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    ST: Battleship Ohio

    Exactly, and the originally South Dakota design aka the super Colorado, and the Lexington battlecruisers. please wargaming, I won't to enjoy mostly real ships, not impressive paper ones.
  2. johncody1016

    Do you want the old CV RTS system back.

    Interestingly, I want a no CV option... However, I had more fun overall playing against RTS carriers, I felt like I could defend myself better against them anyways, and enjoyed the game. But, playing carriers, this is a much better gameplay experience then RTS for sure. I cannot think of a good answer for all the player base without having one part of thee base suffer...
  3. Yep, previously pointed out and noted, thanks...
  4. Oh boy, sry I was off by a few hours of day, and my basics wasn't correct, thank you for educating me... so sry to question u... Cv had most important and significant blow in her last 2 days above the water... and ur false, she was scuttled... and if u reread, i never ever said it was a CV kill... I just said I wouldn't include it cause OP would say it was Main Battery, or scuttle...
  5. I mean I said I didn't post this for that reason... True or false, as history stands today, was the Bismarck crippled in her last day first by a CV born torpedo? Never said it was a CV kill, although the CV had the most important blow!.... She was scuttled anyways... lol
  6. I didn't include that because, I assumed he would say the Bis was scuttled or sunk by ship battery fire.
  7. So, what we need is land based aircraft and a new class of Battlecruisers in game!? lol jk
  8. johncody1016

    What are your professions?

    Thank you very much. Best wishes to you as well in general.
  9. johncody1016

    Commander skills and modules

    Thats my impression as far as cruisers, I just wanna compare with others... I think the DCforCF only works for the fighter protecting the CV?
  10. johncody1016

    Commander skills and modules

    on any cruisers in current Meta do u ever take DCforC over PM in any circumstance? is it more valuable in anyones opinion. and The Cvs for question two are listed above.
  11. I know I can test myself and I have also researched the wiki, here and reddit, but I want to ask some of yall for ur specific captain builds and modules ur running... First question is general, in ur opinion is the value of of the 1 point skill Direction Center for catapult out weigh the Preventive Maintenance and Priority Target skill on eligible Cruisers, and do u CV players run Direction Center for Catapult in general on ur builds at all? Second question ,What modules do Cv players play on tier 6 Furious, Ranger, Ryoju? Any tips, and insight is gratefully appreciated. Thanks