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  1. HamptonRoads

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    150K damage with a Helena... but this
  2. HamptonRoads

    You can own a piece of the Tirpitz

    Not sure that I can afford to get one (741.75 USD on Amazon,) but this is still very cool. +1 for posting this
  3. HamptonRoads

    opinions of defense of naval station

    @Lightninger has a detailed breakdown of this op: The real keys are to have players that know (or that will follow advise if they don't know) how to defend the base to prevent a breech of the perimeter before the time. This requires players to keep on the move and dispatch ships quickly. Teams that can't shoot and maneuver will probably lose stars, and possibly the main objective. If they can prevent the enemy from breeching the perimeter in the time limit, that team is suitably proficient enough to deal with killing the remaining ships that come in the last couple of waves.
  4. HamptonRoads

    Karma Question

    Here is a cut-paste from the update notes of 5.2 (this seems to be the most recent update regarding Karma distribution): Karma System Karma is calculated as the difference between the number of compliments and reports received, and may not be less than zero. Karma is displayed by the player's nickname. It is prohibited to compliment and report players within the same Division. If a player is complimented or reported, a system message appears after a battle. The system message for reports will be displayed only if a player has been reported by at least two players. The system message for compliments will show the specific number of people who complimented you (without specifying their nicknames, however). In short, you get +1 Karma point for every compliment from a different player/division from a given battle. You also get a notification of the gain. You lose one Karma point for every "reports" from different player/division, but only get a notification of Karma loss if you lose 2 or more negative reports.
  5. HamptonRoads

    Collector's Club

    Check this thread:
  6. HamptonRoads

    What am I looking at?

    One possibility is that since this person has Boise, that they played scenarios exclusively and then converted all of the XP to get the Helena.
  7. HamptonRoads

    Lunar New Year event.

    The next directive for the British heavy cruisers starts early Monday morning. While it is uncommon for TPTB to drop information over the weekend, it isn't a certainty. @Femennenly can we please get an update, or an ETA for when we are going to get some information regarding the LNY ships.
  8. HamptonRoads

    Albemarle in Co-op

    @AdmiralThunder has been running her. His overall impression is mixed:
  9. HamptonRoads

    Did not get all containers

    You got one crate with doubloons (1000), one crate with coal (7500), two crates with NY camo (2x12 each=24), three crates of frosty fir camo (3x12 each=36) and one crate of leviathan flags. That's eight in total.
  10. HamptonRoads

    Research Bureau x2 resetting

    @BarneyStyle is correct. Here is a link for you: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/research-bureau/
  11. HamptonRoads

    They still have WG Texas challenge coins available

    I must have ordered this right after you. I got #76
  12. HamptonRoads

    Why Can't I Access The New Year Event?

    Please read @Femennenly's post right before your last post. The directives for the Gorizia (and Puerto Rico) ended early this morning (January 13.) The January 15th "extension" only applies to the personal missions for anyone that own the Gorizia.
  13. HamptonRoads

    Looking to get some premiums ships for Co-op, thoughts?

    I don't have access to the game client, so I can't see which ships are in the Armory. But a couple of alternate choices are Atlanta, Monaghan and Scharnhorst. These can also be used in Operations.
  14. HamptonRoads

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm back. Six kills, and an evil amount of XP:
  15. HamptonRoads

    Hindenburg: Unique (Legendary) Upgrade? (Cannot Find)

    Check your personal mission folder. It should be in there.