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  1. C14Alpha

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    Have you people been paying absolutely NO attention to WG since the game was created? WG wants all kinds of ships to participate about equally in the game. Randoms have 12 players per team and 4 kinds of ships, which means WG would really like to see 3 CVs per team. The only reason WG limits CVs at higher tiers is they are so broken they totally destroy game play in larger numbers.
  2. C14Alpha

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    Aren't you a sweet child.
  3. C14Alpha

    CV's are broken!

    CVs are OP in the hands of a competent captain. Luckily, most CV players are relatively unskilled.
  4. C14Alpha

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    If WG had not created penalties for exiting games, CVs would have no other ships to play with.
  5. C14Alpha

    What is the median W/R?

    Ask; the author has accounts on each server's forum, as well as Twitter.
  6. C14Alpha

    Some DD players (as well as some CA & BB) and CVs

    I nearly puked.
  7. C14Alpha

    World of Warplanes?

    What's annoying is whoever it is at WG who is persistent about turning a unique and otherwise satisfying naval surface warfare game into another trashy, run-of-the-mill military-themed shoot-em-up game.
  8. Fear DDs. WE KEEL YOU MUCH !!!
  9. C14Alpha


    An average of 136 HP of damage per rocket seems about right for using rocket planes against a BB.
  10. C14Alpha

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    It matters little what WG said or says, even though many players seem to get bent out of shape over that issue. WG structured the event so very few players could actually grind out the PR. Instead, the event's structure encourages players to make purchases to move toward event completion. And when that becomes impractical, many players will make further purchase to further assist completion or to buy the PR outright. If players get upset in that process, WG either already has their money or will actually get more of their money. To the extent players get mad enough to quit the game ... oh well, WG already has their money and a different crop of new players will soon be enticed to play with the introduction of submarines.
  11. C14Alpha

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    The PR event is intended to piss players off. Most players quickly recognized they were not going to be able to get the PR for free. While they knew they couldn't get the PR for free, some players thought they could buy boosters or the Gorizia to help get over the finish line. If those things don't work, those players will either be pissed off and quit (WG already has their money) or pissed off and pay more to get the PR (WG appreciates the extra payments). If the PR event allowed players to readily get the PR by playing for free, WG wouldn't be making money.
  12. Maybe it will fix the temporary in-game freezes introduced in 11.
  13. Whatever I like, WG will change as soon as possible.
  14. C14Alpha

    Gorizia = Combat missions?

    4 Combat Missions with 4 reward ships and 12 Shipbuilding containers require the Gorizia to get started Gorizia is the reward for completing Directive # 3 of the New Year Event Directive #1 has 3 Gorizia missions (and 2 of 4 possible Shipbuilding containers) Directive #2 has 4 Gorizia missions Directive #3 has 4 Gorizia missions (and 3 of 12 possible Shipbuilding containers) Gorizia is available in the Premium Shop So, buy the Gorizia if you want a leg up on building the Puerto Rico.