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  1. One would think that if a CV misplays so hard that they have no more planes left that they deserve to be completely useless for the remainder of the match. You know what happens when other classes misplay like that? They actually get sunk. But please, tell us more about how entitled CVs have to be.
  2. While WoWs is indeed not an esports title, that wasn't the point. Esports titles DO in fact completely disregard the average player and are widely successful regardless. Thus proving that your argument about how games which are balanced around the top level of play only are niche has no basis in reality. Otherwise I'm sure you can name a widely successful esports title that takes the average player into consideration since according to you all of them do? Except it does plenty. First salvos are always programmed to miss. They show broadside on a regular basis. They're programmed so that they do nothing but charge the nearest objective head on. They do not avoid collisions. They even teamkill on a regular basis as they're not programmed to care about whether there are friendlies on their firing lanes. And while they may cheat in regards to aircraft, map awareness and torps, their vulnerabilities far outnumber their strengths. Overall bots are dumb af. That the average player is worse than them is a testament to how abysmal average players, not how "good" bots are. And I have in fact played coop not long ago to knock off some slowflakes.
  3. Which I suppose is why we see so many potatoes still slinging viable attack wings around for the entire match even if they suicide wave after wave? Oh wait.
  4. Kaga isn't that far behind in plane HP compared to Shokaku and despite Shokaku planes being the most fragile out of her tech tree contemporaries she can still get away with plenty of stupid plays. And so can Kaga. Which I suppose is why esports titles are so widely successful? Your argumentation has no basis in reality. Except the bots in this game are literally programmed to be dumb as . These aren't bots made to play perfectly by any stretch.
  5. Ironically by being a ~52% player you already far outclass the average player and therefore cannot be considered average. I don't remember the exact number but I believe the EU server average lies somewhere around 45%. You sure you want that to be taken into consideration? Because by that standard all grossly overpowered ships can easily be considered balanced. Assuming you run AS and FCM1 Kaga has a theoretical maximum reserve of 147 planes, with a realistic reserve of anywhere between 110-130. This is the highest in the game by quite a margin. What makes Kaga SEEM to run out of planes as fast as some other CVs is because she has high ready reserves, meaning that for potatoes she doesn't automatically shorten squadrons for their convenience thus taking full casualties all the time. This is a pretty good demonstration for how giving CVs their full complement at the start of the match but no regeneration would be a huge nerf for the average CV player. Feelings have nothing to do with the matter at hand. By objective facts you are either right or wrong. And simple fact is that on the highest competitive level in video games the average player is completely disregarded because they provide no usable data. And there is no example which demonstrates a unification of balancing for both average and top level play. Though again while obviously such a high balancing standard cannot and should not be applied to WoWs, the current balancing standard is far too low. Even bots play better than the average player.
  6. Except that is fundamentally impossible. Those are entirely different ends of a spectrum, which is why no successful esport title gives a about the average player. You either balance around a sufficient standard of play or you don't. And while obviously WoWs should not be balanced around as high of a playing standard as an esport title, to demand average play to be taken in to consideration is far too low. The only Massa I met died in like 5 minutes. He didn't even get to cap. There is really no need to slingshot against only one ship in a 1vs1, your reserves will last far longer than your opponent can knock them down. The only 1vs1 match I lost was due to auto pilot. What WG wants has become irrelevant in a discussion about balance as WG isn't interested in balance. By that logic all discussions about balance are irrelevant and pointless.
  7. The average player is irrelevant because the average player is incapable of performing in any ship no matter how powerful it is. Balancing around the average player can only result in disaster as has been proven time and time again. CV top performance is equal to RTS CVs and outdoes the other classes by a huge margin which was previously deemed unacceptable and thus should be done so now as well. You started off by saying that you would have to seriously watch your reserves if such nerfs would go through which is precisely how it should be. If that isn't whining then what is? Why should you be entitled to ing up without getting severely punished for it just like in every other class?
  8. El2aZeR

    A message to all CV-haters

    Nope. Smolensk has about the same DPS as a Zao at ~419 total base DPS. I don't remember Zao being some kind of monster AA ship? Kidd has a total base DPS of ~286. A Nürnberg has ~330 with about the same range effectiveness. I've already had the pleasure of bullying quite a few testers in their T10 full AA spec EU DDs. One lost 20k HP in 2 rocket strikes while shooting down like 3 planes. In the end he got 9 before he died. EU DDs are worthless against CVs.
  9. Well, technically speaking then ammo is limited as well since there is a finite amount of salvos you can fire per match? Just saying. In practical reality neither ammo nor planes are actually limited, the former because you can fire so many times per match that the theoretical time limit does not matter, the latter because plane regen and reserves is disproportionate to current AA strength. There is no need to form full squadrons as long as you can form viable attack wings. And viable attack wings can be formed even if you're grossly wasteful with your planes. To actually get deplaned you practically need to collect every flak cloud like they're candy.
  10. El2aZeR

    A message to all CV-haters

    Battleships are currently the class best equipped to deal with CVs. AA is currently more decorative in nature than anything else anyway. Fighter consumable can be largely replaced by spotter. I seriously doubt anyone is going to miss a couple inconsequential plane ribbons. The so-called "AA cruisers" you name all perform much better when there are no CVs in the match. Calling Atlanta, Flint and Smolensk "AA cruisers" nowadays is also extremely laughable. Atlanta and Smolensk have among the weakest AA of their tier, Flint is mediocre at best. Kidd AA is about equivalent to T6 ships. There is nothing good about her AA. She also has plenty of other advantages. EU DDs are hard countered by CVs as their AA is mediocre, they have no smoke and due to their huge size they take incredible damage from both rockets and HE bombs. Ships are already forced to seek island cover with CV presence or not. In fact CV presence necessitates this even further due to enhanced spotting. CVs do not encourage players to stick together. The amount of AA required to actually hurt a CV is so large that attempting to gather that many ships into one spot automatically loses you all map control and therefore the match.
  11. Then why complain about a change that would force you to git gud? Because currently that's all your whining boils down to. Is it so hard to imagine that I simply want the game to be balanced? CVs are currently grossly overperforming. Why would they need compensation for a change that is supposed to curtail their performance?
  12. Yeah, you would think. But at this point I've seen so many CVs miss even stationary targets with rockets that I'm really no longer surprised when it happens. The average playerbase simply is THAT bad.
  13. It's not, because we can still objectively compare the effect. If e.g. a DM during RTS activated DFAA and my planes were within 3-4km I would lose them all. If a DM now activates DFAA and my planes are within 3-4km I not only get a strike through but the majority of my squad will survive through accel bail. Therefore we can determine whether the rework actually represents an improvement over RTS. True, which is why I didn't consider it. I used it to calculate the effective amount of planes per full duration match which according to experience usually ranges around 5-10 planes less than the theoretical maximum. And on what basis did you determine that? To name a few things contrary to your narrative: - There are already plenty videos out there that prove that even potato CVs are hard pressed to ever run out of viable attack wings. I named one above. - The best CV players generally agree that the class is fundamentally broken. - CVs were able to achieve hilarious stats during 12vs12 CBs, proving that even the best coordinated clans are incapable of opposing them - CVs are still banned from competitive gamemodes So what data says CVs are fine?
  14. So you're telling me you don't want to git gud? Why do surface ships have to git gud against CVs then? To start off I would increase the reload time of squadrons globally by about 10-20 seconds. This would make it so that tech tree IJN and USN CV plane reload is roughly equal to current RN CVs. I would perhaps exempt RN CVs from this or only increase it by 5-10s since their combat performance is already lacking anyway and completely exempt Saipan and Indomitable. This then serves as a basis for further adjustments. I would like to nerf Enterprise harder than the rest as she is the most broken ship in the entire game but due to her status this is likely not possible. Oh, please. There was this video from TopTier which got thrown around as "proof" that AA does it's job where 2 CVs suicided over 100 planes into a Kidd. In that video you could clearly see said CVs still starting full squads late in the match. This lines up with my experience playing surface ships against CVs after 0.8.7, some quite recently. I've had a potato Implacable e.g. running squad after squad into my Massachusetts for about 14 minutes straight, losing well over 40 planes to me alone, before he finally ran out of viable attack wings. And this is supposed to be a CV with "low" reserves. There is no need to truly play safe with the grand majority of CVs. Viable attack wings can be started at practically any time. You're joking, right? Not only do you take stock numbers which is hilarious given that AS is a one point skill and can be taken immediately, you completely neglect that CVs have 3 different squadrons that can all regenerate at the same time. This is either extreme ignorance or a blatant lie. Lets pick some actual facts, shall we? A Furious with upgraded planes and the AS skill receives a theoretical maximum of 26 rocket planes, 24 bombers and 23 TBs, thus achieving a total reserve of 73 planes. This is already more than many RTS high tier CVs had total. However the theoretical maximum is also naturally unattainable due to the one squad only mechanics, so we need to subtract 5-10 planes from it to get a realistic number, resulting in 63-68 aircraft total. In comparison RTS Taiho, a T9 CV, had about 60 strike planes. And Furious is supposed to have "low" reserves. So after seeing such facts, you honestly believe CVs do NOT deserve a nerf? Here's the fun part: Why must a potato CV be protected from failure when potatoes in other classes aren't and in fact apparently shouldn't?
  15. BBs do have the best anti-CV tools by far, possessing the most DPS, the highest amount of flak (not that that matters against any CV who has achieved basic competence), the best survivability against CV strikes and for the most part the best AA consumable by far in the catapult fighter. To put this into perspective, a DM with DFAA active just barely manages to outdo the base AA of a Montana. There is nothing biased about saying that BBs possess the best AA. It is simple fact. All tech tree USN T8+ CVs eventually got the option to take AP bombs. These were the same AP bombs as Enterprise, but they were more accurate on a manual drop. If you want proof, well: Reworked CVs have the same damage output as RTS CVs by virtue of a much higher rate of fire. They also cannot be countered by AA ships, AA setups or grouping anymore. Things like this: can no longer happen. This was my original statement: to which you replied which would suggest to me that you mean Indomitable and Kaga currently have to seriously worry about managing their reserves as well. If I may reiterate this is kinda true in the case of the Indomitable but complete hogwash for the Kaga. This is as far as my understanding of the English language goes. Again, Indomitable is already rather close to Saipan in terms of reserves so she would need little to no changes. Kaga can retain her gimmick of humongous ready reserves but given a lengthy regen she would actually have to start worrying about spending them rather than spamming squads all match with complete disregard. There is nothing particularly punishing about a lack of reserve management currently. Most CVs bring about 90+ strike planes to bare in a full duration match which is roughly equal to the strike reserves of a pre-nerf RTS Midway, a ship that was notorious for having "unlimited reserves" (hence why her reserves eventually got nerfed). Current AA is likewise far weaker than it was in the last stages of RTS. Combining these two factors is a balancing disaster. And no, it doesn't matter at all that most matches do not go the full length since if the less time it takes, the fewer planes you will actually need. A video from 2015 which isn't representative at all to what RTS CVs were actually like towards their end has no value in any comparison. Here we have a video from the November 2018 KotS Finals in which a Gearing casually wipes out both T10 TB squads at 12:21 without taking any damage Truly CVs were much more overpowered than they are and had far less counterplay than they do now. This is why KotS is banning them for a second season straight.