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  1. Thanks for this contest, Fem.
  2. HamptonRoads

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    The information on the Hill in the wiki is missing.
  3. HamptonRoads

    WINNERS - Battle of the Philippine Sea

    The naval aviation containers have a (very small) chance of having a premium CV.
  4. HamptonRoads

    WINNERS - Battle of the Philippine Sea

    New Orleans is a tier 7 USN cruiser. If you are certain that you opted in, and got the requisite points during the timeframe, file a ticket with support.
  5. HamptonRoads

    Post "Victory!" Competition Stats and Results!

    Nearly even split between Honor and Glory. The one heroic achievement was a Dreadnaught for last week's Dread the naught contest
  6. HamptonRoads

    Looking for advice on premium ship for PVE

    Since you have posted this on the PVE sub-forum, I will limit my comments to co-op/operations gameplay. Also, given your preferences and low battle count, I will further limit this to USN, and KM cruisers and battleships tiers 4-7. USN battleships are Texas, Arizona, and West Virginia. The biggest issue with USN battleships in PVE is speed. Texas might be a good choice when it is top tier, but when bottom tier you will be watching your fellow captains sink the red bots, and hope that they mess up (severely) and leave you something to shoot. Arizona and West Virginia have similar issues, but their saving grace is that they can be used in operations, but even in operations I would prefer the Colorado. In short, I would not recommend any of the USN BBs for you. On the USN cruiser side there are: Marblehead (Lima,) Atlanta, Boise, and Indianapolis. Of these the Marblehead is a variant of the Omaha, so if you really liked the Omaha this is a great choice. The downside is that you will be up-tiered frequently. This does have the advantage of additional rewards and really teaches you how to play cruisers, because if you make a mistake you are going to pay. The Atlanta and Boise are solid choices. Indianapolis is a good USN heavy cruiser, but Boise is a better choice for a newer player because of her heal. Atlanta is a solid choice if you like spewing HE. It will teach you how to play light cruisers (angle, use cover.) Boise, is more middle-of-the-road cruiser. Boise will teach proper ammunition selection and how to run a cruiser, and because of the repair party, you often get a second chance if you make a mistake. You could also use Boise in a pinch to re-train battleship captains, since many of your battleship captain skills will work on her. On the KM (German) cruiser side there is the Graf Spee. The Graf Spee has big guns. She is a battlecruiser and plays more like a battleship than a cruiser. At tier 6 you can also use her in operations KM battleships are: Prinz Eitel Frederich (t6,) and Scharnhorst (t7.) You could use either of these in operations. Given a choice I would prefer Graf Spee over PEF at t6, and Scharnhorst at t7, and of these 2 I would go with the Scharnhorst. TL,DR: on the USN side I would recommend Atlanta if you like to pew-pew HE, or the Boise which is a more well-rounded ship. On the KM side I would go with the Sharnhorst.
  7. HamptonRoads

    Who have you seen in game

    Just finished a game with @Final8ty. I was in a Boise, he was in a Kitakaze. We had a solid team that really worked well together.
  8. HamptonRoads

    Dread the Nought - 17th - 24th

    This wasn't pretty, but when bottom tiered your main priority is staying alive (mission accomplished.)
  9. HamptonRoads

    8.6 CV's in Co-op - Preliminary Information

    Looking forward to seeing red CVs in co-op again
  10. HamptonRoads

    Ship View Carousel - Ships without Elite Status

    ^^ This. Uncheck the "ships with captains box"
  11. HamptonRoads

    The most you had to play to 'unpink'?

    Since the "unsportsmanlike conduct" re-work: 3 games. Prior to this I was pink for 7 games (this was a 5 game penalty* that got extended 2 games for not reaching a damage threshold for the game to count.) *- 5 game penalty was the standard
  12. HamptonRoads

    Be the first kid on your block to get one!!

    @Slammer58 posted this a couple of hours ago.
  13. HamptonRoads

    With This One Easy Trick DDs Will Fear You

    You have taken the first step toward unlocking your true potential @SansPeur If you don't believe me...
  14. HamptonRoads

    IJN bb secondaries in co-op

    Secondary builds can be really good. Not necessarily because of the brawling style that you mentioned, but with the higher number of DDs in the games you really need some sort of point defense to help protect you. Below are 2 games with a secondary spec'd Yamato. These are 2 games that I played just now to illustrate how effective they can be (i.e. these are not cherry picked games, check the time stamps) The second game is a bit more of classic match-making (i.e. fewer DDs, but of the 34 secondary hits, one of them sank a DD.) One thing to note: You still need to know how to use you main guns. They will still give you the majority of your damage. Secondaries are literally that: secondary. In both of the above, secondary hits accounted for less than 25% of the total damage (including fire damage.)
  15. HamptonRoads

    PSA: There is an actual ammunition limit!!!

    Could be worse: A Worcester having to rely on secondaries