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  1. Judith_Chase

    Armory says I have the Soviet Squadron bundle....

    I have the same problem sent them a ticket . they said I wasn't charged for it thank the Gods . it is kind of odd of them to make it so confusing for us.
  2. Judith_Chase

    New NA Community Manager :)

    welcome to our community !
  3. Judith_Chase

    ST, changes to test ships

    wows needs to buff the secondaries on the USS California the nerf to her main battery guns gives them every reason to buff them as to give her more fire power at close range and the people at the wows home office need to face the hard facts a ship that does 20KNOTS will be chased down and needs all the help she can get in knife fight
  4. Judith_Chase

    Tired of paper ships

    I hope we see more ships that really existed in game . their are only so many ships they really built so im hoping we see them come in slowly . after all I enjoy having the modles to look at in port and in game.
  5. Judith_Chase

    Dockyard is coming back!

    so long as we are not going blind trying to finish the new ship ill be happy . I finished the PR and didn't get to enjoy any time with my family last year . so heres to hoping wows has learned their lesson this year
  6. Judith_Chase


    I have not only had trouble with the armory I have had trouble with the inventory or even logging on to the forum from my PC. The game works on my PC just fine . It's the other features having a fit . I hope they come out with a hot patch soon
  7. Judith_Chase


    be nice if wows would crapand get of the can all ready . she should be a tier seven USN free EXP BB or coal ship .
  8. frankly people forget CC such as Notser and IChase openly said before the PR missions got released that they thought the PR should be locked behind a steel wall . im not saying COMPLETE THE MISSIONS wasn't hard . I manage to finish her for free , thing is a got migraines and blurred vision trying to finish this thing the grind was far too long. this I agree with every body on . thing is the CCs wanted this ship locked behind a steel wall so it in fact is much stronger than they are letting on .
  9. Judith_Chase

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    over all the dockyard is good idea, they simply screwed the pooch in the way they implemented the idea. dam shame they screwed up so bad. I would loved ,to have seen a historic ship built in game this way something like the Derffflinge from WW1 not the WW2 ship. perhaps the West Virginia 1944 , the USS Washington exc. something between tier 5-8 that is historic I must repeat . so as wows will with luck understand . we have to many paper ships in game for my taste and many others
  10. I hope we can keep the dockyard for future events . thing next time I hope its a real historic ship , the ship isn't above tier 9 with seven or 8 being preferred , the grind isn't the grind of doom . hell a tier 5 or 6 historic ship earned this way would be cool so long as it was historic in nature . we all have ships we would love to see in game. I for one would love to see the USS West Virginia 1944 added this way or the SMS Derflinger class battle cruisers , of WW 1 even though the Derfflinger would be a tier 5 ship. of cource one of the other Lowa class BBs would be great perhaps the Wisconsin exc. at any event the idea is sound . the timing and way it was executed was poorly timed and too grindy for many of our taste
  11. I must say I now find the rank sprint to be fun . at first I my thoughts where it would be fun . After my family and friends talked me into trying out , I now feel it is great idea. hope we get it again soon . I also hope we see the dockyard again . the only thing I hope next time its a tier seven or 8 ship and the grind isn't so bad. other than the grind and timing it is a great idea as we"ll.
  12. Judith_Chase

    Viribus Unitis

    the ships main guns are just fine as for angle if u place your nose almost strait at the enemy with some wingleing she bow tanks just fine . the problem with that is the upper deck secondaries don't work and her side mounted ones cant fire . after all that's why the smaller ones where in stalled by the Austrains in the first place to fix this defected. if wows would place these into working order she would be good . of course even if they really didn't in real life these should be made to be duel purpose mounts to buff her AA defenses as we"ll .
  13. ill skip this one wows . I can see it now BB verse DD get back side slapped pull my hair out even more than the PR grind is making me do all ready . no thanks .
  14. Judith_Chase

    How WG could 'Hotfix' the PR event.

    they could make it so we could use free EXP coal and a small amount of steel to speed construction along for this ship just my two cents
  15. Judith_Chase

    Puerto Rico Solutions

    wows should allow us to use coal and some steel to speed construction along . simple fix to this problem it would make it fair to every body involved in my mind