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  1. yungpanda

    Well Enough...............For Now

    That's super cool! I wonder what those old 8080s were used for/intended to be used for at your workplace. In 2021 they're ancient!
  2. I'd echo what everyone else has been saying. If playing with them makes your experience unpleasant at all, whether it's them not taking the game as seriously as you or tilting (or even both, it seems!) it's a good idea to take a break from playing with them. And if it turns out that the two of you simply aren't good divmates, that's okay too! There may be other ways for you to spend time together outside of playing divved in Random. It sounds like you were patient and thoughtful about how frustrated you were feeling, and that's really admirable. I hope you and your friend get back to enjoying the game together again soon!
  3. yungpanda

    Triela's wonderful anime meme thread

  4. yungpanda

    The blind warrior's path

    lol, well-placed meme. I don't have this problem on my screen, but I wouldn't be surprised if my screen settings were abormal. Looking at the screenshots now, when I'm not in-game, I think the scenery is actually quite pretty. I'd still approve if the devs changed the position of the sun to reduce glare, though.
  5. yungpanda

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "oh god...all of us...trapped in little square-shaped boxes..."
  6. I'm awful at Kongou, Fusou, Normandie - battleships in general. I'm also really bad at the ships everyone else seems to do really well in - Konigsberg, Gnevny, Myoukou. I think it's a mix of walking into traps and not having the aim/target selection to make the most out of my DPS opportunities.
  7. yungpanda

    Scuttling ship

    Honestly, I think this is the best approach. A ram is already a dev strike, and I've often been in games where the last person on a team seeks to go out in a blaze of glory by going for the ram. Someone on the opposing team is almost always willing to oblige.
  8. yungpanda

    Caption the profile image above you.

    After grinding to rank 4, Scharnhorst sports a thousand-yard-stare.
  9. Happy to see love for Pensacola and her sisters, and thanks for the well-written post, @Avenge_December_7!
  10. No chill indeed. XD I haven't played A Hat in Time, but this just makes it better.
  11. Came here from the historical operations thread. Awesome idea, @SireneRacker!
  12. Hybrids are always lots of fun to play, and I would give up coffee for a year to save up for a ship that can train multiple nationalities. Thanks, Lert!
  13. yungpanda

    I Love the Warspite

    I thought Warspite was always unique among battleships for her accuracy, turning radius, and survivability? Did the old BB meta used to resemble Warspite more?
  14. yungpanda

    Party In The Ultimate Frontier

    Belated post, but MOOD exactly.