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    Not receiving valid rewards.

    oh sry, not this account... lol this one is just linked to the forum... to answer yes, ive gotten them before.... thanks for your concern
  2. johncody1016

    Not receiving valid rewards.

    twice now specifically I haven't received my santa crates this month, first one was early December... this time it was last night. I tried to claim my daily, I did in fact click to claim it, it says I did, and it never showed. this morning still wasn't in port, and my daily skips over it like it was collected, go to the awards and it said I was given a santa crate, but it isn't there.... Made a ticket, and all they tell me is I received it.... NO I didn't... first time I've noticed not receiving things was this month with the santa crates.... I didn't say anything for the first one, I'm reasonable sure I didn't . But yesterday, I know I didn't cause I made a point to play one game and also collect my daily reward... IDK how to prove it... but I didn't receive it.......
  3. johncody1016

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Is it possible that when update 8.0 goes live, can we respec commanders for free? example, I have several dedicated commanders for BBs use Direction Center for Catupult skill in regards to spotter aircraft, and I hear this is going away only beenefiting Catapult fighters, again, if other skills change, can we get free respec in order to adjust to the new CV and AA atleast?
  4. johncody1016

    Very low fps and high ping

    thank you, been trying to figure this out all morning... I need to update I missed it saturday!
  5. Can anyone clarify: from my understanding the Skill tree for commanders will be revamped as well with CV rework. Do u think wargaming will allow all commanders to be respeced for all ships? For example, the spotter planes getting took off Direction Center for catapult...
  6. johncody1016

    Password is not saving.

    last two days I have had this problem as well...
  7. johncody1016

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    lol this is funny, if i ever have problems with current clan, then I'll jump in here.... good idea guys...
  8. johncody1016

    CV Rework Feedback

    How long ago was this? and I still feel Tier 4,5,6,7,8 USN CV still is better matches then any IJN CV IMHO. Thats the I understand it as well, and exactly how I feel, plus bye bye Bogue... I'm not sure thats true necessarily...
  9. johncody1016

    CV Rework Feedback

    Actually Bogue is the most played CV! 1967104 battles, and I enjoy it quite well, so speak for yourself. I'm very agitated that this CV is getting taken from me. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/
  10. johncody1016

    Oficial WG explanation of odd tiered CVs (Dev Blog)

    Me too cause that was my argument that us players was losing ships and thats bogus. So, it seems Bogue will be dropped from the tech tree, which sucks... I agree with you there, I don't really care if they say they making it up and the tiers are more expensive, I just wanna keep the progress I have on the ships I have, all I'm asking....
  11. johncody1016

    Direction Center for catapult changes?

    that sucks, most of my BBs have that skill.
  12. Can I get clarification. Is the Direction center skill being changed to not support spotting aircraft anymore via this article? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/carrier-underwood/
  13. johncody1016

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    i think as bb at close range should kill a DD, and I think a DD should have the capacity to kill a BB, both types using skill that is. To me its like fishing, u have to know a little about it, otherwise, it would be easy and be called catching, and thats no fun.
  14. I feel that I can get away with 90% AP tell tier 7, then the competitiveness changes drastically because tactics take a giant leap and nearly all players are more aware then lower tiers, I'd say at tier 7 I am more 60%-40%AP, and at tier 8 and up 60%-40% HE or less....
  15. Imagine, you had 7 British CVs and WG took 3 from you, thats how I feel as a USN CV player. and then tell yourself that the ones you had may come back as premiums or Free ships later... Sry mate, just a bad deal honestly...