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  1. Fizz_war

    rediculous pacific war mission

    Yup, worked for me. Easy-peasy
  2. Fizz_war

    Biggest game issue: Blowouts

    And remember, it's patented, so it MUST be good!
  3. There is so much noise and so many variable this is just hard to accept. How many is 'enough'?
  4. Yes, this. Much better than win rate which has a large element of luck involved due to the MM.
  5. I guess sh*t stirrers gonna stir...
  6. At the moment they can, at least until they fix the bug...
  7. Fizz_war

    I Am Having Fun!

    I find that playing tier V-ish is much more fun anyway. No need to spend $$ in all that other stuff.
  8. I didn't - got it in a crate
  9. It's already been way too long.
  10. Fizz_war

    A Story To Get Ready For Ranked

    Who cares?
  11. The right thing to do is forget this craziness and just make all Missouri's the same with the old modifier. You KNOW they will be insanely expensive to obtain due to the lootbox gambling required to get one so there is no good reason to 'fix' the 'too many credits' problem with the Mo. This video just stinks of helping with damage control to curry favor. What was going on was very clear since there was no way to make the mission modifier work correctly. If I had an engineer working for me who tried to convince me of this [edited] he'd be on my 'RIF at next opportunity' list. The correct fix is simple, just make all MOs be the same with the original modifiers, etc.
  12. Fizz_war

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    Sh*t stirring shills gonna sh*t stir..
  13. Fizz_war

    There will be a lot of crying…

    It's simple - all about $$$ they will make selling tons of premium subs - nothing else. There are plenty of suckers who will exercise mommy's credit card trying to buy wins.
  14. So far subs are just tedious and boring. Games end hunting for for the last sub - very tedious.