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  1. yungpanda

    commander points

    Short answer: 0. Personally, I've found running 8-point commanders optimal when starting from T6, since you can usually get your commander to 10 points by T7 or T8. This is the point where either concealment or IFHE becomes extremely important on certain ships. Following this rate, you can get your commander to 14 points by T10. Otherwise, I think it depends mostly on the ship type. 1-point minimum on cruisers for PT, 3-point minimum on DDs for Last Stand. Of course, if you run ships with 0 point commanders or are retraining commanders in Randoms, that's perfectly fine, and is why I consider 0 the actual minimum.
  2. yungpanda

    People playing rank AFK?

    I also don't see how this works as a long term strategy. The losing account is going to drop in rank until MM won't ever put both ships into the same battle anymore. To keep it up, the player would have to regularly bring the alt up to rank. At that point, the player is just ranking twice.
  3. yungpanda

    Linux Install?

    We should probably note that accounts set up through Steam are considered completely separate from accounts set up through WG itself. Hopefully this doesn't become an issue for OP, but just in case.
  4. yungpanda

    new Warspite owner

    If you want to know more about sigma, this is one of my favorite posts on the topic: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/95790-krupp-and-sigma-explained/
  5. I think Brushwolf is trying to say that HE's ability to stack fires makes them much more threatening when you're focus fired. Even if those shells are not directed at your teammates, it doesn't make them any less dangerous - they're just only dangerous to you, not your squishier teammates. That's why I'm a little confused. :)
  6. yungpanda

    new Warspite owner

    You might have already seen the LWM review, but linking it to the thread since it's a great write-up. From what she's said lately Warspite still seems to be doing okay in the current meta. It's also one of her favorite ships, so she goes into a lot of detail about the Old Lady's strengths and weaknesses. And congrats on 220 sovereigns! :D
  7. Not really sure what this has to do with the danger of the shells, though.
  8. I think both AP and HE can be managed with proper "consumable use, skills and positioning," and if we count angling as a separate category then AP has one extra control over HE. AP shells are like torps in that they are the "most dangerous threat" you immediately respond to, but can be mostly nullified with careful timing and a little forethought. In the long run, and generalizing across all ships I might drive/face in battle, I actually think HE is more dangerous because of its consistency. In any situation where you can be chunked by AP, you can also be damaged by HE. In any situation where you can't be damaged by AP, you can still be damaged by HE. And in any situation where neither AP nor HE can get to you, you probably can't send shells back unless you can do your own spotting. Then again, when driving thin-armored CLs, AP is always more dangerous because of overmatch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. yungpanda

    Why you do this MM?

    Couple things - first, you're not alone: Second, it's really not a big deal. You had a rough day of gameplay - that's fine. If you feel frustrated, that's okay too - just sleep on it and you'll be back tomorrow. Win rate isn't everything, and with games like this it's not out of the ordinary to have a string of losses. I'll see you in a match soon. :)
  10. Yeah. Especially with so many of us close to being able to purchase something in the Sovereign shop, an XP hike on earning additional crates would really hurt.
  11. yungpanda

    Ships that have me tearing my hair out.

    I just figured out why the Jervis was feeling so sluggish and out-gunned: Going to keep practicing!
  12. yungpanda

    Strategies for Warrior's Path?

    Thanks, @Quaffer! :) Didn't expect to see this many responses so far, and also really glad to see a number of different opinions. All viewpoints welcome!
  13. yungpanda

    Wargaming...Really? REALLY?

    Holy Atlantas! XD Haven also makes this pretty difficult, since the high islands can block your shells. How did you end up approaching game? I know I'd have tried to use my speed to keep the Atlantas lit up. As awful as their combined DPM would be, their floaty shells would probably have a hard time hitting Podvoisky, and a couple good shots from your teammates might take them all out if they get too greedy and try to push.
  14. As a player who still hasn't wrapped their head around the Warrior's Path map, I wanted to ask for advice on how Warrior's Path can be played, and about strategies to counter enemy pushes. Specifically, I wanted to ask how others apply the strategies in @hangglide42's excellent tutorial on the topic to this map. On one hand, this map reminds me of Fault Line from the mid-tiers. Ships on the 8-10 lines are isolated from the rest of their teams at A and B. This means teams usually find success playing an A/B strategy: C should be lightly contested by a cruiser or DD while the rest of the team sets up a defensive line around B. By the time any enemies cap and push out of C, they should be easy targets in open water. On the other hand, this map also reminds me of Shatter, another high-tier map. B cap is too exposed to fire from all directions and nearly impossible to hold if capped early in the match, so most teams opt for an A/C stategy. A is open and more conducive to long-ranged artillery battles, while C tends to be a stand-off until one team manages to break through. Once a break-through occurs on either flank, the retreating team is pushed back into open water and usually can't regain the lead. And of course, B/C, 1 End-Cap-Only, and others are also fair game. I haven't played enough battles on this map to get a good sense of what works best, though I'm pretty sure I've had more losses than wins. What are your thoughts on how Warrior's Path can be played? What strategies/counter-plays do you think are optimal?
  15. yungpanda

    Operations Rotation Schedule?

    bumping - curious about how this actually works.