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  1. bburko01

    Thanks for making Khab a useless ship

    It doesn't matter how old a post is. It will always be relevant as long as the issue persists and is perceived as such. I would like to see a vote of how many people are actually doing this as opposed to the folks that feel the way these people do in this reddit thread.
  2. bburko01

    Thanks for making Khab a useless ship

    Yea sorry. I don't feel bad for any Khab Captain. In a 1v1 gunfight with just about any other DD in the game it will win. If you're cruising a Khab and you try to take on a cruiser or BB then you're going into a losing battle knowing it or not. Unless you can manage to torp the larger ships. But I'm sick of hearing how "balanced" the mechanics are from ship to ship. I don't care what the folks at WoW say. It's everything but. Now with recent updates and new ships you have DDs with cruiser stats and Cruisers with light BB stats. And this is balanced? I play gearing alot but the last 7-8 months have been ridiculous. I can't go toe-to-toe anymore with any other DD except Shima with any reasonable expectation of winning the fight. Gearing seems good for nothing anymore but long range torping and spotting undetected. And once detected the only hope of escape is to drop smoke and boost out of detection range. Along with other recent developments in the game, and hearing other similar sentiments in the in-game chat, I feel more and more like WoW is purposefully degrading the older favorites in the game. Possibly to try and get more folks to reset branches. And so far I have only come across one person who is doing just that and they're sorry they did. Seriously, who the hell wants to grind out the same branch all over again just to get access to another ship/bonuses? And WoW.... please stop preaching about balanced mechanics.
  3. lol Hypherfaze. We must've been typing at the same time. Thanks for the reply! See you out there.
  4. Thanks Kizarvexis, it was an issue in settings. Made the changes you suggested and it works just fine to split screen now. Thanks again!!
  5. Hi there Capn's, I've read old threads that say to use alt+tab or alt+spacebar to minimize the WoW screen but neither action works for me. Does anyone have any other ideas or thoughts about game/pc settings that might help? Many thanks in advance. See you in battle!
  6. bburko01

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    Yea my internet service is fine and I've been kicked off the server twice asking that I reconnect. Been having high ping rates off/on the past week. Now I'm pink cuz I started a battle, didn't even get to get to full speed and got kicked off and couldn't get back in. I waited a while and tried again and got to select a ship and click BATTLE but then got hung up in the queue for ever. I feel like I've been getting kicked off the server so much lately that WoW should add a day to the premium accounts of all of us paying members for every time we get kicked out. It's really getting ridiculous. And the dial just keeps on spinnin. I can't leave the queue either cuz at one point the MM must've had enough players to start setting up the match. I went and looked at their outage map online and it says SE USA is fine.