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  1. USS_Vancouver

    Red Dwarf Theme Song

    I watched this show, when it came out. The good thing with British shows, they can kept on going as a series.
  2. USS_Vancouver

    Star Trek

    I watched two seasons of Supergirl. I found the show more about her relationships. I like Superman and Lois better. Maybe it is fact I know where the farm house is and the town set. On Supergirl could not tell the differentice, between filming in L.A. or Vancouver. The two actors, that play the sons, showed up at the cafe, I often eat at.
  3. USS_Vancouver

    Star Trek

    There was also the cut & paste Romulan and Starfleet ships squaring off with each other that upset me, it was so lazily done, they really did not give a flying f***. It was insulting. I did not like that part. I just watch the show for fun, even thou the continuity is not always correct.
  4. USS_Vancouver

    Star Trek

    I liked the first season of Picard better. Seven kisses Raffi. An older Captain Pike, is still in charge of the USS Enterprise. He like horses, just like James Kirk.
  5. USS_Vancouver

    Fix The Game Then Send Me A Message Its Fixed

    So it is all tier X, for you.
  6. USS_Vancouver

    Subs..... Worse than before?

    some of those subs, have super fast torpedoes.
  7. USS_Vancouver

    Star Trek Picard

    I liked the bus scene, of using the same punk rocker from Star Trek 4 the voyage home.
  8. USS_Vancouver

    The Bad side of living in apartment tower

    I went to this building today. No use of the elevator for a week, then a elevator operator. It took 3 1/2 weeks, to get the elevators back to normal.
  9. USS_Vancouver

    Dada Dada, Dada Dada, Dada Dada Daat

    On Saturday morning, TTN - The Turner Network - shows these series. The Batman, Superman and others that were made in the 1940's.
  10. In the game I have 11,517 battles played, but on the forum, it shows 13,903 battles.
  11. USS_Vancouver

    This thing is Awful...

    That is what, I think about the Chungking.
  12. USS_Vancouver

    Boba Fett and Koreans on the Moon

    thanks for posting You buy a die cast model, coming out this year. I hope it is seen on the Lower Decks again, since the show is mostly made in Vancouver.
  13. USS_Vancouver

    Pan Asian Cruiser(s) a disappointment for me

    Why use the Chungking when the Omaha is better. The Rahmat and the Chumphon are ok. The short gun range and being up tiered makes them harder to play. I can make more damage with my Fiji and having hydro, when hiding in smoke a good thing.
  14. USS_Vancouver

    Boba Fett and Koreans on the Moon

    Good battle in final episode of Boba Fett. No one ever seems to use grenades, in Star Wars movies and shows.
  15. USS_Vancouver

    Asymmetric Battles

    It is not worth it, collecting tokens, to play on the T10 team. Only to end up on a team with bots and why a CV bot?