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  1. HMCS_Moncton

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Just had this game this morning. Liking Georgia, although not quite the same brawler as my Alsace or Jean Bart.
  2. HMCS_Moncton

    Finally get with the times...

    Internet must be really sketchy in that part of the world. Somebody ought to give Google Translate a shove too, seems to be skipping
  3. HMCS_Moncton

    Where are all the humans today?

    Okay, I see it, thanks. Bloody bizarre. XD
  4. HMCS_Moncton

    Players Asking for Kills

    Sure, I don't mind helping, I'll usually turn my secondaries off & let whomever is asking have the kill. I usually have a couple of kills under my belt by that point anyway.
  5. HMCS_Moncton

    Where are all the humans today?

    One thing I don't like about the new interface, is that it no longer shows how many people are online. I always used that as an indication of what tier I would play. The less people online, the lower the tier, so you don't end up as the only hooman on your team.
  6. HMCS_Moncton

    My first 19 point captain!

    Congrats, a very big milestone getting your first 19 point captain. My first one was a French admiral, who captains my T10 République (and also does duty in my Jean-Bart & Dunkerque). My US admiral normally captains my North Carolina, but also rotates through my Texas, Arizona, and Alabama. My German admiral can usually be found in my GK, but also spends time in the Scharnhorst and Tirpitz. Have fun!
  7. HMCS_Moncton

    CO-OP players tried Space battles?

    I gave it a whirl on the Test Server when it first showed up there. I took out the Paris. I did okay, sank a couple of ships, and lived until the end of the battle, which we won. Would love to have the Space camo for my République, but not for 8,000 doubloons, thank you very much.
  8. HMCS_Moncton

    Does Mikasa still farm flags?

    According to @LittleWhiteMouse's premium review of Mikasa in 2016: "While other premiums print currency or provide bonus XP for training your captain, the Mikasa facilitates the restocking of signal flags."
  9. I might have been out of the loop for a little while, but does anyone know if the T2 Mikasa still farms flags? I bought her back a few weeks ago, but haven't noticed any difference in my flag stores.
  10. HMCS_Moncton

    Fire At Will Friday - The Battlewagons

    I managed to get the Unique Upgrade for my République, which dropped the main battery reload down to a very quick 19.7 seconds. Granted, she only has one fore & one aft turret, but the 17-inch rifles pack a mighty wallop. I can get out almost 3 broadsides to another ship's two, so that works for me.
  11. HMCS_Moncton

    My feedback on the Exeter marathon

    Big agree here. Hard to progress when you play strictly Co-Op....and there aren't 30-40 planes to shoot down. The same limitation brought my Fly-Strike-Win progress towards HMS Furious to a grinding halt.
  12. HMCS_Moncton

    Top 5 favorite ships for anything

    Favourite ships (at least before the CV rework which completely messed up the AA). I find these the most fun to play: 1. République 2. Neptune 3. Mikhail Kutuzov 4. Friant 5. Dresden (with an Azur Lane captain, hilarious to listen to) Honourable mentions: Jean-Bart, Tirpitz, Yamato, Akizuki, Kitakaze
  13. HMCS_Moncton

    Jean Bart $80 Really

    I got mine using coal & steel back during the event, but it was a lot of grinding. Jean-Bart is worth it, though, great ship. Up to you whether it's worth $79. On the other hand, $99 CDN for the Alaska? Not bloody likely. XD
  14. HMCS_Moncton

    Tier X cruisers

    I only have HMS Minotaur (insane ROF, but made of glass)at the moment for Tier 10 cruisers, but I have tried all the rest on the Public Test server. - Zao: It was okay, didn't really turn my crank that much - Des Moines: Good boat, great reload - Hindenburg: Really liked the Hindy, and her stronk German AP - Moskva: Didn't click with this one for some reason - Henry IV: Really fast, didn't find the guns all that accurate
  15. HMCS_Moncton

    Republique- me likey!!!

    Agreed. Richelieu is pretty good, but Jean Bart, Alsace and République are amazing, especially when speced with a full secondary build. Rep's will reach out to 12.1 km with the right upgrades, captain skills and flags, and Alsace with Manual Secondaries & IFHE? An absolute monster.