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  1. TheOmegaDuck

    Battleship Game Mode

  2. TheOmegaDuck

    Why Viribus Unitus is the Best Ship in WOWS

    It's the best ship to train yourself on in the game (If you can make that bucket work, you can play anything at unicum strength!) Ok, That's just hillarious.
  3. TheOmegaDuck

    Next coal ships??

    At the moment, yes.
  4. TheOmegaDuck

    Sold Friesland - After One Battle

    As I understand it, the FXP price isn't about buying the ship - It's to research it (Just like if you were to FXP directly to Yamato for example). The 1 credit is the purchase price, and what you pay every time you bring it back.
  5. TheOmegaDuck

    Anniversery Super Containers

    I had kind of hoped to get a ship or some dubs in the SCs, but no luck there. I did however get 100k FXP which allowed me to get Friesland, and 30k coal wasn't bad either. I know a clanmate who got an Alabama out of them though, so there were some big rewards going around.
  6. TheOmegaDuck

    Back from a Long Break

    It's "Easier" to "Balance" In terms of the best lines (IMO, obviously) - DD: - British DDs, hands down. They don't get speed boost, but they get short duration smokes and hydro which are both great for getting yourself out of trouble. - If you want to play with torps, the IJN DD line's your best bet (Shima, not Harugumo) - The IJN split (Harugumo) really starts at T8. The T5, T6 and T7 don't get the dakka playstyle that their older brothers have. - American DDs aren't bad, but their torp ranges are pretty short until T8 I believe. - French and Russian DDs (Khaba side) play pretty similar - High speed gunboats. The french get gun reload boosters (NO smoke), the Russians get to choose between smoke and a heal from T8+. - BB: - I would say that British BBs are easier to learn because you can just shoot HE - you don't really have to worry about armor layouts and/or enemies angling. - American BBs are slow up until T8, but they've got good AA, and decent guns. If you can handle the speed, it a good line. - Germans have good armor, but bad guns. I found them very frustrating to play. - Low tier French BBs basically specialise in lots shells. Lyon (T7) and Normandie (T6) are pretty fun to play. - CA/CL: - French CAs are probably the easiest to learn - American CA/CLs can do really well, but it's usually a matter of learning how to hide behind islands and still get your shots off. - I'd say that the T5, T6 and T10 German cruisers are really good. That said, I wasn't really fond of T4, T7, T8 and the T9 could be difficult to use well. CV: - They're nowhere near as hard to learn as they used to be in the RTS days. If you're looking for something different, it wouldn't hurt to try. - That said, AA can be monstrous at certain tiers, or pretty much non-existant. - Since they're only every 2 tiers now, you have to grind each ship almost twice as much to progess. - In terms of best line, Americans get good rockets, HE bombs, and mediocre torps. Japanese get ok rockets, AP bombs, and good torps. Brits get carpet bombs (I can't comment on the brits, I've only got the T4 myself)
  7. TheOmegaDuck

    30% coupon expired, damn

    It's weird. I started playing WOT a bit this past winter, and it seems like I get coupons every week or two there... Here, I can't remember the last coupon I saw. (The killer thing is that I won't buy a whole lot of stuff in WOT because I'm not good enough to use it... Here, if they gave me a coupon I'd definitely buy something)
  8. TheOmegaDuck

    Great work on the audio!

    Loved my games tonight. Every single GK secondary or Mino shell sounded like two supertankers hitting each other at Mach speeds. My own guns sounded like a nervous fart in a crowded room. Keep the tinnitus coming WG! Between medical issues and gameplay issues, you may have a real winner here!
  9. TheOmegaDuck

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Just played a round in GK and Hindy. The issues I've found: - Incoming fire is insanely loud. Way too loud. Your own guns might as well be whispers in comparison. Changing the gunfire slider doesn't help at all. **This is almost a breaking point for me. If I want to hear any of my own fire (helpful), I nearly go deaf when a Mino (or any other fast firing ship) starts shooting me** - Torp reload ding is too quiet - Ribbon noises (when you hit something) is too quiet. - F-key noises are almost unintelligible. - Plane engines (IE spotter planes/fighters) are too loud. Also - That klaxon you added to the fire is annoying. Can it be disabled? I've actually repaired a few solo fires tonight because the noise was driving me crazy
  10. TheOmegaDuck

    0.8.8 Supercontainer Rant/Disappointment Thread

    I was worried that they'd remove SCs from the anniversary because people had complained. I'm very glad to see I was wrong. The complaining though... that part I was right about.
  11. TheOmegaDuck

    Russian B**crapOP cruisers and battleship

    I love this. Two of the most hated (Or at least vocally complained about) groups - British BBs, and USN/IJN/RN CVs - become the saviors of the complainers from death by Stalinium. Beautifully Poetic.
  12. lm@o.... WG, you're not getting my phone number. I already get enough emails from you. I'm curious what they mean about bonus codes only coming via SMS - Does that mean they won't give them out on stream for some reason? Seems kind of odd from a player engagement point of view.
  13. TheOmegaDuck

    Clan Wars Reprieve for Hurricane Dorian

    As one of my friends likes to joke, "The plan to give each ship to it's namesake state was going great until they hit the USS Wyoming"
  14. We can - we totally can. Look at my other post in the thread - A possible way to make RCN/Commonwealth DDs with ASW. My post was in response to OPs, which seeminly wanted to ignore the Italian and other European navies for the RCN, a line which would largely be copies of existing RN/USN ships. His point about the RCN being the fourth largest navy in '45 wasn't the best support either - the RCN was mostly small ships, and hadn't experienced the same difficulties that the Germans, Japanese, French, etc had. To be clear here - I'm Canadian. I'd love to see RCN DDs in the game. Ultimately, WG can only do so much at once, and in that light, the RCN shouldn't be as much of a priority as lines which would have unique ships - Italian CAs/BBs/DDs, Pan-European ships, etc
  15. The best justification I can come up with for incorporating a line of RCN (Commonwealth) DDs (Since they would be entirely RN/USN designs) would be an ASW-focused DD. Canada didn't have a huge battlefleet. It's not know for things like Jutland, Midway, the Solomen Islands, etc. What the RCN did do was convoy duty in the North Atlantic - which would involve subs. Once subs have been fully added to the main game (Let's be honest here, we all know WG's gonna do it eventually), I could easily see RCN DDs being added. Now? It's a combination of previously-visited territory and more important lines.