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  1. Timo_Greenwold

    Farragut — American Tier VI destroyer.

    I stopped using this ship because of the changes to the Carriers. I do not use any tier 6 destroyers now.
  2. Timo_Greenwold

    Major mistakes made in Aqua Man

    Do you have a problem with "Saving Private Ryan". History channel has a show about all the mistakes in that movie.
  3. Timo_Greenwold

    Other naval ww2 games

    I remember that game, it had so many bugs, it was almost unplayable.
  4. Timo_Greenwold

    (TV show) Man in the High Castle any good?

    I would like to watch this show , someday maybe it wil be on netflix or I find a DVD BBC 1 produced a 5 episode show called SS-GB. It is about a British detective in Nazi occupied England, Scotland is still free. They used German actors for the German characters, which I find more authentic.
  5. Timo_Greenwold

    After battle reports lagggggggg

    I have had this problem for a long long time. I do not expect it to be fixed.
  6. Timo_Greenwold

    $107.25 for the base JB. Premium prices out of control

    that is very true. I have stopped purchasing ships because I do not like most of changes WG keeps making to the game.
  7. Some of my clan members had modules disappear from their ships and they have to buy them back. I did not have this problem, but now I have 9 AA guns mod. 2 and only had 1 before. I did not win these extra modules.
  8. Timo_Greenwold

    Port screen lags

    I always have this problem, happens the most when the server has high number of players.
  9. Timo_Greenwold

    lower tier DD play sucks

    I agree with the last sentence. Now for DD's at all tiers it is to hang back and not rush for the caps. or do that much spotting. I just tried that with my Icarus DD.
  10. Timo_Greenwold

    lower tier DD play sucks

    With the V-170 ,you are spotted before AA guns start shooting
  11. Timo_Greenwold

    lower tier DD play sucks

    what seal clubbing ? Being attacked all the time by airplanes and spotted, makes some battles just running away most of time, not capping.
  12. Timo_Greenwold

    lower tier DD play sucks

    My T4 destroyer does not have AA guns to deal all these airplanes and rocket attacks. Ships from that time of 1917, did not have to worry about airplane attacks. I do not think planes at that time fired ground attack rockets, that was something started in WW II. Some planes fired rockets at observation balloons.
  13. Timo_Greenwold

    Atago now launchs 4 fighters not 2 as before

    no, my Captain uses the - direction center for fighters - skill
  14. Now I am launching 4 fighters from my CA and they only fly for a minute, this is a bug for me.
  15. Timo_Greenwold

    Discord not launching

    you are