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  1. Massachusetts does not have the DPS to kill an entire T6 squad before you drop. You are either flying into flak or you're lying. Feel free to prove your point with a replay tho.
  2. Again, stop flying straight into flak.
  3. El2aZeR

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    By not flying straight into flak.
  4. You made a comparison between DDs and CVs, stating how easy it is to just nuke players with torpedoes fired from stealth in DDs when literally your own performance proves the very opposite of what you're saying regardless of tier. Which again proves only one thing. DD torps are disadvantaged in reliability because they can be fired from stealth with little to no risk, aircraft are reliable in spite of that. Average survival rate for high tier CVs last week on NA is roughly 72% which is double that of the next most survivable class (BBs). My own in the last 21 days is 93% primarily playing T8 CVs. In none of my deaths did I die in the manner you described, but regardless of whether you believe me or not simple statistics prove that what you're saying is at best a rare occurrence, at worst statistically nonexistent. CVs can easily prevent themselves from being sniped by long range fire and from being spotted by moving. If you die in such a manner it is your own fault for not paying attention.
  5. El2aZeR

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    You are missing the point entirely. As for what Flamu stated, his primary point of WG willing to break balance to retain CV population still stands and they have in fact done so. The data is not cherry picked since it is the only official data we have on the matter, it would be cherry picking if a better data set were available which is not the case. Overall AA power now is comparable to AA power in 0.8.4 in that it is thoroughly incapable of causing meaningful losses to CVs even if grouped. Most DDs I encounter have their AA off. It doesn't matter since the detection indicator along with some basic minimap awareness gives me an accurate read on their position anyway. Whether they get spotted or not thus lies almost entirely in the hands of the CV player, not with whatever the DDs do.
  6. So both BBs and DDs have unlimited range, point blank accuracy at range, can be anywhere on the map within a minute, etc.? You sure you're playing WoWs?
  7. El2aZeR

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    And while we're at it, I just picked some random matches in my screenshot library to showcase how reliant CVs are on DoT: Yes, I can truly tell how reliant CVs are on DoT. Can you @Karstodes? Perhaps you would like to post some of your own results to prove your point? Or will you admit that you're plain wrong and always have been?
  8. El2aZeR

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    Which is wrong. The maximum width is not large enough to offset plane maneuverability unless your aircraft have deliberately reduced maneuverability such as FDR ones. If not, flak is 100% avoidable at any time, all the time. Something being difficult to play or not is a matter of game design, not balance.
  9. Your own torpedo hitrates would suggest that the vast majority of torpedoes you fire miss as is no different with anyone else.
  10. Torpedoes when fired from stealth are the least reliable weapon type in this game for this very reason. Hitrates even among skilled players are found in single digit percentages. Aircraft meanwhile are the most reliable weapon type in the game despite being risk free. Comparing DD torps fired from stealth to CV aircraft only showcases how laughably broken CVs are.
  11. Aircraft Armor and Survivability Expert are a must and form the basis of any CV build. Enhanced Aircraft Armor is a crutch skill, if you learn how to reliably evade flak you can save those 4 points and invest them into offensive skills.
  12. El2aZeR

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    Wrong. The total zone in which flak can spawn, aka A and B zones combined, has a maximum width and as such can be outmaneuvered. This is why flak behavior is static and can always be evaded. Perhaps you should pay attention to the article you're quoting. It is literally visualized for you. In game design balancing makes no distinction between skill level. That there is a need to cater to incompetent players inherently implies that CVs are fundamentally broken. Congratulations, you have just made my point.
  13. El2aZeR

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    All flak behavior is static. Yes I will if they're a priority because such ships are incapable of causing significant losses as usual. There is nothing specific about that, it is quite common in skilled CV play. The average player is incapable of achieving anything meaningful regardless of class, hence why looking at average performance is largely meaningless. Nothing ofc. Devs do what they want.
  14. The difference is that in RTS the initiative lay with the target since a lot of AA was generally strong enough to completely destroy strikes before they could attack if specialized, forcing the CV to look for openings and wait for opportunities. This is why in competitive play RTS CVs were glorified spotters - and it was okayish (not flawless, far from it) in terms of design since CVs held severe advantages in flexibility and spotting. Not being able to kill or even damage any target at will was a suitable disadvantage to balance that out. In the rework meanwhile the initiative lies entirely with the CV player as AA is no longer strong enough to deter air strikes or even cause meaningful losses even when grouped. Whether an air strike succeeds is dependent only on the skill of the CV player while the targets have little to no say in the equation. As such CVs are essentially a PvE game within a PvP one and that will never work out. As iChase stated in his video, the fundamental issue with CVs is a complete lack of interaction between aircraft and their targets, which got truly highlighted and exacerbated by the loss of initiative on part of surface ships.
  15. El2aZeR

    CVs overpowered vs. CVs balanced: a debate

    - kill all 4 enemy DDs within 7 minutes - "useless damage" Please, tell me more.