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  1. HamptonRoads

    Nautical Tunes

  2. HamptonRoads

    Using Paint, camouflage??

    Melting paint sounds like Salvador Dali
  3. To be fair, attack aircraft upgrades should be swapped out for free.
  4. HamptonRoads

    Forum Game - Word Association

    blooming onion
  5. HamptonRoads

    Best Oklahoma Kill ever

    Fail division is possible. Might be even more appropriate if the OK divisioned with an AZ.
  6. HamptonRoads

    Grand Battles?

    You start with 19, and get 3 each day, in addition playing a Grand Battle in anything other than a super-BB will earn 3 Intelligence Reports. It costs 14 reports to play a super-BB, so you can start off playing one, you'll just need to play something other than a super-BB a couple of times to earn enough reports to play one again.
  7. HamptonRoads

    PSA: Prime Gaming Free T4 Dutch Cruiser Claim Now.

    Thanks for the PSA, but the News-bot posted this earlier. Quite a lively discussion:
  8. HamptonRoads

    Grand Battle mode not working

    Try to pull up the World of Warships splash page and then log in. The time you can log in should be listed there. Grand Battle | World of Warships
  9. HamptonRoads

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter

    I claimed her. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of angst from people wanting compensation when the early access event drops.
  10. HamptonRoads

    Grand Battle mode not working

    Did you check your timing? WG might think you're in a different time zone.
  11. HamptonRoads

    Grand Battle mode not working

    It is only active during certain times. Check your time of availability.
  12. HamptonRoads

    Forum Game - Word Association

  13. Guns-100% will shoot. Torps is situational -- if it is a long range shot probably not, close range and only one friendly in the line, probably yes.
  14. HamptonRoads

    Summer Battles Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I re-grinded the Colorado, too (I've still got over 200K XP on her.) About 80% of the time is was sheer drudgery, about 15% was okay, and maybe 5% was fun. I think New Mexico was more fun than CO. Yes, the mission is easy. --and yes, I'll get it and mount it. But it will be a pretty port queen until snowflake events.
  15. HamptonRoads

    Forum Game - Word Association