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  1. SgtOlivertwist

    Ostergotland The BB Menace

    Ya I really enjoy it. Not sure why you think its bad if you are boasting good stats in it though? I have a alot of great games in the oster and the halland.
  2. SgtOlivertwist

    Ostergotland The BB Menace

    Hey, This is a video showing the strengths of the ostergotland. Let me know what you think. Thanks,
  3. SgtOlivertwist

    French DD's and there role in the game

    Agreed, I enjoy getting rewarded for being bold! Thanks @Oldschool_Gaming_YT I agree @GrimmeReaper That's the way I tried to play them in my videos.
  4. Hey Everyone, I have been excited about the French DD line for a while now and I'm so excited they are out. I enjoy this style of play. I believe they have a unique role that hasn't been available until now. They can get around the sides and backs of ships so easily and create a lot of disruption and spotting for your team. What are y'all's thoughts? I have a few videos I a made to show the strength of the french dd line and I will have more to come. -