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  1. To be fair, I'd walk out of my company if they told me "Hey, Game Dev! We want you to answer a torrent of CV questions from our playerbase! And we want you to give up your weekend/evening for it!" XD
  2. Come on everyone, the old Mac vs PC debate is trite and has been done to death. There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to use their personal computer to play games, whatever OS it runs. Astrosaint and Thrawn have valid complaints, telling them to buy a new computer to "fix their problem" is not helpful.
  3. Well, not quite there yet...


    2018-09-08 22_28_32-Greenshot.png

  4. BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    Thanks for being even-handed, Soshi. :)
  5. Welcome back! Play whatever feels fun and comfortable for you - I hope I'll get the chance to see you in game, red or green.
  6. New Guy in the Forums

    Welcome to NA! Looking forward to seeing you in-forum and in-game! ^_^
  7. Popular food you DON"T like?

  8. You know, putting it that way, the system actually doesn't seem to break anything gameplay-wise. Objection retracted. (y)
  9. Easy everyone - I don't think we should take the thread in the direction of sensitivity: that way lies much grief for everyone. Totally agree. Especially with the fact that CVs have unlimited numbers of planes in the current version of the rework, sacrificing planes means very little. I'd imagine very stale gameplay if planes were able to contact ships, much less do damage to them.
  10. I wouldn't know where to find it, but that does sound like something I read after Cherry Blossom landed. Still, I'm not sure if that applies to reworking current Operations. I think Narai was recently updated, and "hard mode" could just be considered an extension of the same.
  11. lol that's fair. A full high-tier secondary build going into an operation? Pure insanity. :D
  12. My 1st Tier 10-Montana

    Congrats on the T10! :D
  13. Yeah, it'd be really nice to have some operations for both high and low tiers instead of always the T6-8 in rotation.
  14. SoonTM WGs PR has been dominated mostly with the new game mode, British DDs, and the CV rework, though there are rumors of other lines and features in the forums. I'd bet that operations hard mode won't be released before British DDs and Arms Race, but probably before CVs come out for beta testing. So, maybe early 2019?