutland is a serious downgrade from Lightning and gun as utter crap.
  5. tinfoilpaperweight

    Smolensk too strong

    This ship is in testing yes, but it needs to be tuned down. It has too many strenghts compared to it's weaknesses.
  6. tinfoilpaperweight

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    No, the power creep between a destroyer and carrier needs to be fixed.
  7. tinfoilpaperweight

    Your own team is your worst enemy

    My point is that this game has been around for several years now and still it's funny how low percentage knows how to play it. Well, you can't expect much of free to play game.
  8. tinfoilpaperweight

    Your own team is your worst enemy

    How come this is supposed to be a team game but with a twist, your own team is your worst enemy. What's the mentality of not playing to win a match especially in ranked?
  9. tinfoilpaperweight

    Kuma fire chance in Aegis

    Kumas set fires with almost every round it slings towards you. Is this intentional?
  10. tinfoilpaperweight

    The fun factor is gone or greatly diminished.

    Add toxic players to the mix and ye, game has lost it's potential. It benefits everyone if you're polite and it goes a long way.
  11. tinfoilpaperweight

    Playing on Bad Teams

    Sadly your own team is your worst enemy in this game and this game rewards for passive play.
  12. tinfoilpaperweight

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    PVE for relax and chill. PVP if you want to lose nerves because random teams are so bad now.
  13. tinfoilpaperweight

    Fix Defense of Newport Scenario

    Remove this operation pls. I can't make credits off it. This "destroy all ships before main fleet arrives" condition made this op impossible to pass with 5 stars.
  14. tinfoilpaperweight

    Conqueror — British Tier X battleship.

    Fire chance of the HE shells needs to be nerfed, period.
  15. tinfoilpaperweight

    Hermes and Furious

    Hermes is utter crap, don't waste your resources on it. Torpedo Bombers drop one torpedo, dive bombers don't do damage. Only Rocket planes manage to to something.