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  1. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    I watched a WoWs Twitch stream while I was on my lunch break at work today. In one game I saw two Massachusetts players on the B and C lines spamming HE the entire game. In another I saw a Grosser Kurfurst player doing pretty much the same thing, except he was mostly using AP and all of them were likely using the Dead Eye skill. Both games moved at a glacial pace. I think that pretty that much tells you how the new captain skills are working, at least with battleships.
  2. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    Grew up watching movies like this.

    I like many of the movies which have been mentioned but I'd like to add one more. There's a little seen WW1 submarine movie called Hell Below (made in 1933) that despite its idiotic plot has some great action scenes in it. The best scene in the movie occurs when a junior officer disobeys orders and fires torpedoes at an Austro-Hungarian destroyer / mine layer and sinks it. (Actually he fires on and sinks two destroyers.) His orders were to watch where the minefield was laid, but the Junior officer wanted revenge because his friend had been machine gunned by an enemy airplane. The same Junior officer also has an affair with the Captain's daughter who is married to a soldier who has returned from the war paralyzed from the waste down. (I told you the plot was idiotic.) The submarine is an American sub stationed in Italy in the Adriatic. So back in the 1930's CGI was something that wasn't even dreamed of, so the movie company purchased the U.S.S. Moody (DD-277) for $35,000; a Clemson class destroyer which had been decommissioned and was scheduled to be scrapped to meet the limitations of the London Naval Treaty. The filmmakers used blow torches to cut the Moody in two pieces, then they stitched her hull back together using steel cables and some kind of cement to hold the two halves together. A large explosive was set at the waterline to simulate a torpedo hit and a number of smaller explosives to sever the cables. The two halves watertight compartments were control flooded so they would sink at about the same time. The ship splits neatly in half and the two halves slowly fill up and sink while numerous stunt men jump off and swim for their lives. Apparently all of them got off safely. If the explosive effects hadn't been properly planned and executed, things could have gone very badly for those stuntmen. The explosion went off so well, you have probably seen it many times in WW2 documentaries. The Moody was used to portray the two ships that were sunk. You can see they were lowering boats in one scene while the Moody was still in one piece. The Moody's guns had already been removed and were replaced with dummies, but her original torpedo tubes were still attached. The wreck of the Moody is at least six miles out to sea in the Catalina Chanel off Southern California and is in 120-145 ft. deep. Because the wreck is in open ocean it can be subject to severe currents which make it undivable. There are a number of videos on YouTube of the wreck. It's not a dive for newbies and has killed at least two people; and I knew one of them. He was a friend. The actor who played the irresponsible junior officer was Robert Montgomery. He was a pretty big star in the 1930's and 40's but he served in the U.S. Navy during WW2 aboard the U.S.S. Barton as a LCDR during the Normandy landings. He also earned two battle stars in the Pacific. As a side note he directed some of the PT boat scenes in They Were Expendable while John Ford was unavailable due to an illness. His daughter became a star in her own right in the 1960's playing Samantha in the TV series Bewitched. (Elizabeth Montgomery.) Here's a video of the Moody sinking. Sorry the quality isn't so hot. The Sinking of USS Moody.mp4
  3. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    Tier 10 again. Meh! I'll aim to get to rank 10. I don't know if I want to push myself to grind any more than that. I have more tier 10 ships to chose from now, but I'm only confident I won't F up my teammates efforts in two of them, the Des Moines and the Thunderer.
  4. I'd prefer if the Smolensk was around a a couple of months longer because that's the next ship I was going to purchase and I only have about 50k in coal at present, but stuff happens. I guess I'll get the Georgia instead. I already have the JB.
  5. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    Tier 0 is something WG should give serious consideration to...

    I was just thinking that in a ironclad or predreadnought game mode, ramming would no longer end in mutual destruction. It could be a legitimate tactic that could used in desperation. Ramming your teammates would also result in catastrophic damage to their ships.
  6. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    Tier 0 is something WG should give serious consideration to...

    I like this idea and I think it could work, though it would take some work to get right. No one would want to play a bunch of ships that behave like Mikasa does now in the game. As far as whether players would be interested in such a game mode, I need too think about that.... Let me see; a game mode that includes many exotic looking; but real, ships with a large range of capabilities, which also demands fighting at relatively close quarters and where aircraft carriers simply don't exist. My guess is that at least half the current player base would at least be be interested in such a game mode and most would play it regularly if it was done right.
  7. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    British Random Bundle for a ship I already have?

    Thank you all for your prompt response. The good thing is the duplicate was shown to me in advance so I know not to make the purchase.
  8. So I purchased a couple of 1,000 DB random bundles for the British cruiser event and the screen shows that my next 1,000 DB purchase will result in me getting the tier 5 cruiser Hawkins. That might be OK except I've already received the Hawkins in one of the regular bundles for 20 British tokens. My guess is if I purchase the Hawkins I would get its value in credits and maybe a port slot. No need to decide if I want to purchase any more Imperial bundles if the next one gives me a crappy deal like that. Unless I'm wrong and purchasing the Hawkins would give me a higher tier cruiser. Can anyone give me a definitive answer about this situation.
  9. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    I wonder what I will do with the PR hulk

    It makes sense if you think about the numbers; I mean the amount of cash a player would need to finish building the ship. There was a player on Sunday (yesterday) who posted that he was a few million points from finishing the build and in theory all he would need to do to finish is purchase the 6,000 thousand doubloon booster which would have supplied 4.5 million points, which for him was more than enough to finish. He made this post because he hadn't read the fine print that the build boosters would only be available for a limited time and he didn't understand why when he clicked on the 6,000 D. booster nothing happened. The screen shot of his dockyard showed that he could complete (purchase) the Puerto Rico for 11,000 doubloons, which is just under $50. If Wargaming had allowed the boosters to be available up until the last minute this person would have been able to finish the build for about half that price. So this person did a pretty serious grind to get as far as he did. Now he's stuck, or was stuck as of yesterday. It's pay 11k doubloons or no PR. So I've got to give the people who thought up this promotion some credit for figuring out how to maximize their profits even if I think their behavior has been rather sleazy.
  10. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    I wonder what I will do with the PR hulk

    I'm pretty sure the dockyard will disappear by the next update; which is next week, or perhaps even sooner than that. My guess is that Wargaming planned to leave the Dockyard up for a few days so anyone (suckers IMO) who is willing to fork over the needed doubloons to finish it can do so. This was a total cash grab so why not squeeze every last bit they can out of it? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer it) I'm sure there will be a few people who will do so. I finished the fourth directive yesterday to get the last few perks available to me. I was near the end of the fifth building phase and I noticed the price to purchase the Puerto Rico went down to 25,000 doubloons. I thought Wargaming dropped the price at the last minute until I saw a post in the forum from someone who was deep into the sixth building phase and a picture he posted of his dockyard showed the price for him to complete the PR was 11,000 doubloons. The premium shop price for 24,000 is about $100.00. Maybe the person who only needs 11,000 doubloons, or slightly less than $50, to finish the PR will think that is a fair deal. Of course, if they've already spent 6,000, 14,000 or 24,000 doubloons for ship building boosters it's not such a great deal; but using the sunk cost fallacy as a justification, some people will say to themselves, "I've already spent X amount, I might as well go all in and buy the thing." P.S. You think your half completed ship is depressing? My Puerto Rico is finished except the turret tops are not in place and many deck and superstructure fittings haven't been added on, but the hull is complete and has left the dry dock. That's really clever when you think about it. It's something that might entice some people to pay whatever it cost to complete it. You know, if the people at Wargaming had set more reasonable prices for the boosters and completing the ship, I think they could have made more money and there would have been far less anger about the event. If the cost for me to complete the Puerto Rico was between 3,000 to 5,000 doubloons, I would probably do it. Maybe not because all the reviews of the ship say it's mediocre at best, but I'd be far more tempted to pay out than I am now.
  11. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    How Our Clan Handles the Treasury

    In our clan whoever logs in first and sees the clan can purchase something does so. Several times I have decided what to purchase. No one has complained so far.
  12. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    What happens to Ship Building tokens?

    Aside from the Gorizia; which I don't think much of, I got the Nelson with a 10-point captain from one of the Santa Crates I earned during the grind. That made the grind somewhat worthwhile. I managed to finish four of the directives. If I had purchased all three boosters for 24,000 doubloons on the first day of the event (according to calculations other people have made) I would have received (purchased) the Puerto Rico when I finished the fourth directive. I didn't finish any missions in the fifth directive. I noticed the price to complete (purchase) the Puerto Rico went down from 35,000 doubloons to 25,000 doubloons a couple of days ago. (Maybe the price drop occurred sooner than that, I only noticed it Friday.) Still way too much money for a supposedly free to grind ship that according to a fellow player who purchased it, "turns like a refrigerator." During the grind I purchased the Thunderer which has more powerful; and importantly, more accurate guns, almost three times the fire chance with HE, 5.4 km further main battery range, a tighter turning circle combined with a faster rudder shift and better (lower) surface detection of .9 km. Now being a battleship it's no surprise Thunderer has longer ranged, harder hitting guns, and starting fires is a British battleship thing, but normally all the other stats should favor a cruiser; even a big cruiser, over a monstrous battleship. The Puerto Rico is prettier than the Thunderer IMO; so if you got one, it will be nice to look at in your port.
  13. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    Look at this screenshot and tell me CVs are balanced

    CV's became a problem because a very good to great CV player could only be balanced by an equally skilled CV player. Seeing as this was didn't happen very often, the better and sometimes exceptional CV player had the ability to dominate any given game. The question that should be asked is whether the CV rework has eliminated this problem. As long as CV's don't gain the kind of dominance they once had, I don't have a huge problem with them. I don't like CV's and don't think they add much to the game, because they make they tend to make the surface game more static, but they're not a total game breaker, at least not yet. However, don't ask me about submarines because I might become apoplectic on that subject.
  14. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    Will they extend the PR mission like they did PEF missions last year

    No Wargaming is not going to extend the Puerto Rico event. Privately, they might consider changes to how they would do a similar event in the future, but that's about all. I'm suspect they will be happy when the event is over and hope the players, their customers, quickly forget about it .
  15. Pigus_Drunkus_Maximus

    Random thoughts about the Puerto Rico grind

    You obviously didn't comprehend what I said. I wasn't speaking about myself. I could do the Puerto Rico grind if I didn't have a job. I finished the 3rd directive; and I was incorrect, I will finish several missions of the fourth directive and might be able to complete it, if I thought it was worth doing so. ( I don't think is worth it because I'd use too many valuable signal flags and camos for a moderate payback.) I was pointing out that Wargaming isn't building customer loyalty by ignoring part of their customer base, and by misrepresenting the Puerto Rico grind as being free. Now that I think about it, Wargaming is also losing revenue by over-pricing the cost to complete the PR if you don't complete the grind. A person would have to be an idiot to pay out 35,000 doubloons for the Puerto Rico if they fail to complete the grind. If Wargaming had tiered pricing; let's say 3,000 doubloons for people who made it to phase six of construction, 4,000 or 5,000 doubloons for people who were in the fifth construction phase and higher prices the further away you were from completing the building process, I think many people might have felt that was a reasonable price to pay. I'm sure there will be some people who sucker themselves into dropping 35,000 doubloons; plus whatever they might have already put into boosters, but not many. In this case greed will work against Wargaming as far more customers would have been willing to spend what they would see as a reasonable price to get over the finish line.