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  1. Timo_Greenwold


    I would like those maps, that you can capture or destroy forts. These forts would fight for your team.
  2. Timo_Greenwold

    5min+Queue times in a cruiser?!

    I see that problem also. It shows a whole bunch of players, of different ship types that are on. Having to wait for minutes, for a match.
  3. Timo_Greenwold

    Frame Rate Drop Since Patch

    It seems to me the the ocean graphics have changed, which causes the FPS to drop.
  4. Timo_Greenwold

    Game Freeze Bug

    I had this happen to me, yesterday and today. My ship is moving, but the controls are frozen.
  5. Timo_Greenwold

    shots fall short of rear enemy when one behind other

    That is the way with this game. It is the same when shooting at a ship that starts moving behind a island. Your shells start falling short. When 2 ships are close together, always shoot at the closes one to you.
  6. Timo_Greenwold

    WOWS Wiki for Hakuryu

    I did not know that. It explains why similar ships have different commander skills chosen.
  7. Timo_Greenwold

    Funniest usernames that you've come across?

    Herbert the Pervert
  8. Timo_Greenwold

    Server Issue?

    me too, cannot go into battle. Not being able to see the results from the last battle.
  9. Timo_Greenwold

    Lag spikes or game lock ups

    I have problems since the update, so you can count my report.
  10. Timo_Greenwold

    Server Issues?

    Last night, I was having high ping. This morning when my internet connection is at it's best, having ping problems also.
  11. Timo_Greenwold

    Shenyang - Predatory. 145K.

    I find the Shenyang good at fighting other DD's. I win 95% of the time against another destroyer. It not so good against the French Siroco destroyer.
  12. Timo_Greenwold

    Shenyang - Predatory. 145K.

    I like using the Shenyang. If I only played with that ship, my WR percentage would go way up. V170 is my second best T4.
  13. Timo_Greenwold

    When are the german battleships being released

    You rarely play this game slayer6
  14. Timo_Greenwold

    Internet connection issues

    The problem I have sometimes, is being disconnected over and over. Most of the time, I can play for hours with no problems.
  15. Timo_Greenwold

    Server kick whole team again

    before when you got disconnected, you would get reconnected right away. Now you have type in your email address, then your password and wait for the server to accept it.