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  1. Filip_Ostrich

    Clan Recluta

    Hilo movido a la sección en español.
  2. Filip_Ostrich

    Problemas en las pruebas públicas 0.10.10

    Gracias por la información Parce, esperemos que se resuelva pronto
  3. Filip_Ostrich

    Season 15 Clan Battle Season

    It should be announced officially in the next couple of weeks. However, there have been maps that are chosen commonly. I could mention Neighbors, Warrior's Path, Sleeping Giant, Ice Islands, Northern Waters, and Crash Zone Alpha.
  4. Filip_Ostrich


    Hilo movido a la sección en español. Por otro lado, los submarinos según yo ya llevan como 2 años o más en pruebas. Sin embargo, considero que sí fueron introducidos a las batallas aleatorias demasiado pronto y yo en lo personal no disfruto de jugarlos. No creo que deberían de estar ni en aleatorias ni en rangos, mejor que tengan su propio modo de juego y que ahí los que les guste que jueguen con ellos o contra ellos.
  5. Filip_Ostrich

    clan busca gente

    Hilo movido a la sección correcta. "Puerto de Clanes"
  6. Filip_Ostrich

    How did your bids go?

    If WG is making positive changes, the next step for me, you, and the community, in general, is to recognize it and be thankful for it. We can't treat WG like our son telling them that there is nothing to be happy about getting an A on a test because it's his obligation, here it doesn't work like that. The company won't improve more if this extremely negative way of seeing good things doesn't change.
  7. Filip_Ostrich

    How did your bids go?

    Mainz is a legend btw <3
  8. Filip_Ostrich

    How did your bids go?

    I was really considering the Salem, but I've got DM with the legendary upgrade so who cares haha
  9. Filip_Ostrich

    How did your bids go?

    How much did you spend on it?
  10. Filip_Ostrich

    How did your bids go?

    Got my new, sweet ride! Lots of them, and being specific about Schlieffen, a really bad decision for playing a tech tree ship 4 months later than some players.
  11. Filip_Ostrich

    How did your bids go?

    Won the coal with 130M, what about you?
  12. Filip_Ostrich


    That's pretty cool. In NA we also have polls, not specifically on the forums but during each patch, a poll is released which appears as a notification in-game. The poll is better than the one you're sharing since it gives for example the option to write a bigger opinion rather than just selecting one of 5 options. Plus, the majority of people answering most of the questions with "neutral" doesn't help at all. And I think this is the fault of both, the author(s) of the poll and the people who answered it. Why? One: if you'll add an option that doesn't say much in a poll, at least add the option for people to explain why they are staying neutral. And two: If you see there is no option of explaining your point, try to at least selecting an option that expresses a more solid opinion. Overall, it is a very good feature as I said at the beginning, and NA doesn't stay back in this matter.
  13. Filip_Ostrich

    Stop Giving Me Premium Time, WG!

    I think it would be better if WG replaced premium time with a fair amount of doubloons. That way, you can decide whether you buy Premium Time with those doubloons or you get something else with them.
  14. Filip_Ostrich

    WG Saint Petersburg CEO comments on CC exodus

    Captains, please remember to follow the forum guidelines when commenting, especially if the thread touches delicate subjects. This includes always being constructive with our comments and not attacking others when we disagree with an idea. Ideas are ideas and players are players, thanks for helping us to keep a healthy community.
  15. Filip_Ostrich

    Ranking LATAM para Clan Wars Temporada 14 "Piraña"

    Será un placer