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  1. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Weimar and the PVE customer base

    Make more scenarios so we can stop playing stupid random battles with team full of imbecils.
  2. So there is no point playing this game without money. Now this game dies, finally.
  3. Why getting one single win is so difficult in this game?
  4. Bewegungslegastheniker

    So How is Ranked going for you?

    Matchmaking is rigged, never getting past 5 win qualification.
  5. Bewegungslegastheniker

    F.D. Roosevelt Over-Powered planes?

    Squadron size is too big, t9 anti-air cruiser 120k anti-air damage to FDR planes and only 23 planes dropped from the sky.
  6. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Fix Flint

    Not facing T9 ships or that range upgrade, both will do.
  7. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Fix Flint

    Fix Flint vs T9 ships.
  8. Bewegungslegastheniker

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    Remove FLAGS from Supercontainer.
  9. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Scenario Battles (Operations) CALL FOR REVOLUTION!

    Would rather play scenarios since player IQ is comparable to a demented ape when playing Random Battles. Actually that is a compliment to a demented ape.
  10. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Warning to new players

    To new players: 1. Choose something else to play. 2. This game is total junk and not worth spending your time and spending your money. 3. Overall player stupidity is beyond understanding. 4. If you read this far, go back to 1. and repeat the steps.
  11. Bewegungslegastheniker

    why are high tier players so stupid.

    That's the reason i don't recommend this game to anyone, the stupidity of other players is beyond understanding.
  12. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Reduce the squadron size of the US carriers

    US carriers and their squadron size at t10 is too unbearable for a same tier destroyer since AA doesn't do anything.
  13. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Loewenhardt too weak

    This premium T6 carrier is too weak. Squadron size is too small. And bombs don't do advertised damage which is 12k.
  14. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Adventures of the modern World of Warships player

    That Z-52 was top of the scoreboard even after the game. And yea, co-op is the only way you can enjoy the game without stupidity of other players.
  15. Bewegungslegastheniker

    Scenario Battles (Operations) CALL FOR REVOLUTION!

    They really need to increase the number of scenarios so we can stop playing random battles.