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  1. tinfoilpaperweight

    Grozovoi — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    I'm just amazed how long torpedo reload this ship has compared ie. ijn cruiser.
  2. tinfoilpaperweight

    Destroyer over spotting Possible solution

    You think lazy bb's or coward cruisers are going to cap bases?
  3. tinfoilpaperweight

    Destroyer over spotting Possible solution

    Make only cv player to see what plane sees, or put a long delay before others in the same team sees the target.
  4. tinfoilpaperweight

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Wooster needs to be same cit magnet like minotaur.
  5. tinfoilpaperweight

    Thanks Devs!!!

    If plane spots something only the carrier should be able to see it, no one else. Spotting system in this game needs one big rework.
  6. tinfoilpaperweight

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    The matchmaker is forcing all the players to be around 50% win rate. And yea, trusting 11 complete strangers to know how to play is total [edited].
  7. tinfoilpaperweight

    WoWS dying?

    The game is becoming less and less dynamic everyday. Everybody hiding behind islands, introducing braindead HE spamming battleships and now the carrier patch backfired heavily.
  8. Why there is only t6-t8 scenarios in the game? Other tiers need them too. And so we could stop playing random battles and actually enjoy the game more.
  9. tinfoilpaperweight

    Ibuki — Japanese Tier IX cruiser.

    Ibuki needs better armor.
  10. tinfoilpaperweight

    Looking for a Tough Cruiser

    Looking for a cruiser that can bounce bb ap, pref t9
  11. tinfoilpaperweight

    Rant on Tier 8 MM

    Protected matchmaking for tier 8 is the answer, let t9/10 battle each other.
  12. That's when RPF kicks in.
  13. Remove RPF from CV and reduce plane detection of dd's significantly.
  14. tinfoilpaperweight

    CV Rework Feedback

    Remove CV ability to use RPF and remove ability to detect dd with planes or atleast lower the detection range significantly.
  15. tinfoilpaperweight

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    How about CV players losing control of planes after their death?