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  1. Here are the mission requirements: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/pa-dd-2-the-bone/#3
  2. I was in a co-op game a couple of weeks ago, and a dead player was "coaching" everyone. He starts ragging on one skipper. Finally, he says, "You suck so badly, you should quit and uninstall the game." It took me several minutes before I convinced the guy that he was insulting an AI bot.
  3. The only thing from scenario operations that are tracked are your achievements, and progress towards reaching an achievement (e.g. Weather Beaten: successfully complete 50 operations.) To your original query: Try running a stock ship (no upgrades, camo, flags) with a 1-point captain.
  4. You need to do 35K damage with main batteries AND 15K fire damage. I see that 34K of your 62686 total damage was fire, meaning that you did less than 28K with your main guns alone.
  5. The OP was to list the best BB for operations, including premiums. Mutsu is a premium BB (albeit, currently not for sale, but it will come around again.) That said, SgtBeltfed above gave a good list. I'd like to add that Dunkerque does well in Defense of Naval Station Newport since ALL of its firepower can be brought to bear without exposing your broadside. If you stay between the islands (like you should) you won't have to worry about your flanks. I also like to run a secondary spec'd Bayern for most of the operations, especially Aegis, and Raptor Rescue.
  6. I was looking at the notice on the splash page, sorry. It looks like you just buy a tier 8 ship and you get the discount. EDIT: Ninja'd by Kizarvexis
  7. There is nothing in the bundle that say anything about a coupon. Did you win the battle? Requirements for the bonus XP are to win a battle.
  8. I think the requirement is tier 9-10 cruiser.
  9. The latter (done in one battle.)
  10. You get 5 random cash containers, 5 random camo/signal containers, 5 random consummable containers, and 1 supercontainer. So your math is correct. You don't get to pick.
  11. This weekend.
  12. Keep in mind that this is the average of all of the games played with these ships. A stock Iowa (or Izumo) is definitely inferior to a "stock" Missouri. So initially you're going to see a huge disparity in performance, by the time the player has gotten all of the upgrades the performance numbers should become close to parity with the MO. edit: Ninja'd by AJP89
  13. Theoretically, the ship could have had Survival Expert skill which would have given an extra 3500 HP. Repair is the more likely answer.
  14. I believe the text reads " Special ships are not allowed to participate in Random Battles." This is correct. The Cyclone, and Anthony can only be used in Operation: Dynamo.
  15. I thought the OP was referring to the French captain that you get when you get 4 stars from the Operation Dynamo scenario (given the context of the OP,) not the British captain for completing the Dunkirk collection. But yes, Jack Dunkirk can only be used on UK ships.