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  1. undrbidr

    My Thoughts on Odin...

    ODIN is the perfect DD player's BB. Like most German BBs her primaries are simply there for historic accuracy and are a threat to no one over 12 km away. Anyone closer receives a ton of damage from her AP. Her life expectancy in battle should be less than eight minutes, but she should take two or three of the dreaded reds with her. This ship is great for charging the creases, showing up unexpectedly and dying in a hail of bullets. 80k damage in six minutes, makes me miss the old days when shira was a beast and flooding was a thing.
  2. undrbidr

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    Nerfing the weakest Russian cruiser makes no sense at all. Why make Moskva even weaker than she already is? Nerfing Moskva's UU is inexplicable. The argument that the UU is stronger than other UUs is irrelevant. You put a good UU on a weak ship it is still just a pig with lipstick on it. Please, do not take off her lipstick!
  3. They intend to nerf the speed boost upgrade which is essentially a nerf of most dds. Play t10 for very long and you will see we have a distressing lack of dds in both number and diversity. Which is a shame because dds are the most diverse class in my opinion. The difference between a khab and a shimmy is enormous. Now unfortunately, they intend to nerf the entire class across a host of the top tiers. Please do not nerf a class that is in decline. The problem is not the speed boost upgrade, which has been around forever. The problem is the Euro dds use of the boost. I have a Halland and agree that it is OP. Just nerf the Euro's longer time period on the built in speed boost. Do not nerf the russian, american, pan asian and other dds to solve a problem caused by the euros.
  4. undrbidr

    Moskva — Soviet Tier X cruiser.

    So now they have decided to nerf Moskva. Why???? It is a subpar cruiser in even the most skilled hands and certainly not on a par with smolensk or stalingrad. By my count it is sixth best Soviet cruiser and that is only because I do not count Khab as a cruiser. I have played 189 ships and Moskva is in my top ten ships that need a monster buff, not a nerf. I have heard the argument that they are not nerfing Moskva, only her legendary upgrade. Look at her stats, at any level, she needs a buff not a nerf. I played this ship over 100 times to get the legendary upgrade and now they want to take that away and force me to choose a different upgrade. All with no compensation. Usually when they take something that you had to strive to earn, they compensate you. Not this time. I do not understand the compelling need to nerf a subpar ship.
  5. I am not a WW2 expert but my understanding is that the Germans used jamming as early as 1942, to cover the Scharnhorst and Bismarck channel dash. True, the jammers were not to my knowledge carried on destroyers. Your idea that the jamming could be done by CVs is interesting but WOWs reworked that whole class because of discrepancies in skill levels. Can you imagine the disparity if a CV captain became skilled at the use of radar jamming and the other captain had no clue? WOWs would not permit that for game play sake. So based on your comments, I specifically propose that Z be given a radar jamming module of short duration. Z, at T9 and T10, is desperately in need of a buff and it is the most strategic of all the DDs so a jammer is consistent with her identity.
  6. undrbidr

    Kleber gets clubbed...

    A high speed ambush torp boat is a blast to play. Podvoisky is the best tier for tier in the game. Khab could be one but for some reason her torps drift and miss way too many targets. Trash Can, Terrible and Mog all have that hinky three torp launcher mess. Kleber seems like it could be one but at t10 you have to get really close to hit with more than one torp. Kleb just does not have the armor or HP for that. Smalland and Halland are not fast enough and their torps are more insulting than dangerous. The japanese boats are too slow to be fun for long. The american and pan asian american built dds are just too vanilla and weak. The earlier commenter who said that WOWs just will not permit the existence of fast ambush torper at high tiers may be right. For years, it has seemed that the BBs always get what they want. Kleber does not have the reload speed to compete with Khab as a gun boat so unless it can get its torp play style back it may be another T10 that i sell and forget. Speaking of the Z, I believe that giving it radar jamming would be both historically accurate and make that ship a better play option.
  7. I had this module and loved it for burning down BBs, but when the consumables buff module came into existence I had to go with that. Longer life is the key to great Khab driving,
  8. As the radar has become both longer lasting and longer range, dd play has become less fun. As a veteran of over 40k battles, I realize that balancing the powers of the various classes is a difficult and evolving process. If T8 and above dds had some sort of short time radar jamming on some lines, then the balance would be restored somewhat.