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  1. TheOmegaDuck

    I steam on YouTube but should I TWITCH?

    LOL - Respect = Listening? Yeah.... you're not being censored here.... It's not your music after all.
  2. TheOmegaDuck

    I steam on YouTube but should I TWITCH?

    There's a minor difference between driving with your immediate family in a car, and streaming music over the internet.....
  3. TheOmegaDuck


    Move over and hand me some!
  4. Nice. I will say, despite all of WG's faults, they make REALLY good graphics in WOWS. It's amazing too - I can tell that the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th images were from WOWS, but if I were to see the 2nd or the 6th outside of these forums, I'd assume it was a completely different game. Say what you will about subs, but I bet when they get here we'll be able to get some amazing shots.
  5. TheOmegaDuck

    If I were in WG's shoes, I would do this:

    This is exactly it - in WOWS, ships are designed to play a certain way, to work with certain setups and not with others. But, because we have Nations and famous ships here, and people have connections to them, people seem to want to play their particular nation+ship in their own way, when it's not intended for that. Yamato is a longer ranged sniper. It relies on it's larger guns to punch through armor. It's secondaries and AA are mediocre, and it has well known armor weaknesses. You can play her as a secondary brawler, but it's not how she was intended. GK is a shorter ranged brawler. It has turtleback armor which prevents citadel hits at close range. The accuracy of it's main guns isn't the best (So you can't really snipe), but it has great secondaries. You could try and sit at the back and snipe, but you're gonna get frustrated fast - she's not meant to play that way. This does mean that some ships won't be as useful as others, depending on what the Meta looks like at any given time. It's the same as any game though - There are some things that work (And so people use them), and there are others that just straight up don't (So people don't play them). Ideally, you should be able to play whatever you want, but Meta wise, it's just never gonna happen. There's a dozen different examples like this in the game.
  6. TheOmegaDuck

    If I were in WG's shoes, I would do this:

    Some interesting ideas here. 1) I'll stop you right now, it'll never happen. There was an uproar when WG tried to do that to GC, there'd be another uproar if they did it to Belfast. IMO, the solution is to duplicate belfast at T8 (Adjusting stats if necessary for balance), and call it Liverpool or Glasgow or something. 2) 100% agreed, I'm minorly surprised this wasn't announced instead of a Russian cruiser split. WG's got plenty of material here, and it's well overdue. 3) I get the sense that they're already on this, even if their nerfs are a little.... "small and slow". TBH, Krem's armor is already pretty bad when she's not bow in, but a small health drop could be in order. 4) No, I think they're OK. Not every BB needs usable secondaries, or a health buff. If Yamo or Monty need changes, I don't think their health pools are the place to go. 5) No. French and German BBs are supposed to be special because of their secondaries - Not every BB needs to be a close range brawler (And let's face it, some of them don't have the armor to allow it - e.g Conq) 6) Smolensk is overpowered, but she's a bit of a boogeyman as well. I don't really want to touch this one because most players (including myself) don't have a strong enough grasp of game mechanics to really understand what's happening (IE her near-immunity to broadside BB cits because of shell penetration mechanics) - it's complicated. 7) Russian radar is only as powerful as it is because of the general nerf made to radar a years or so ago (the 10s delay before targets appear gave radars a duration buff). There's a case to be made for lowering it by say 5s, but I'd keep the distance as is. 8) I mean... sure? ok? I can get why WG doesn't devote alot of resources here. T2 ships aren't able to complete most directives or missions (T5+), and even if they were, it'd be rather difficult to complete (Think about getting 100k+damage in T2 ships, or 60K base XP). The expectation amongst the playerbase is that T2 ships will be cheap, but developing a ship (I'd imagine) costs roughly the same for a T2 or a T10. That means that you need to sell alot more T2 ships to break even, and not everyone's interested in T2 ships (See my comment about directives/missions). Let's be honest here, what's the relative populations at T2, T7 and T10? Really, T2 BBs are one of those playerbase wishes that may make plenty of sense gameplay wise, but little to no sense business wise. Small playerbase + same development cost + lower sell = We really can't expect WG to focus there. 9) No. Please no. I'm all for lowering Clan battle tiers and/or team sizes, but my lower limit would be T5. Yes, there should be some variety outside of just T10, but T2/3/4 is a step too far. You want something at the level of clan battles at that tier? Organize a tournament or something. My prediction would be that dropping Clan battles to T2/3 would see a small surge in players early on, and then it would disintegrate within a week. Edit - Kebobstuzov makes a good point here - There's alot of midtier ships that were removed because they were overpowered, and each ranked sprint session you can see them dominating the game. It'd be the same in Clan battles. 10) Yes. Absolutely. I'm not really sure why WG decided to go (IT) CA > (RN) CA > (PE) DD > (RU) CA in their progression. Italian BBs really should have been the next line after Pan-European DDs, hopefully we'll see them next.
  7. TheOmegaDuck

    The Italian CA line: its not them, its you.

    Honestly, people need to play the full line before they write the Italian CAs off. I haven't played the T1-T4 (Got the T5 in a container), but T5, T6 and T7 were just painful to play. T8 got better, but still wasn't great. T9 was a decent ship once fully upgraded, and Venezia is a solid ship. She's become one of my go to cruisers (Especially since Henri got nerfed). Run double rudder shift, pay attention to where the shells are coming from, and she'll get you home every time.
  8. TheOmegaDuck

    Should I get a Friesland?

    Next two FXP ships are DDs - I believe T10 French and Pan-European. Marceau... and Smalland? (Can't remember what the tech tree ship was) As for when, I'd suspect they'll be released arund when the Pan-European line goes in, so roughly April or May. Stop being a pessimist/jerk - WG's openly said what the next FXP, Coal and Steel ships will be - It was on the dev blog a week or two ago.
  9. That would be a valid argument - if HE damage never existed. If armor was actually capable. Who in their right mind would ever play a BB, when you could play a HE spammer CA?
  10. TheOmegaDuck

    The Wager: Fire & Citadels

    Ahh, ok, that would make more sense.
  11. TheOmegaDuck

    The Wager: Fire & Citadels

  12. TheOmegaDuck

    The Wager: Fire & Citadels

    My average in Hindy is somewhere around 12-13 fires a game. It's doable, but it'll take a bit of focus to do. I think Mix has the right idea - get a ship with fast guns and low alpha, and then get a whole bunch of citadels quickly. You need something that'll cit, but won't kill the target quickly.
  13. TheOmegaDuck

    What is Goliaths point?

    YES! I need to remember to do this when I get mine
  14. TheOmegaDuck

    Post your SC loot here

    100 India X-Rays (+fire chance, +detonation chance). It's not terrible, I do actually use them at least - Only issues is I already had 450 of them. Oh well, at least all the coal I got halved the distance between me and Georgia (sitting at 200k right now)
  15. TheOmegaDuck

    PSA: Free Loot !! w0ot!

    That's my thought exactly - Forget the supercontainer, with my clan bonus, it's like 40ish coal drops. Georgia, here I come!