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  1. Please leave karma. It is the only way beside Team killing that I can get back at the asshatts that bring CV's to a match
  2. Lexstrong

    T8 CV is unplayable in T10 match

    That CV wasn't made to go up against t-10 ships, Its sole job was to take naive CV player money and it seems to be working good , they got this clown.
  3. Lexstrong

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    I am happy That WG is ripping the CV players off with this sub par CV. That is what the rework was for to fleece these people out of more money.
  4. Lexstrong

    People intentionally losing 1v1 ranked sprint

    WG deserved this because of there shady practices. That is why I was AFK'ing that and the fact I made 35 million credits and over100k free xp and 200k commander xp in 2 to 3 hours.It is far the best way to grind all of these resources. Why I was playing Outer Worlds on the other screen and watch youtube videos. For all the people with a stick up there [butts ]complaining they are getting free wins. You guys are Wargamings [Bitchhs], they screw you over on overpriced events and [crappy] reworks. And like a bunch of Cucks you turn over the people that are getting screwed like you. The thing is wargaming will not do anything about it. they can't even fix there game, And there are too busy trying to screw you out of money to care about there ranked events.
  5. Lexstrong

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    When they rework consumables the Jean Bart will get a stealth nerf to his one trick gimmick . And I bet you won't hear a peep from the overseer's
  6. It doesn't matter what talent you take . You have a month or two before it does. and if you do pick talents the might be useless next week. What I did was just not use more than 10 points with my commanders most commander I leave the points unused because the ship is now useless(my t-8 and 10 ships). And unless it is a artillery ship[ I leave the aa slot module empty. No use wasting credits and really money switching that stuff back and forth during this forced testing.......
  7. Lexstrong


    WarGaming you need to make a new combat mode and put your patch 8.0.X there. And name it ShitHshow and anyone that wants to be involved with your ShitHshow can click the Shithshow button. Then the rest of us can go back to having fun like the game was way back in 1/28/19
  8. Lexstrong

    Staying Positive in World of Warships

    I love it when the people who ate the tainted bread are attacked because they are complaining. But the people that designed the tainted bread then made it. And then removed the old bread with no other options other then go starve if you don't like it. Those people get a pass and even praise for being bold and communicating during their self made fiasco. The apology tour for Wargaming needs to stop they did this to themselves and I am going to have fun watching it all burn down.
  9. Lexstrong


    They are two different teams in the same building using the same game engine funded bye the same people making the same game. So I say to you again, do you REALLY think that they will not share the data with the other team ? Or do you really think that they will do a cluster hump release with hot fixes and endless patches when they drop the game on console? If they do the game will be doomed ..
  10. Lexstrong


    There My point is made on critical thinking! So you are saying they will release a broken game again because " We can't get Data on the PTR" instead of using the data we are giving them for free right now? P.T. Barnum "there is a sucker born every minute"
  11. Lexstrong


    So you are saying once the console version is released the will do a other 1 month of testing and balancing for the game live? Of coarse not the testing we are doing is for both versions. And if Wargaming tried to release a beta test onto console untested like they did to the PC community . It would be the last console game they ever made. Not critical thinking being used in this thread. But people want the CV's to work so bad the cant see the truth
  12. Lexstrong


    If the bottom said -25 doubloons for no CV I would click it every time . I am tired of testing their game for the PS 4 people. I just bought New Dawn and Exodus and I will be no be playing against CV's . I bought 2 real games (that has already been tested) for the price of that stupid Pan Asian cruised deal. I am glad they released 8.0 it is already saving me money.
  13. Lexstrong

    Let’s hash this out what buffs to fit tier 6

    -20 repair cost and +100 commander exp camo for the people that keep it. And make the camo unique looking from the GC that get purchased after 8.1