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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    @Blorgh2017, well said. I highlighted the point about spotting while in smoke, because a lot of DD skippers forget about this. I have been sunk from invisi-fire numerous times because someone popped smoke, and didn't spot the red ships. One of the reasons I like KM DDs is because they have hydro that allows me to stay in smoke and still spot for the team. Let me add this about DD play in co-op: The red fleet knows where you are and will try to hunt you down. If you are the only green DD, expect 5-6 red ships to be heading toward you at the start of the game. If there are 2-3 DDs on your side, expect 2-3 red ships to be heading toward each. If there are multiple DDs, if they cluster up, expect the bulk of the red fleet to show up. I need to stress this because if 2 or more DDs are trying to cap one area, they need to have a lot of support (unless the 2 DDs captains are Unicom players that can handle 5-6 red ships.)
  2. The non-battleship prices are discounted because of your clan.
  3. The Split credit reward?

    Those are the base costs for those ships. You need to add in the cost of the B-hull, improved FDC, and new guns. I don't have the data on the new ship upgrades (i.e. which upgrades go on each ship,) but if I recall some of the new heavy cruisers don't have a gun upgrade.
  4. time needed to grind to baltimore

    In all likelihood 7.5 will drop next Wednesday since WG is finalizing testing this weekend. As Patton5150 mentioned, you won't get 2 tier 9 ships, but you will get the tier 8 Baltimore, plus additional credits equal to the value of the tier 8 Baltimore if you have both the current tier 9 Baltimore, and tier 8 New Orleans.
  5. Copied this from excerpt Gneisenau013's announcement above: Cleveland If you researched the Tier VI cruiser Cleveland, you will get a researched Tier VI cruiser Pensacola and Tier VIII cruiser Cleveland. Tier VI cruiser Pensacola will come with the same researched modules as the ones researched on Cleveland. On the Tier VIII cruiser Cleveland, only stock modules will be researched. Players that already have the Tier VI cruiser Cleveland get: The Tier VI cruiser Pensacola (in the same build as Cleveland). All commanders and XP earned with cruiser Cleveland will be transferred to the Tier VI cruiser Pensacola. Also, players get the Tier VIII cruiser Cleveland in stock build and a Commander with 8 skill points for the ship. Camouflages: If you have the standard permanent camouflage for Cleveland, you get the standard permanent camouflage for the Tier VI cruiser Pensacola and the standard permanent camouflage for the Tier VIII cruiser Cleveland. If you already have any of the permanent camouflages, your duplicate will be exchanged for a refund in credits in the amount equivalent to its cost in Doubloons. If you have the New Year permanent camouflage for Cleveland, you get the New Year permanent camouflage for the Tier VIII cruiser Cleveland only.
  6. You will also receive a t-6 Pensacola. If you can afford 1000 doubloons, I would suggest that you invest in permanent camo for the Cleveland. You will receive permanent camouflages for both Pensacola, and Cleveland. Edit: @Lert I thought that you get the P-cola, not the Dallas
  7. Good catch. Although trying to put a team together for that op seems more work than just taking out the Richie/Gascogne into co-op three or four times.
  8. Final leg has to be tier8+ ship, so no to operations and OkRev. I'll probably use Des Moines (for the modules) and GZ for the secondary hits.
  9. I would seriously consider buying a Tirpitz.
  10. Draws in co-op are not uncommon. They typically happen when all of the human players get eliminated and head back to port. Rather than have the bots engage until one side or the other is eliminated, the game ends in a draw when there are no human players in the game (this includes dead spectators.)
  11. Cant register for PT

    To clarify, you have a registered account on the PTS, and are unable to log in? If this is the case, submit a ticket. If you have not created an account on the PTS, you need to do so before you can access it.
  12. US Cruiser commanders??

    @IronMike11B4O This is currently being discussed here:
  13. @Kizarvexis, Thanks I wondered why the extra steps of sending the captain to the reserve and replacing him.
  14. So what would happen if you took your current New Orleans captain, and moved him to the Pensacola just before the split? Would it become re-trained in the New Orleans (tech7?)
  15. Sad day today o(╥﹏╥)o

    @BrushWolf, @jackieyjy you're in luck (sort of.) Jack Dunkirk, and Viktor Znamesky have identical twin brothers that will be available some time in the future. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-0741/ Edit: Ninja'd by BrushWolf