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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Yes, it was fun and engaging. Probably the main reason I scored so high (I was the only captain trying to win.)
  2. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Had this game last night. I've had 200K damage games before, but this is the first time I broke 1000 base XP (previous high was around 940.)
  3. I think that you got this for voting/participating in the build me a fleet contest.
  4. Atlantis

    --and a German cruiser: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_auxiliary_cruiser_Atlantis
  5. Elite Captain's EXP.

    I have never received Elite XP, but have received Free XP. FXP is more utilitarian, which would make it a better reward than Elite XP.
  6. PvE clan logo poll

    Is that a toaster? +1
  7. Actually most of these places you can, now. I took the "full steam ahead" tour back in December, and most of the places shown on the video were accessible. Some areas (like the turrets) were closed off, but you could still look/photograph inside of them. The Full Steam Ahead tour is only available on the weekends, and costs a little more than the basic tour, but is well worth it.
  8. Is there any way to get the missouri by paying?

    You only need to research all modules, plus the next ship in tier (except tier 10, of course) for a ship to have elite status. You don't have to purchase them. The key point is that you are spending ship XP, and not credits.
  9. Yamato Collection

    Not aware of any limits on duplicates. Just remember that collection pieces are randomly distributed with containers, so you could go days without seeing one in your containers. It's all RNG.
  10. Flags not crediting to score

    Unless my math is wrong, everything looks fine. You're running Zulu Hotel (+50% Commander XP) and Papa Papa (+300% Free XP) signals (no Ouroboros.) The Papa Papa numbers aren't being displayed but the end total is correct.
  11. Yesterday was standard 50% first win, not 100%. To be more accurate the mission was not available until after the expiration of the weekend bonus.
  12. Achievement for North Cape?

    There are medals for both the Battle of North Cape and New Year's Raid campaigns (and "with Honors" medals, if you complete all of the tasks for the respective campaigns.)
  13. Missions are not working properly

    You need to hit the main turret 3x in the same game. Yes, I know that isn't what the mission says, but that is apparently what WG meant.
  14. public test problems

    The test server closed at 5:00 AM (PST.) Were you trying to log in prior to that?
  15. WG released the Ashitaka one hour before midnight (Pacific Time) on November 30th. So, there is still a slim chance we'll see her.