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  1. Petty_Admiral

    Well, well, well! The Alaska is real!

    NOT spending FXP to speed your trip up the tech tree is rewarded with these 750, 1mill ships being purchasable. It's a reward for folks who have patience, or even for folks who want to drop the CHEDAR to convert.
  2. Petty_Admiral

    Extra High Torp Hit Points

    Torps don't detonate, because if they did you'd get the flags. On the other hand, I get about 2 or 3 "Critical Hits" a year with my torps. Think "it blew up a boilerroom, and chain reaction happened." Or.... 'it found that small exhaust port." :D I think it's Wargaming's way of remind you to avoid getting hit by torps. :)
  3. Petty_Admiral

    USS Alaska Release Date

    The OFFICIAL word is "It will be released soon." So.... not very long now.
  4. Petty_Admiral

    Clan Wars Down again for NA

    OKAY, there's a bug since the last update. When the leader of the division has a ship loaded up BEFORE start time of CW, 'go' option does NOT light up when his division is loaded in. The simple fix is: Div leader takes his ship down, than puts it right back up, and your Division will be able to launch into CW. That's for the FIRST fight only. Carry On!
  5. Petty_Admiral


    Right after you've spent your dough on the Black Boxes, of course. Actually, they usually go deep into January, so you'll have plenty of time.
  6. Petty_Admiral

    Opening 12 Black Friday Containers

    I KNOW you remember the late night In and Out run in Santa Ana.... I'm the guy who bought the Mass. because my grandpa helped build it. It's a great brawler! o7
  7. Petty_Admiral

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Had so much fun on the tour! There was some comment on game being available at the end, but we sucked up the time. :) THANKS, it was a fun tour.
  8. Just when your clan is getting goodish at CW, THEY SUCK YOU OFFLINE. heheheh. Either we were good, or there's lots of 'taters out there... well taters who are more fried than we are, anyway! haha.
  9. Petty_Admiral

    Clan Wars??

    Just in time for Anchors Away! I'll see you there, RadarX
  10. Petty_Admiral

    Clan Wars??

    Is anyone else having trouble with CW? I set my clan up for the late (NA) session for today, I log on, and CW not available??!!!
  11. Petty_Admiral

    AFK's in rank need to be blocked from playing

    1. IT'S PIXLES. 2. IT'S A GAME. 3. Have you NEVER had something in real life call you afk? 4. It's a FREE GAME. Ohhh, there's soooo much more. Just, work with what you have.
  12. Petty_Admiral

    Looking for helper monkeys for Public Test

    I'm on right now, look for "AR8"
  13. Petty_Admiral

    Looking for helper monkeys for Public Test

    Wow, big download!
  14. Petty_Admiral

    So once I reach rank 1...

    Accept your fat coal bonus, and look forward to the next Flag Farming mini ranked season.
  15. Petty_Admiral

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    I've gotten 2 hats from the Ship's Store... the FIRST one was while she, and I, were on active duty, during her only visit to Diego Garcia in the 80's. The second one I got earlier this year.... still have both of them. I DO have a challenge coin from about 4 years back, but it's badly faded. See you in a couple weeks! o7