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  1. C14Alpha

    Since Signal Flag Changes..

    I quit running anything but Det and Economic flags and I can't really see any difference yet. Maybe I'll notice the cumulative effect of the 3%-5% flag differences after a few hundred or a thousand games. I also switched equipment on a couple of boats to experiment with Mag Mod 1 instead of Det flags. The bottom line is WG is not going to get real money from me for flags.
  2. If that was WG's intent, replays should be selected through the Game Center or the Game Center should be the executable associated with replays.
  3. C14Alpha

    Tough night in Ranked

    You need better teams! That last-ship-afloat stuff absolutely gets too intense. The Kag is an interesting boat. It was inconsistent for me until I got beyond 500-600 games and everything clicked into place. It is now my favorite DD with over 1K Random games and a ton in Ranked.
  4. The replay engine is pretty pathetic. When I simply double-click a replay file, the Game Center opens and then the live game opens, but not the replay. To actually run a replay, I have to first start the Game Center and then double-click the replay file to get it to run. And how much time would it take the top programming talent at Lesta to create a key guide popup or overlay screen for replays?
  5. I just ignore complaints for a while after any new mechanic is introduced. Whatever skill players develop over time through practice is typically not immediately transferred to a new mechanic. Players adjust after a while and then we will see how the changes really work out.
  6. The OP's "make it easier to win playing a CV" whine deserves no discussion and the most constructive feedback I can think of would approximate Archie Bunker's oft-repeated admonition to Edith. As to your initial response to the OP, I give you credit for creativity in imagining a Rube Goldberg scheme to distract from the OP's ideas. ADDED: A couple of years after the CV rework, anything reasonable and a lot unreasonable has already been said. And WG has done what WG wanted to do, apparently without much regard for "constructive" suggestions from players. The stream of posts suggesting adjustments to provide players advantages in their preferred ship(s) are not only not productive, but have become extremely boring through constant repetition. The forum might actually be a better place to suggest honestly productive ideas or exchange valuable information if we did not devote so much time and effort to beating long-dead horses.
  7. C14Alpha

    Why Kitakami is suspended?

    No, trying to put such a ship into WoWs reflects a vodka problem.
  8. Thank you for another meaningless Make CVs Great Again thread. Thank you for another long screed encouraging silliness.
  9. C14Alpha

    Why Kitakami is suspended?

    I attribute the Kitakami to bad vodka.
  10. I never cared for that flavor of Kool-Aid nor do I appreciate WG trying to nickle-and-dime players to death in the game. BTW, it is perfectly fine for WG management to make a decision about game rewards (even if I don't like it), but then don't insult me by rubbing a handful of smelly crap in my face.
  11. WG shows massive contempt for WoWs players. They ignore players and create toxic environments and mechanics to squeeze the last possible bit of profit out of the game.
  12. C14Alpha

    The camo of asashio is terrifying

    Hmmm ... never cared enough to notice.
  13. You mean something possibly like a Commander Skill ...