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  1. Hydrawlix

    "Normal" CV Players are Hardly OP

    And Potatos will still bring you down so fast theres nothing you can do. With no high alpha strike
  2. Seems to me it was more frequent pre update cvs
  3. Hydrawlix

    Are you using the Buddy System

    buddy system is most effective lone ships will be picked off Easily no matter the aa rating must learn to be within 8km or so of a friendly at all times. Unless of course you run into a unicum Hakuryu player and you beg for mercy
  4. This is the problem everyone takes what the unicum player can do then cry nerf and then wonder why games is unbalanced.
  5. Hydrawlix


    Having wayyyyy more fun then i should.
  6. i usually try to get as many runs as i can before i f key
  7. Hydrawlix

    CV Poll Topic

    Whats this "insane" damage you speak of?
  8. Hydrawlix

    8.0 CV Captain skills?

  9. Midway. Teams on thew other hand.... not working for me.
  10. Hydrawlix

    US CAPT Skill after CV Rework

  11. Hydrawlix

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    I dont hate cv's i really enjoy them i dont enjoy what its done to the teams where noone pushes or does anything and just throws away games
  12. Just Some pictures of Big Mamie leaving her berth at battleship cove headed to drydock in 1998
  13. Hydrawlix

    too many overpens?

    Huh, i just thought i was going crazy theres def been a lot more over pens or pens for no hits on broadside targets in what should be dev strikes
  14. Hydrawlix

    Another CV rework AA - why bother

    "aa is now useless"
  15. Hydrawlix

    Musashi vs Yamato credit earning

    Musashi is very good at earning credits even on defeat