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  1. Midway_Decent

    CV Rocket Attacks, why have they not been nerfed?

    You're precisely inflating your own numbers. The discussion was about DDs, and including torp hit rate of Cruisers and BBs (which normally don't fire more than 1 salvo of torps per game), is inflating your own numbers. You can't honestly compare hit percent in a ship like shimakaze to that of Hindenburg, it would be asanine.
  2. Midway_Decent

    CV 42 F.D. Roosevelt inbound.

    I'd be fine having another CV if they gave me the old AA back or at least let me prioritize a squadron to shoot.
  3. Midway_Decent

    Should I get a Friesland?

    Low floor, high ceiling, but I get where you are coming from. I haven't posted that much and I can tell this Varknyn guy is a troll lol
  4. Midway_Decent

    Steel Ships, which to buy?

    I love your take on this, I also have all 3. Playing Neustrashimy in ranked was one of the most enjoyable ranked seasons I had, and I wish there were more competitive places to play it. Black is fun, but if you aren't fighting DDs it's mostly area denial and capping. Somers is a very fun boat and torps are great, especially after you speed them up with the captain skill. Overall, I like Neustrashimy the most. As you said, easily the most versatile of the group, the repair party is ridiculous, and most players think it's guns are awful but are in for a huge surprise.