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  1. HamptonRoads

    Just saw this in the PTS news post...

    This is why we need a forum. Many people wouldn't have noticed this tidbit, but now there is a lot more awareness.
  2. HamptonRoads

    End of the Forum

  3. I looked at the mission and decided that it was too much work for ONE container. If you manage to make it through to the end my hat's off to you: BZ.
  4. HamptonRoads

    Blind Fire FTW

    Well played.
  5. I wouldn't have a problem with AA and secondary weapons with some degradation (although DP guns might be questionable.) Torpedo launchers might be a bit much.
  6. HamptonRoads

    Matches ending.

    I'm thinking this. A replay of the last few seconds could confirm this.
  7. HamptonRoads

    Monthly Container Day

    Not too terrible:
  8. HamptonRoads

    Weekend Spree - 21-23 July 2023

    Did some yard work, and some other household chores. I did get a couple of really nice CM battles in. The best so far was in an Almirante Grau (86 a/c downed, sunk a CV, and had 2650 BXP.)
  9. HamptonRoads

    Torps on BBs

    Mutsu had limited torpedo arcs, and Kii would have had similar torpedoes, but was cancelled early during construction.
  10. HamptonRoads

    New Depth Charges...

    That is very impressive both the resilience of the ship, and the concussion of the explosion. Thanks @Efros for sharing.
  11. HamptonRoads

    Latern lights

    The blurb says that they prepared a chain to celebrate the Japanese Obon Festival. A quick google search found that the Obon Festival runs from Aug 13-16.
  12. HamptonRoads

    Latern lights

    The Obon Festival starts on Aug 13 and goes until Aug 16. So, it will likely start about a week before the next patch.
  13. It was the same in the PTS, so it seems to be a "feature" of MM in the mode.
  14. I suspect that if nothing else, she'll be available in Christmas boxes.
  15. HamptonRoads

    Please Bring Back Asymmetrical Battles

    Operations are a good venue for brawlers, not the same level as ABs but still fun. ABs were mostly secondary spec'd BBs, I found fun with AA-spec'd BBs and CAs. In AB you looked back at how many secondary hit ribbons you got, in CM I see how many plane kills I racked up.