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  1. Timo_Greenwold

    Foriegn Movie/Film Suggestions thread

    Siege of Jadotville, a Netflix movie
  2. Timo_Greenwold

    Robot Killer dogs

    These robot dogs are way more faster. They kill with a knife or tracking bullets.
  3. Timo_Greenwold

    Robot Killer dogs

    If you watch the British/French version of War of the Worlds, you will know. What do you think about them.
  4. Timo_Greenwold

    CV attacking his own team

    sending in a replay, does nothing. I had player attack me before and he said so in chat. I was told automatic penalty's take care of it. That is why, I shoot back.
  5. Had CV player, say he quitting this game. Then he starts attacking everybody on the team. I shot back him, but I was sunk. No use complaining to WG support, because the penalty's are automatic.
  6. I had the same thing happen to me. I posted about it on October 12.
  7. Timo_Greenwold


    Good thing, I sold the Belfast, now that I can use the SURREY!
  8. Timo_Greenwold

    No view tracking of my ship

    Thank you for an answer. The replay does not show any problem. I know of the bug, that freezes the controls. For that I move the the mouse around and left click. I did not get a warning for quitting the battle and had to restart the computer to end the game.
  9. I was playing a battle and thought it was a disconnect. No, I could control my ship, but screen view was not following it. The screen was stuck at one view point and I made my ship go back forth in front of the view had. Never had something like that before.
  10. Timo_Greenwold

    Is the Guepard good?

    I like the Guepard, but I do not use it for close in combat. I stay far away and dodge the shells.
  11. That is what I wanted to do, in a rank battle. I was lucky not to be attacked by aircraft !
  12. Timo_Greenwold

    when your dumped by server

    You know, if you been dumped by the server. Is when you are respawned in battle facing another direction.
  13. Rarely this happens to me, but it does. Anyone one else?
  14. Timo_Greenwold

    Dune 2020

    Jackson was very faithful to Lord of Rings books. Martin's ASOIAF books are way too big, for TV show. I believe that Patrick Steward was always bald.
  15. Timo_Greenwold

    Dune 2020

    Are people going to remember the Dune books. This movie is going to be made for people, who know nothing about Dune.