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  1. Lexstrong


    WarGaming you need to make a new combat mode and put your patch 8.0.X there. And name it ShitHshow and anyone that wants to be involved with your ShitHshow can click the Shithshow button. Then the rest of us can go back to having fun like the game was way back in 1/28/19
  2. Lexstrong

    Staying Positive in World of Warships

    I love it when the people who ate the tainted bread are attacked because they are complaining. But the people that designed the tainted bread then made it. And then removed the old bread with no other options other then go starve if you don't like it. Those people get a pass and even praise for being bold and communicating during their self made fiasco. The apology tour for Wargaming needs to stop they did this to themselves and I am going to have fun watching it all burn down.
  3. Lexstrong


    They are two different teams in the same building using the same game engine funded bye the same people making the same game. So I say to you again, do you REALLY think that they will not share the data with the other team ? Or do you really think that they will do a cluster hump release with hot fixes and endless patches when they drop the game on console? If they do the game will be doomed ..
  4. Lexstrong


    There My point is made on critical thinking! So you are saying they will release a broken game again because " We can't get Data on the PTR" instead of using the data we are giving them for free right now? P.T. Barnum "there is a sucker born every minute"
  5. Lexstrong


    So you are saying once the console version is released the will do a other 1 month of testing and balancing for the game live? Of coarse not the testing we are doing is for both versions. And if Wargaming tried to release a beta test onto console untested like they did to the PC community . It would be the last console game they ever made. Not critical thinking being used in this thread. But people want the CV's to work so bad the cant see the truth
  6. Lexstrong


    If the bottom said -25 doubloons for no CV I would click it every time . I am tired of testing their game for the PS 4 people. I just bought New Dawn and Exodus and I will be no be playing against CV's . I bought 2 real games (that has already been tested) for the price of that stupid Pan Asian cruised deal. I am glad they released 8.0 it is already saving me money.
  7. Lexstrong

    Let’s hash this out what buffs to fit tier 6

    -20 repair cost and +100 commander exp camo for the people that keep it. And make the camo unique looking from the GC that get purchased after 8.1
  8. You are absolutely correct ! They are a free to play game and now I will treat them like it. No money!!
  9. Move .2 sigma from the GC and give it to the Roma.....dam I just fixed 2 ships bye moving 1 number...But to be honest I don't want the GC to change but we know we have no choice. I feel like I wasted over $200 on black Friday and Christmas craponce they released 8.0 completely broken .
  10. The player base has spoken.... CV's are the Krasny Krym class now. They're in game and you can play them if you Want . But they look better in port....
  11. I was lucky to have off from work today and was looking for some game time in..I check into Reddit early this morning saw the player base in a uproar. Came here to forums right after and been having a better time then I would have logging in to be a air target for a long drawn out boring random match
  12. Lexstrong

    About the CV rework

    I just finished a few random battles and have concluded 8.0 is utter trash. 3 Cv's per side with no one going after objectives and you wait your turn as a target for Cv's to take turns striking you. People spinning in circles others AFK in cruise control farming resources . And in all 3 matches the last 3 ships left are CV's . Random battles are a crapshow and to be avoided if you care about your win rate/ For me I just downloaded a few games from Steam to tide me over until the remove air cancer like the should have from the beginning.
  13. Lexstrong

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    In the first scenario you have a choice to play the game that you payed premium time to play or help test for free. In the second scenario you have no choice and now your paying to test. And you tell them to jam it . It all comes down to choices..2000 dublooms I would have gave them at least 4 hours of testing on the PTR with a smile and said screw grinding legendary s.
  14. Lexstrong

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    "You are right in many things, but not about the player's perceptions of the rework. Social Media is very easy to be manipulated by vocal minority with strong feelings. Keep the silent majority in mind. Fortunately, we have ways to collect unbiased feedback and see the objective breakdown of opinions from those who actually played the test of new concept. We are confident that the rework in current condition has positive reception by most players, who tried it themselves. " This is from a developer in a question and answer thread. So putting feed back at all here is a waste of time. And that is disappointing to say the least. I diverted my opinions to their youtube video's so there potential costumers can be alerted of controversial aspects of the game the might want to join or rejoin.