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  1. Fizz_war

    The new precedent of Vampire II

    Yeah, and they said that about subs too at one point...
  2. Fizz_war

    I hate carriers

    WeeGee really is ruining the game with all the escalations to grab more $$$. They will keep on with more CVs since they can't do much more with the BBs, CAs and DDs which already are maxxed out on gimmicks making it harder to sell new ones.
  3. Fizz_war

    Double CV games are 100% not fun

    No, its the definition of totally broken although I doubt wee-gee could care less.
  4. Bleh! Count me out... WFT are they doing?
  5. Just happened to me too.. Wee Gee needs to back off the CVs - one per side is bad enough but two completely ruins the game. Total [edited].
  6. Fizz_war

    Shikishima sound

    Was just in a game with a Shkishima. It was 2/3 thge way across tha maps and I'm still getting the really annoyingly loud grumble every time it shoots. Any way to turn of its gun sounds leaving everything else. I assume the answer is no but it never hurts to ask.
  7. Fizz_war

    the mighty jingles lies!

    He doesn't lie, he's just frequently mistaken. Kinda like those who say CVs are not a problem...
  8. Fizz_war

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I won't pretend to have the answers or data - what I do know is that the angst about CVs is widespread and I share it. I simply don't like what has happened to the game with the changes. Perhaps thats a bit weak - I REALLY don't like the changes - at all. Don't try to analyze this - its not about that. Its simply that it made a huge change to the game that a large group doesn't like. At core, its a strong preference. Its like not enjoying eating some particular food. Its a game - what more feedback is really needed?
  9. While you have a point, and I agree with you, WG doesn't care - its all about being able to sell more premiums to the whales (chumps). Our only hope is that they will nerf them hard once they've completed milking the whales (again). If they don't, I expect a slow death as people get fed up with the CV current nonsense.
  10. Fizz_war

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    I don't think this is true. Need to keep up the pressure on WG. The poll shows that over half the playerbase really hates the effect CVs now have on the game. I imagine its even worse with more than one per side.
  11. Fizz_war

    CV class is being deleted

    And to be fair, that is YOUR opinion and plenty of people really, really dislike playing with CV's, particularly more than one per side. My personal solution is to YOLO if there is more than one per side and die as quick as I can.
  12. Fizz_war

    3 carriers on a team is to much

    I've just had five games in a row with two CVs per side. I bailed in frustration more than once and now am limited to co-op. Probably not a bad thing as its making it easier and easier to decide to just uninstall and forget this s***show. Thanks WG!
  13. Fizz_war

    CV Game Question: Relative to what

    This. I just got four games in a row with four CVs. My policy now is to exit to port on every one that has more than one per side.
  14. Fizz_war

    So Long and thanks for all the fish..

    Sadly I think this will prove correct. They are really being hard headed in the rush to cash in on the CV bundles. Short sighted imo, but its their game to mess up.