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  1. Hydrawlix

    Hey WoWs........

    Its Honestly quite dumb that in a game based around teamwork you cant play as a team (besides CB) divs are ok but should be able to load as a full team if wanted like any other team game
  2. Hydrawlix

    Would you still get the Bourgogne?

    Bourgogne is just un-nerfed alsace
  3. Hydrawlix

    Underwhelmed with the Kremlin ?

    ship is a monster def not underwhelming
  4. Hydrawlix

    Rentals in Ranked – Just WOW

    The problem with rentals lands more on 1. Cannot mount cammos 2. Probably dont have a 19pt captain for the ship theyre renting 3. probably not fully upgraded.
  5. Hydrawlix

    Kremlin in a Snapshot

    *laughs in Russian bias*
  6. Kremlin. I'm 26-5 with it in ranked 84% winrate
  7. Hydrawlix

    Rental's in ranked are beyond frustrating

    *laughs In CV*
  8. Then get better? i have no problem in tier x matches in my lexington i actually have more fun in those matches then my midway
  9. the nerf to midway isnt huge and itll still be the best tier x cv where as Hak keeps getting beaten with a bat since 8.1
  10. Hydrawlix

    OGRES is recruiting.

    BUMP https://discord.gg/pRadp2
  11. Hydrawlix

    Balancing Idea for Aircraft vs Surface Ships

    did you play pre rework? because if you did you know these new carriers are nowhere near as op as the rts carriers, you cant get insta deleted with ease.
  12. Hydrawlix

    2 CVs needs to end for all tiers

    probably the same way they did it for tier X
  13. Hydrawlix

    Ranked Battles.....CV rental missing?

    rentals in ranked is laughable especially tier 10