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  1. If you want to make a profit at T8+, you're going to need one of the following: a) Premium Time b) Premium Ships T8+ c) Premium Camos (Or good free Camos) d) Play reasonably well (IE 80k+ Damage, 100k+ is even better) e) Play Low or Mid tier ships to subsidize your High tier ships. It's not easy starting out at all. Your first few T8+ ships will likely need to be subsidized by lower ships. Once you get the hang of it though (Damage averages above 100k), there's no reason why you can't stay profitable at high tiers.
  2. As far as I know, Laurels indicate that you can buy the ship for dubloons in the tech tree. The chain means that they're not on the tech tree at that moment. IE: All of my FXP ships have chains. The likes of Hood, Warspite, Perth have Laurels. Haida, which I payed cash for, has a chain (It's not in the tech tree atm)
  3. Exactly! Imagine finding that, kilometers away, with a pair of binoculars. Then you just have to figure out which way it's going, and how fast... Not an easy task.
  4. TheOmegaDuck

    Halsey best class?

    His bonuses (Expert Loader/Expert Marksman) suit the BBs the best. His special abilities (From Confederate and Double Strike) benefit cruisers more imo. You can get confederate in a BB, but Double strike is easier to get in something that shoots quickly. I've got him in my DM atm. It can use expert marksman, and it has the guns to get both special abilities. I originally put him in my Worcester, but she doesn't really need either of the bonuses since she reloads quickly, and the turret traverse is fine. Basically - Do you want him for the captain skill bonuses, or for the achievement special abilities?
  5. TheOmegaDuck

    PSA - Free Captain Respec's Expire < 24 Hours

    Honestly, if they're going to be playing with AA balance over the next couple patches, they should really just leave it free until they're done. (IE 8.1 or 8.2). I'm all for the rework and trying to make it work, but if AA's going to be useless stock in one patch (8.0) and then half decent (8.0.1), it's going to change how much you need to spec into each thing. Even if subsequent patches only tweak AA strength, it could still mean the difference between needing AA skils/modules, or working with other ones. Remove the free captain retrains (500dubs when you put a captain on a new ship), leave captain respecs and module demounts as they are until the balance is mostly complete. I can't imagine that WG will lose much income off of it, and tbh, they need some good press/reactions right now.
  6. TheOmegaDuck

    Konig Albert is for sale

    Like I said, I really don't think you photoshopped it. I meant it more as a cheeky comment. I am curious why we're only seeing it in Brazil though. I could understand if it was a pan-american ship, but K-A's German. Could it have something to do with the time zones maybe? (Brazil being 2h ahead of eastern canada and 3h ahead of eastern usa?)
  7. TheOmegaDuck

    Konig Albert is for sale

    Same here. Either they limited it to certain countries (Not USA or Canada by the looks of it), or the OP is very skilled in the art of photoshop. (For the record, I'm not accusing the OP of making this up, I truely believe that WG region locked it if it was intended to be released at all.)
  8. TheOmegaDuck

    POLL: Have you actually played less post 0.8.0?

    I've played slightly less, but I voted for "about the same". I've actually enjoyed parts of the CV rework, and I just unlocked and bought Worcester (My last T10 CA/CL) last night. There's still plenty there I'd like to do, but the reality is that we're coming off of a crazy high peak with all the Halloween/Subs/Black Friday/Christmas events, and you've got to slow down at some point before you burn out.
  9. Honestly, I'm mildly surprised they didn't drop them down to T6 so we had premiums at more than one tier. That said, I have to echo what everyone else has said - Hold on to them. I believe they're supposed to be refundable until 8.2? I'd consider holding them until shortly before that drops - It'll give you the best idea if/how badly they suffer.
  10. TheOmegaDuck

    No triangle indicators on Hakuryu torpedoes

    It may or may not be related, but I had a game last night where a Hak dropped me, and while I couldn't see the torps or the indicator, I could hear the torpedo warning sound the moment the torps hit the water. Sounds like there's several bugs there atm.
  11. TheOmegaDuck

    A/C icons

    It's a fighter that a carrier deployed. The circle shows their patrol range.
  12. I hate to say it, but this was on their website, the forums, the dev blog, the patch notes, etc for... 2 months now? They even specifically mentioned that it was extended when they delayed 8.0. Aside from a bunch of giant neon arrows in port, I don't see how they could improve it. They did their due diligence.
  13. TheOmegaDuck

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    I don't mind it, but I'm very aware I have no idea what I'm doing w/ respect to CVs. Biggest thing right now is getting used to the AA mechanics change and actually having CVs in the game. Games seem fairly stagnant at the moment though, DD's don't want to push (I don't blame them), and everyone wants to stay together to avoid the CVs. We should start another poll in a week or two's time - I'd be curious to see if opinions change once the meta settles down a bit.
  14. TheOmegaDuck

    1st time accused of Cheating by another player

    Honestly? I'd take it as a sign that you know what you're doing. Everything you're describing sounds like a standard, well-thought out play. If sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, then sufficiently advanced intelligence/strategy is indistinguishable from hacks (for a fool)
  15. TheOmegaDuck

    Lol 15km radar on Soviet tier VIII-X BBs

    That's my issue with it right now. It's borderline useless in 95% of scenerios. In the remaining 5, it's got potential to be more OP than well... just about anything I can think of. This hinges on how the guns perform of course... If we get German BB guns, it might work out through a sheer inability to hit anything easily. If we get IJN or USN guns though, it could be horrifying.