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  1. What is WG trying to tell us?

    Shouldn't there be one for CVs also?
  2. Can't post a screenshot, but here is a link to the RN rules. About 4/5 way down there is a guineas section. Right above that is a note specifying that sovereigns would be exchanged for credits 1:25K. In the guineas section, it also states that unspent guineas would be converted to credits, but no ratio is listed. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/royal-navy/
  3. So I bought the 10 guineas. Extra guineas will convert to credits. @Kizarvexis does anyone know the ratio of guineas to credits (I saw that sovereigns was 1:25K)
  4. DD builds for Dynamo

    For this mission, I find that I am a lot closer to fast moving torp boats. Thus, I need to have faster turret rotation to keep up. This build is specific to this mission.
  5. DD builds for Dynamo

    I would recommend going with the Sims. Consummables: Premium smoke, and premium DFAA Ship upgrades: MAM-1, Prop-1, AA Guns-2, Prop-2 Captain skills: PM, LS, BFT, AFT, EM, AR, EM, AR, SI, JoaT
  6. Rewards for PTS 7.9 are now available: https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/
  7. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Still trying to get the feel of the Moskva. Sometimes it will do great, others I get rekk'd early. This was one of the former types. This was one of those rare games without any BBs or CVs, so couldn't farm damage, but did over half damage to 2 cruisers and just short of half to a destroyer.

    Spring camo gives 777% bonus (Pi is 314%, and Gamescon 2018 is 300%) NOTE type 59 only gives 200% (XP) Ouroboros gives 777%, Red Dragon gives 100% (XP) PapaPapa give 300%, Hydra gives 250%+50% XP, and Leviathan gives 200%+50%XP
  9. Your favorite Western

    Hell on Wheels Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. James Arness Unforgiven Silverado Sam Elliott Alan Rickman (Quigley Down Under)
  10. No, @CSSHLHunley picked up a GC:
  11. Anniversary Supercontainer Roll Call

    FWIW, @bubbleboy264 started this thread earlier: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/169957-anniversary-supercontainers/
  12. nevermind

    Surprised no one is complaining that 3x333,333 is only 999,999 credits (not the "advertised 1,000,000.)
  13. Thanks @warheart. I guess WG heard us. +1
  14. Helena Looks Great in Her New Camo

    FWIW, it is 250, 500, then 1000 base XP for the first chain, and 1100-1200-1300 for the second chain. The 1000 base XP, in the first chain, and the XP for the second chain only count if you win IIFC.
  15. Day 1 to 7 reward

    The ship bonus would go to the ship that "earned" the reward when you hit the threshold.