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  1. Shasha_16


    Nah! DIvisions is free of cost... anyone can do it, but it won't win you games consistently. I can't put enough emphasis on how important it is to open your wallet. As @z9_ has correctly pointed out, you need developers on your side. Now that I think of this, I need to spend money to improve my Stalingrad stats. Pepehands
  2. Shasha_16


    Don't be so greedy and selfish! The man is having a bad time playing wows, everyone should enjoy playing this game. It's time to spill out our secrets for the greater good! #SPENDMONEYWINGAMES
  3. Shasha_16


    I heard about clans spending money to get preferential matchmaking. I was like duh this can't be true it was only after I joined OO7 I realised how much it could help your stats. You win more and more games, farm HIGHER DAMAGES and get more kills. It's just amazing, spending money is the way dude change your ways and you will find success at your doorstep. @DD557_Aquaria
  4. Shasha_16

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    Hey bud they had limited plane reserves and if they got caught in AA blob F to them and they didn't have ridiculous supersonic speeds. back then.
  5. Shasha_16

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    I'm sure bud you do. You do like being perma spotted by a CV. You do like getting constantly harassed by a CV. You do like losing half of your HP when playing a dd. You do like when a CV uses Slingshot drop on you without losing a single plane during that attack run. And I'm very confident that you do like having a negligible impact on the game with your ship when a CV is dead focused on killing you.
  6. Shasha_16

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    @Destroyer_Zekakaze Very well written post. +1. Let us go back to RTS or hell remove CVs no one like playing against it except the guy playing it. I think most of the player base can agree that they don't enjoy playing against the new CV primarily when your CV can't provide any support to you against enemy CV planes.
  7. Hello, I and my friend Oldmank am to join a competitive looking for a clan. I have all the T10 ships except for Republique and YY. I mostly play CAs and I can play dd in clan wars. Back in the day, I was that guy who smokes broadside in front of radar CA and yes I have 1,114k games in Neptune. It's been done and I can't do anything about that. Here are our stats for your information. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1023904531,Shasha_16/ https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1000687101,Oldmank/
  8. Just git good> Farm steel>Earn Stalingrad> Field team of 7 Stalins if you think Stalin is a BB. Ez!
  9. Looking for peeps who can contribute.
  10. Shasha_16

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    @DrHolmes52 At least when we had the old system we never had to deal with 5 CV games in a row. If I'm playing for 2 hours, I'm ok with 1 CV game but 5 CV games in a row heck no. I'd rather play something else like Clan Wars after Clan wars are over will I play randoms? idk.
  11. Shasha_16

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    Just bring back Old RTS. New CVs with unlimited planes is total crap. There is no end to CV drops, and it doesn't matter if you are AA spec or not if CV decides to ruin your game trust me CV will. WG must accept that the new CV was a total waste of time and bring back RTS for the sake of saving the game. More time spent on patching new CVs => Waste of precious resources and time.
  12. @Gerbertz Thanks, Mate! Appreciate it. We are getting even better!
  13. Shasha_16

    Group of Players Looking for a New Clan

    texted you