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  1. angel507_invader

    Mod station

    I tried , several times didnt work
  2. angel507_invader

    Mod station

    My mod station isnt wotking it doesnt update it self , i try unistalling and installing it again , what should i do?
  3. angel507_invader

    Smolensk vs stalingrad

    If they said "we are going to pull out smolensk " im gonna buy her , but ill stick to stalin at the moment
  4. angel507_invader

    Smolensk vs stalingrad

    I need some feedback , what are the pros and cons from stalingrad and smolensk . Whos better? What should i pick? Pd: I dont the enough resource to buy both
  5. angel507_invader

    Add shinano

    It would be good if you (wg) could add shinano as a t10 premium cv
  6. Hi , im here to complain about graff dive bomber pattern , this is the worst pattern i ever seeing, most of the time the bombs ricochets or hit the water . If you re a dev of someone who knows a dev tell them that graff need to be fix in her drop pattern .