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  1. Spreadsheet says you are wrong, Comrade.
  2. Identify all actual or possible radar ships and take the fight to them. DDs are supposed to spot, so go to the flanks and spot. Ideally, get a radar ship between your DD and other red ships and open up with guns. Starting at a couple of hundred meters inside gun/radar range, you can often fire several salvos while turning out to disappear before a radar ship can even bring guns to bear. Radar ships often park behind islands, so wait until they use their radar and run in to drop torps at near-maximum range.
  3. At the end of the day, WG prefers to sell $45 CVs rather than $25 DDs, particularly to new players who need low-skill solutions to playing the game.
  4. WG just screwed players who bought DDs with "good" AA. Give me a DD with excellent concealment and a sailor on the bow with a revolver for AA because I will never use the AA.
  5. C14Alpha

    ranked experience so far

    This was an interesting game.
  6. It is so caring of you to want to segregate players "for their own good" but I am cold-hearted enough to let players make their own decisions.
  7. What a touching and sensitive description of player differences ... to be used as a diversion and rationale to call for skill-based match-making.
  8. C14Alpha

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Thank you for acknowledging the hyperbole of your initial post, although I suspect you will continue to try to split hairs to "prove" your divergent statements were all correct.
  9. C14Alpha

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Correct; there were 8 torpedoes divided between 2 quadruple launchers and a reload of 8 torpedoes divided between 2 sets each of 4 storage bays behind each of the launchers.
  10. C14Alpha

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Real IJN Shiratsuyu class destroyers: "Eight reloads were carried, and each tube could be reloaded in twenty-three seconds using the endless wire and winch provided."[10] [10] Lengerer, pp. 102-3 Lengerer, Hans (2007). The Japanese Destroyers of the Hatsuharu Class. Warship 2007. London: Conway. pp. 91–110. ISBN 978-1-84486-041-8. OCLC 77257764.
  11. C14Alpha

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    I play DDs and also get tired of some of the silliness. This morning I had two Tier VIII games with 4 CVs - 2 per team. No, those games were not queue dumps. The MM screen showed 1-3 CVs waiting and 50-60 "ships in your range" before locking in the teams for both of those games. And then there are the radar games. Four ships with long-range Russian radar are not necessarily bad in a game, but they are totally ridiculous when one team has all four and the other team has no radar.
  12. C14Alpha

    Question about mods

    What a silly question; of course there is not a mod that informs other players about your ship's configuration. OTOH, MM does select cautious DD opponents when you run radar and aggressive CV players when you run hydro.
  13. Like @BiggieD61 I started the season with the intention of going to Rank 10. Playing only DDs, I reached Rank 10 at 44 battles (average = 45) with a WR of 52% (average = 55%) while using Premium time. After this thread was started, I decided to see how much more I needed to play to reach Rank 9. Playing only DDs, I reached Rank 9 at 66 battles (average = 63) with a WR of 50% (average = 56%) without using Premium time for the last 22 games. During Ranked Season 16, I also played DDs (mostly Tiers VIII and IX) in 79 Random games with a Random WR of 52% (average = 51% for Rank 9 player) while using Premium time. Most of my numbers are close enough to the Maple Syrup averages to be scary.
  14. Yes, I play a few Ranked games at times and Ranked would be better with variety of Tiers in different seasons and more map variety.
  15. What part of limiting a player's number of games do you think is not blocking them from playing as they please?