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  1. netcup

    Results after 260 Santa Crates

    WG should introduce what Youtube has for subscribers for a long time now. Milestone Whales, like the op, should get a Bronze WG Emblem for 1k bucks spent, Silver WG Emblem for 5k bucks spent and Gold WG Emblem for 10k bucks spent. Not like some ingame emblem crap, i talk about a real physical item that they can nail to the wall in their whale home to show off at the next family meeting. More than 1k bucks wasted on rigged crates that give you some pixels (and not even the really good ones) in a video game. Sorry, but that's nuts.
  2. Hello captains, i'm not sure where to put this guide, because it's not really an ingame guide and also not a mod. If it's wrong here then a forum mod will probably move it to the correct section. 👍 Anyway, i've published a guide in the EU forums that could interest some of you too, if you run low on drive space or just want to save a couple of GB in general. Save up to 20% disk space and redirect game update downloads @ EU Forum