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  1. Judith_Chase

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    It’s Friday and grand battles aren’t working what’s going on ?
  2. Judith_Chase

    Grand Battle Problem

    Wondering the same thing my self . I just used my intelligence reports to play Hannover , now it says I can’t play . Kind of makes me mad . I really wanted to seal club the seal clubers again . 😂
  3. hope like hades we see this happen . also hope like hades wows removes air strikes from Dutch heavy and supper heavy cruisers
  4. Judith_Chase

    Update 0.10.5, balance changes

    given the poopy pen of Hyuga main battery she didn't need a even this small nerf . wows people don't pay for ships so u can go back in and take a piss on them once purchased . this kind of thing is simply sh.. customer serves . if you are going to make my reload longer how about buffing her pen .
  5. Judith_Chase


    already having CCS talk trash to the player base as they use air strike to stove our faces in using air strike . enough ! wows most of us would play call of duty , if we wanted to deal with air strikes etc. ships that do not have flat tops should not have air strike abilities of any kind . leave cv works to cvs and battle carriers. not that you will hear our words to wows our words are as so much dust in the wind .
  6. the fix to dead is in fact to leave it as is its great skill for BBs that are not close quarters fighters . the real way to handles this is for wows to put on their big boys pants and buff secondary's BBs Accuracy to once again to a respectable level . while they are at it Ohio needs her secondary's range increased to match German and French BBs . they could also give the same accuracy buff to secondary's that the Germans got to French BBs . that way the cruiser would have their close in fire support back . way to often the players base and wows have had a knee jerk reactions and go the wrong way . the way to get players to build into secondary's is to buff them enough in accuracy to make them a great choice for those ships that should be in the think of the action clearing the way through enemy lines . Any ships that gets into secondary range of a secondary BBs should get punished . that is part of the fun leading the Attack . Sadly at the moment secondary's are joke if you get into close you only get blasted to rags . Ps wows these complains are what you get for listening to much to certain CCs .
  7. Judith_Chase

    Update 0.10.1 - Bug Reports

    Games is glitchy in battle if one looks around the map and after taking aim the game gets choppy , it also is glitchy after you start fighting enemy players . its kind of getting on my nerves ! please fixing it wows thanks a million
  8. Judith_Chase

    Cant wait for deadeye to be removed.

    dead eye is not the problem the nerf to secondary's is the problem . why should secondary BBs push with a big fat accuracy nerf making the push not worth the pain that comes with it . NO the solution to dead eye is in fact to leave it alone . do something useful like buff secondary's by 30 percent accuracy so they can clear a path for the other units to punch through.. after all that is what a secondary BB should be able to do . any ship in range of secondary BBs secondary armorment should feel the pain . in short some of you clowns complained about secondary BBs doing their job . now you cry like little... about dead eye. some BBs are mid long range ships and at those range they should clean your clocks. Other BBs are brawlers and at mid to close range they should bring the pain . you want BB to support you perhaps your kind should stop supporting secondary BBs nerfs , and start supporting us in our cause buff Secondary BBs .
  9. Judith_Chase

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    my German BB cant hit crap at range as it is then they nerf my secondaries into the ground as i think they are doing. I promise I will make their ears ring with endless complaints . ill make them wish to hear DD players complain instead of me lol .
  10. they are really messing up high tier BB secondaries longer range is worthless with a 25 percent dispersion nerf . The ships really getting smoked are the German BBs they already have crappy seconadries and primary Battery dispersion with out this kind of nerf happening to them . the way I see it is this they can fixes this one of three ways or perhaps a mix of these options, they can buff secondaries sigma for german ships they can buff the captains skill or they could do a mix of both of these things. other wise we should melt their ears with complaints
  11. Judith_Chase

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    wows fix the secondaire's thing already . its hard enough to push in German BB with out you nerfing the secondaries dispersion by 25 percent . frankly a paddling is in order if this over sight isn't fixed lol . some times I think the development team are secret Masochist after all they want to ram these changes out just like the CV rework. we all know how badly that went. wows be mindful with how fast you roll this out . if u nerf secondarie's captain skill will you buff certain Nations sigma for secondaries ? if not be prepared to have your ears Burn in Future comment sections . for you should know we can punish if it is your forte . if Masconism is your taste the leather strap of verbal disaproval will fly forth from many other besides my self . HEHE
  12. my 60 percent win rate in the California im in cline to call [edited] on her being a b ad BB . now having spoken the facts of how i am doing with her, ill say Tennessee would be a nice add to the game with 11.6 km secondaries exc to make her a brawer she would need something diffferent in terms of armor such as a 32mm bow and stern . given how wow has given tier 8 ships 25 mm bow stern as of late why not flip that around and do it the other way a tier 7 with heavy bow and stern armor she could also use something ess the USN BBs don't usually get a 50mm deck for a change to make her a bit more of a tank in a brawl. as for people saying you want use the seondaries trust me there is alway some fool that see a standard and charges at you like a fool it would be nice to dish out a little more pain to to teach them a lesson they will never forget .
  13. Judith_Chase

    Interesting thought on the USN BB split ships...

    as i have a good win rate in the standards im looking forward to the new standards coming to game . Dont get me wrong i know they should lower the reload to no more than 34 seconds and these ships need heavy armor and be able to make at least 24knts . so long as they have reasonable secondary fire power after testing ill be happy .
  14. Judith_Chase

    Armada: California

    wows a video would have been nice i hope your team will bring us one soon
  15. Judith_Chase

    Armada: California

    wows i like her thing is you have overly down graded her armor . she need either a Secondaires reload and range buff or she need to get something different in the terms of armor like a 30 mm bow and stern and she needs heavy deck armor to boot . if you can make a paper russain BB have strong bow and stern armor there in no excuse as to why this American BB couldnt have received the same