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  1. BlythSpirit

    WG Gone Wild - Crazy Ships and Strange Times

    I agree with this video. Instead of releasing an endless amount of T9/10 ships, why not a few T5/6/7 premiums? Or, like Zoup said, UI fixes? The port is almost always slow. Being able to turn off chat would be great. Like others, I've invested a good amount of time and money into this game. I want to play it. Right now, I can't (computer's in the shop), but there are plenty of players that enjoy the game; it would be a real shame to lose them.
  2. BlythSpirit

    WWII Trivia Quizzes...

    You scored: 774 / 1000 You scored 7 questions correct on your first try. You have scored a total of 129 FunTrivia quiz points. You need 871 more to advance to level 2. Register below for free to have your score saved! We will also give you credit towards our award badge "My First Quizzes". We have 98,400 additional trivia quizzes online, and over 200 award badges/challenges to aim for!
  3. Well, at least I won't have to rush while making food anymore! 45 more seconds to stir the coffee, warm up my oatmeal, or butter some toast.