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  1. Permanently remove Smolensk from the game. Ship doesn't need to exist like doesn't kitakami.
  2. Arttu_Perkele

    Do they ever get fun?

    Nope, gun reload is way too long. It's painful with Brindisi.
  3. Arttu_Perkele

    Gun reload

    It's hilarious since some battleships have faster reload then ie. Brindisi and Venezia.
  4. Arttu_Perkele

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    Can you name a light cruiser which can oneshot DD in single salvo?
  5. Arttu_Perkele

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    Venezia, or any ship with SAP.
  6. Arttu_Perkele

    The Weimar

    I report Weimar everytime i see it in Narai unless it gets killed by Mo.
  7. Arttu_Perkele

    Moskva Garbage

    Only problem with Moskva is it's sides and it sits too high in the water imo.
  8. Arttu_Perkele

    The Weimar

    Remove 2 torpedo launchers from Weimar to reduce it's power in Narai.
  9. Arttu_Perkele

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

  10. Arttu_Perkele

    Gun reload

    Not at T7
  11. Arttu_Perkele

    Gun reload

    Why gun reload is so long with these ships? IJN has 12 sec on 203's US has 10 sec on 203's Germany has 10,5 sec on 203's Then italy, T7 14,5 sec, T8 16 sec. T9 20 and T10 21 sec
  12. Arttu_Perkele

    Which tiers you would like see allowed in operations?

    T10 since random battles are horrible.
  13. Arttu_Perkele

    Is WoW truly consumer driven?

    Wargaming hates players who don't give them any money. This game is literally worst place to spend money since the game won't go for the better. Every economical thing will be cut ie. post battle repair reduction flags and camos are gone.
  14. Arttu_Perkele

    Not To Be Anti-Social....But

    Yes, do the same in T10 since T10 is the worst tier in the game.
  15. Arttu_Perkele

    What's with the BBs firing HE

    They don't know how to use AP.