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  1. yungpanda

    I Love the Warspite

    I thought Warspite was always unique among battleships for her accuracy, turning radius, and survivability? Did the old BB meta used to resemble Warspite more?
  2. yungpanda

    Party In The Ultimate Frontier

    Belated post, but MOOD exactly.
  3. Plus he won't be the only cat running around catching Pokemon. He's basically a Shiny Meowth.
  4. I'm one of the touchpad people, but my guess is that even if you don't have a touchpad something has triggered your computer's "mouse clicked" signal. The game has no way of telling a mistaken signal from a genuine one, so I doubt it's the games fault or that it's a bug. It's strangely comforting to know I'm not the only person playing on a potato, though. xD
  5. yungpanda

    now everything's pink

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2019, fellow WoWs players!
  6. yungpanda

    Chat offline ?

    You've found one place for it. xD It looks like WoWs, like most MMOs nowadays, are assuming that most users will go to Discord or Teamspeak for offline chat. Those two provide a much better user experience than any dev team is willing to compete with as a side feature. I often use PMs on the forums to send notes to players after matches.
  7. yungpanda

    The carebears have broke the game

    I actually read the irony as intentional, and the original post as sarcasm.
  8. yungpanda

    The carebears have broke the game

    Feel my wrath!!!! I still find it weird that you're more likely to rack up a bounty by mining than you are from ganking someone. xD
  9. yungpanda

    Cryptography in World War 2 - A Primer - Part 1

    Well, you could add archaeologists and linguists to your team. Here's an example of them doing it with limited language samples and little context - in wartime, a collection of intercepted reports coupled with what's actually happening on the battlefield will give you lots of evidence to work with. I think the main point is that you can get around language barriers, even extremely difficult ones like those involving languages that are made-up or extinct. The weakness of the cryptographic system still shows through, which is why the US couldn't keep using this trick for long.
  10. yungpanda

    Forum Game - Word Association

    "Graf Zeppelin released!"
  11. yungpanda

    Shells going everywhere, help...

    Yikes, that's some rough RNG. I don't know the IJN BB buff history, but it's possible Nagato was given better accuracy sometime in the past to help with uptiering. Have you added any upgrades to the Amagi yet? If it's still stock, it's possible that the step down from full-build Nagato to new Amagi is behind this.
  12. I've never run Aegis in a DD before, but may want to for snowflakes. How should DDs play in order to contribute as best as they can?
  13. yungpanda

    AFK report request...patience please.

    It's a good question and I wish I had the know-how to figure it out myself. All I can tell is that sometimes you may find yourself stuck at the loading screen, officially part of the match but unable to play yet.
  14. yungpanda

    Replays won't open

    Have you only recently downloaded the last patch after being away for 3 months? From what I've read (and my own experience), one of the updates made it so that the replays folder is cleared of all old replays, keeping only the most recent 30. Your replays can also only be played by a WoWs executable whose version matches the replay's - so right now you can only run replays from last Thursday onward.
  15. The funniest thing is that torping a DD firing from smoke in order to flush them out worked well before radar, and still does. :)