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  1. TheOmegaDuck

    Preliminary skills tables

    There's more to it. One of the features of SHS is the improved auto-richochet angles. I don't believe there's a skill which affects that.
  2. TheOmegaDuck

    Grinding for 1.2M ECXP

    I've managed to get just over 5M. Don't see myself getting to 6. As for where I'll put them, who knows. Choosing 4 captains of the 30 or so I have will be interesting.
  3. TheOmegaDuck

    Which coal ship should I get after thunderer

    Exactly what I was thinking. I presume he means Georgia.
  4. TheOmegaDuck

    Ships no longer available

    In no particular order: Smolensk, Missouri, Musashi, Kronshtadt, Jean Bart, Enterprise, Benham, Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast (The original, not '43), Giulio Cesare, Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, Fujin, Gremyaschy, Imperator Nikolai I. Soon to be followed by Somers (She may be back, we don't know), Thunderer, Georgia, and Massachusetts.
  5. TheOmegaDuck

    4 days to spare

    Nice! I've managed to finish off most of the 15 - 20 that I had. I've just got Midway's left now - I need 40k BXP before the New Year.
  6. Like Compass said, there's a handful of "Ok" AA platforms, e.g. Halland, Minotaur, Wooster etc. You could try speccing AA on them, but don't expect it to be crazy effective in most random games. It'll take planes down, sure, but it won't stop the CV from killing you if they want to. Case in point, I had a game in my Halland the other night VS a Midway. I was dead in under 5 minutes to his planes in two strike waves. There's no denying he got rather lucky in his bomb/rocket drops, but there's also no denying that my AA did very little to dissuade him. (It's worth noting that I was with allied AA support for one of those drops as well)
  7. Wait until he realizes that he can't use the torpedo skills on his BB either...
  8. Relax folks, the coupons expiring just means that the next set will be issued the next day. This is the same thing that happened in June, last December, etc
  9. I'm not really surprised. I was in a game a few months ago against at WG employee. I was in Goliath, or one of my other T10ish cruisers. He was in a DD. I was trying to push a flank to put pressure on the red BBs so that my team would have a hope of winning. He took this as me specifically going after him - despite the fact that I hadn't shot him, or even in his general direction. So he decided to taunt me all game, including once I died to one of the BBs. I called him on it the taunting, and said that it wasn't really becoming of an employee. He said that my language was against TOS (I have no idea why, I hadn't used any), and I should be more careful if I didn't want to get banned. The best part was the next game we had a player go into a full f-bomb rage, so it made the entire situation even more laughable.
  10. TheOmegaDuck

    Dubloon Ship question

    In general, you're going to find that of the ships in that list, Lenin will brawl the best (As it's a BB and it has the HP/armor to do so). That said, I looked up your stats (Mostly to see if you had a Mass so I could suggest it), and I see you play coop more than Randoms. I think you could use just about any of those ships in a brawl in Coop. I'd consider the Eugen. The heal's good, the reload beats Atagos, and her torp angles are better which will help with the brawling. Yes, she's been power crept a bit, but I wouldn't worry too much about that in Coop. Eugen will do well.
  11. TheOmegaDuck

    Are you sure about this? Wargaming!

    You know, I really appreciate WG giving us these missions for those of us who already have the regular ships. But, given that half of the playerbase (Each year now, mind you) has shown that it can't read, I wonder how long until they just axe the missions entirely?
  12. TheOmegaDuck

    Pearl Harbor- Minute by Minute- Powered by World of Warships

    I haven't watched their video yet, but they're a youtube channel - I doubt this will make it to cable (Unless they've specifically said otherwise) They're worth checking out. They're working through WW2 week by week now, and I believe they've already done so for WW1 already.
  13. TheOmegaDuck

    How do I buy a ship from WOW

    I'm surprised you had an issue with Paypal. I've used them multiple times (More than I'd like to admit), and I've never had a single issue. Credit cards, I've had issues buying from Eastern Europe before. But never Paypal.
  14. TheOmegaDuck

    pink due to ISP?

    Heck, can the servers even tell the difference between a network issue and the game itself crashing? I'm pretty sure I've seen threads where people complained about becoming pink because their game crashed. You can make the same argument with game crashing VS killing the game yourself that you can with the network line, but the bottom line throughout all of these is that "you're gonna be pink, it's largely irrelevant, don't worry". OP, I've seen people go pink when a single shell hits an ally that sailed too close (in front) of them. Personally, I don't care about pink players anymore. There's no way to distinguish between players with network issues, players who have the misfortune of being on the buggy end of WG's systems, players who accidentally hit an ally with a shell while they were zoomed in, and the actual jerks who will torp/shoot their allies. Combine that with the fact it only takes 3-4 games to remove the pink status, and I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  15. TheOmegaDuck

    New User first impressions of this game

    Look, I won't lie, T7 can be in a tough spot in most 7-9 games. That said, You really need to play more before you run up the tiers. You think T7 VS T9 is bad, wait till you hit T10 VS T10. Yes, there's a tier element in how you're going to perform, but there's a huge player skill element in there at the same time. I know someone who raced up to Amagi (IJN T8 BB), and complained that it was useless. He was charging into the middle of the fray each battle instead of hanging back a bit and picking his fights. On this front - How have you been playing Gneis? You need to pick your fights. Just because you have torps doesn't mean you should be able to use them 24/7.