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  1. PigBot50

    Sims Propulsion Mod

    I've had the Sims propulsion mod forever. Recently it seems like the ship is real slow to accelerate. I'm eating torps that I easily dodged in the past. Anybody else seeing this?
  2. PigBot50

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    I haven't experienced any of the audio problems but FPS is definitely a problem sometimes (even in port!).
  3. PigBot50

    Help with Nicholas in Ranked Sprint

    Unfortunately I can't review your replay (won't load for whatever reason). If you post to youtube or similar I can take a look. FYI i'm a decent DD player not a super unicum or anything.
  4. PigBot50

    Help with Nicholas in Ranked Sprint

    I would agree with Purple, dmg is nice but doesn't guarantee the win. Also in the push to do high dmg you might do some things that don't help the team (e.g spotting and stuff like that). Focus on giving your team the advantage: spotting targets, capping stuff like that. If some big juicy BB is coming right at you and torping is the the right thing then by all means go torp. Be in front of you team's ships as they push: you can spot and dodge torps more easily than they can, it will give them confidence to follow you.
  5. Whenever WOWs downloads a new update on my PC the Windows UI (mouse pointing) etc. gets very unresponsive (during the update process). Basically I can't browse the internet during the download. It's probably more of a Windows issue than WOWs but does this happen to anybody else? My internet is only 8mb down but I have a powerful PC with tons of memory and a good CPU. You would think my PC would be powerful enough to handle the mouse positioning during a WOWs update (but it can't). Basically I can't use my PC during a WOWs download. Once the download is done, poof, everything is back to normal. Anybody else experience this?
  6. PigBot50

    Gaming Router

    ASUS's AiMesh does support additional access points. I just bought a NetGear Orbi system but I'm still on the fence about keeping it. It has a WiFi router and 2 WiFi satellites that I've tried to connect via ethernet backhaul. The problem? It seems temperamental. I also think my ping times have risen. In game I used to be 35ms but now I see more spikes to 100ms. I can't guarantee it's the Orbi but I'm suspicious. Those low ping times are addictive, it seems a lot easier to aim guns and hit targets. I hear what you're saying about the gaming router. I only have a 8mb connection (I'm out in the country) so if one PC decides to do an update it messes things up. That's why I'd like a decent QoS. Heck it doesn't even need to be very customizable but as long as it priorities game/netflix over Win10 downloads, etc. I'd be happy. The ASUS is only $190 so it won't exactly break the bank and the external antenna may not require me to set another access point.
  7. PigBot50

    Gaming Router

    I'm thinking of buying a new gaming router. My current router is ancient and I'd really like some ability to set QoS (quality of service) and monitor traffic from different devices. I have my eye on the ASUS-AC2900 or the Netgear XR500 Nighthawk. Anybody have one of these and an opinion on them (or another router). As an FYI I play WOWs thru a desktop with a LAN connection so while these are wireless routers (cause like everybody I have wireless devices) I'm not using the wireless for gaming. The AiMesh capability of the ASUS does sound interesting to extend WiFi coverage in my house.