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  1. MentalTossFlycoon

    Friedrich der Große: Mehbote Review #4

    All I can say is ,on Ranari's advice, I full secondary built my FDG and started moving in a slugging it out......and the results have been outstanding for me. It's almost fun to watch DD's and CA's turn tail and run under the secondary onslaught.
  2. MentalTossFlycoon


    I started playing this ship doing the long range zigzag snipe tactics and for the most part was getting my head handed to me. I have since converted to straight in close brawling with emphasis on manual fire secondaries, and am getting much better results. The secondaries on this ship are absolutely devastating if you move in close and let them work at short range. Yeah I might get deleted early sometimes, but not without taking a big chunk and maybe a ship or two out of the enemy team.
  3. MentalTossFlycoon

    Gneisenau is giving me fits.....

    My experience has been Gneisenau is worth it but the Bismark is not. As bad as the guns are on Gnei, they are even worse on the Bismark. Bismark guns remind me of that Monty Python movie where they catapult cows, pigs, geese, and ducks from the top of the castle. My mileage is probably varying I guess.
  4. MentalTossFlycoon

    How to torp mid-teir

    If you have manual secondary skill, train them on the ship you intend to torp. The secondaries provide good distraction while you line up torps for the kill. This works particularlly well on mid health DD's.
  5. MentalTossFlycoon

    Has anyone kept the Nurnberg

    I agree...Konigsberg is pretty damn awsome and in comparison the Nurnberg is just good. Still use Nurnberg in operations....kind fragile , but can get the job done if your careful.
  6. MentalTossFlycoon

    CW : Hindenburg impression

    I guess my experience has been the opposite....excess BB's in randoms tends to delete me early but only one BB in clan and I seem to last longer with more damage. Just about anytime i shoot HE with it I always aim at the deck or superstructure of the ship not the water line. Seems more flames erupt from this strategy. If I can catch a torpless BB or CA hiding around a island from me, I will try to charge them hard bow on with manual secs on them. Their salvos do little to no damage bow on or slight angle and you can just charge in give them torp grief.
  7. MentalTossFlycoon

    CW : Hindenburg impression

    I agree. Hinder with a 10pt captain is nothing compared to Hinder with 19pt captain
  8. MentalTossFlycoon

    Best version of Hindenburg for CW

    I too prefer keeping ROF and use spotter for extra range as needed. I use Manual secondaries in place of Superintendent. If you get into an up close knife fight, especially with a DD, manual secs can deal some pretty good grief.
  9. MentalTossFlycoon

    Roon help

    Not the best Roon player by a long shot But agree with most people here about keeping at range and giving them rear turrets, Later in games I have had some luck moving in and hunting low health DDs. I have 19pt captain and along with Conceal I use Manual fire Secondaries. I always try to train the secondaries on the closest DD during the game. Then if I am hunting for him around islands and Hydro doesn't show him, a lot of times the secondaries going off will point me in their direction and can get HE on them. Many times the secondaries alone are good enough to eliminate low health DD's