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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    How about ships with the captain skill radio location, when detected by radar, place a 'last known position' marker on the map every 5 seconds of the radar pulse if the radaring ship is undetected? if the ship is already detected, make it pulse on the minimap for all to see so people know who to focus. At least in the case of YueYang radaring another DD from stealth, a radio location equipped captain can gain some tactical knowledge in return that benefits the team.
  2. New port camera... disappointed...

    I was hoping they'd add a way to remove the interface to take screenshots without holding down the right mouse button as the mouse cursor stays in frame. Something like CTRL-G from in-game, transpose that to the port screen.
  3. SFROG is Recruiting

    I should also include our fancy recruiting poster as well... Does it speak to your inner WOWSer? Come see us on Discord or check us out in game
  4. SFROG is Recruiting

    Howdy Folks! The Stoic Frog Gaming World of Warships clan [SFROG] is recruiting new members to help us fill up for clan battles and beyond. SFROG is looking for players who have some maturity under their belts and value fun as much as winning. Skill is not a factor, but attitude and fitting into our team is key. The SFROG port has been fully unlocked so you will reap the benefits of all available clan bonuses. Come join us in discord @ http://discord.stoicfrog.tv to get to know us before applying. You can also catch my streams @ http://twitch.stoicfrog.tv or my highlighted matches @ http://stoicfrog.tv to get a feel for what we're all about. Doc