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  1. TheOmegaDuck

    Your monthly super container

    15000 Coal. Pretty good, all things considered.
  2. TheOmegaDuck

    Just Now on NA server - 1CV, 5DDs, 2 SSs.

    WG's response will be that the limits on subs/DDs are dependent on how long the first person waits in queue - If a player waits too long, the restrictions are removed. My response after getting stuck in a few of these games as the sole cruiser on my team is that they really need to increase that time limit.
  3. TheOmegaDuck

    Is WoW truly consumer driven?

    Honestly, that's all stuff which has been suggested before, and largely ignored. WG has the CCs and supertesters which are ostensibly there to fill just that roll. Some in these groups may disagree, but the sense I've gotten from some of the more longtime members was that WG isn't really interested in their opinions unless it matched WG's opinion. There's a long line of PR disasters related to this. As for the salt, it's been a growing thing over years of WG making decisions which vocal parts of the playerbase disagree with. Some people are tired of the direction WG is taking the game. Some people are just getting tired of the game in general and want to move towards content they find more fun (I believe Flambass falls here). There was also a massive PR dumpster fire last summer over the Yukon and WG's treatment of certain CC/contributors which caused several CCs to leave the program altogether.
  4. TheOmegaDuck

    WG Please Make Ocean Great Again

    That's brilliant. WG, PLEASE!
  5. Personally, I think it's unlikely. The PA DDs may share components of their models (e.g the 5"/38 gun turrets), but they're not identical to the USN DDs. A good example would be the bridges of Fletcher and Chung Mu - Note the changes to the front of it. Given how long it's taken WG to go back and fix the issues with the American DDs (This has been in the works for a few years now), I don't see them taking the time to remodel the PA DDs. That should be Hsienyang (Benson). Yueyang is a Sumner - They came between Fletchers and Gearings.
  6. TheOmegaDuck

    25% off Coupon date in armory change?

    You're not alone. I could have sworn that it reset on the 26th. But, here we are.
  7. TheOmegaDuck

    Can I buy the azur lane commanders with CBS gift card?

    Use the cards to buy dubs, then use the dubs to buy the commanders?
  8. Item wise, you only get whatever rewards are listed for the extra tasks. The only real difference if you complete all of the missions is a little star in the place of the mission set number on the campaign screen (See below)
  9. Are you asking if you get any bonuses for making an entire collection from/without premium crates? If so, the only difference between the two is the amount of money left in your wallet.
  10. TheOmegaDuck

    Anyone Know What The New Eula Updates Were

    Maybe some language changes re WG's departure from Russia/Belarus? e.g removing references to the russian server or something?
  11. TheOmegaDuck

    So What's the word out on the Brest?

    I'm personally waiting for the 2 Brest + Wooster divs.... We'll see how mature in-game chat can be then.
  12. TheOmegaDuck

    USS Halford (Fletcher class DD)

    Instead of "Halford", how about "Pringle". Same concept, same layout, but a lot more interesting options. (Could a division of Pringles be called a can?)
  13. TheOmegaDuck

    WG any new coal and RB coming.

    Yeah, I'm with you on this. WG's said it has a vulnerable citadel. Given that their definition of "vulnerable" tends to veer closer to my definition of "painfully obvious weakness", I'm skeptical as to how good it will be. If they had made the secondaries 2-3 of the triple 155s /side, it might work, but I don't know that the 8 100mm will cut it.
  14. TheOmegaDuck

    WG any new coal and RB coming.

    Back in Jan/Feb (Before everything w/ Russia/Ukraine completely hit the fan) it seemed as if WG was having a hard time balancing her (Sevastopol) with the frequent (and large, if memory serves) changes which were being applied. I don't really know that the current geopolitical situation really applies. The ship isn't real anyways - WG could change the name on a whim if they wanted to.
  15. TheOmegaDuck

    Question about RB

    I just reset my Haru line for the second time. This is where you want to look. Note that the RB symbol at the bottom of the Shima and Hak lines doesn't say x2 anymore, but when I mouse over the RB symbol on top of Haru, it says x4. It's still a little confusing because it lists the non-multiplied RB points (6000) instead of the multiplied points, but that's just the way it works.