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  1. Yeah you can do the UU with no camos and flags, no needed, just play :) All the special flags and camos are a hodl. I think I haven't use any of the special flags since they entered the game (maybe some for another grind) but most of them are rewards and stuff from different missions. I feel bad using them on this grind? Honetly, no. They were just sitting there with no use and finishing almost 40k to YY sounds good to me. I'm not a huge fan of using special flags/camos to quickly grind lines. This was an exceptional one.
  2. Did a before/after sreenshoot, because I wanted to know also, unfortunately, I use them all lol: In numbers: For de CA Mission: Minotaur - 20 random battles (this was full flags for the first 14, then I had 1 special flag less, so next 6 was with less xp) For the BB Mission: Conq - 28 random battles (this I started with 2 less special flags) For the DD: I didn't have any PA nor RN +T8, so I grinded bedore Dir 7, a bit of gadhja, 14 games, good results, then I bought Hsienyang same day Dir 7 opened. Hsienyang - 14 random battles (terrible, terrible WR, 39%) Chung Mu - 19 random battles (68% WR) So overall, 33 random battles with DD's but that was because I was almost with non flags. I ended up only using camo + ESCL. For the last 50k of the last mission (cause 350x3 won't get you the 1.1kk) I use smolensk and mino, only their own camo + ESCL. I think it was 6 or 7 more battles. For Camos: I used type 49 (+200%), Stars n stripes (+125%) and the only 14 Mosaic (+400%) I had. I'm out of all of the 3 camos now. Overall, i'm happy, cause i'm almost at YY, so special flags and camo didn't go to waste (at least part of them). Dir 7, if you have full flags and full camos and also a T10 DD (not my case), I think you can do it in 1 day, 60 battles without problem, pretty sure you will do it in less battles, your numbers are way better than mines.
  3. Directive VII DONE! PR grind DONE! Updated main post
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    finally this ended! Hall of Fame
  5. I did the math about it, believe or not, I need to do directive 7 cause at the end I will be ONLY 1kk short (50.2kk vs 51.3kk of the PR). That means I have time till the last minute of the event to finish directive 7 (cause of the 2.500.000 instant boost). Yeah, I can buy the 6k doubloon boster whenever I want and PR is insta completed but I started this as a free grind process so i'm staying with it. If I can't make it 1 hour till the event finish, I'll probably just buy the premium booster just to not waste all the effort but I'll defently try to do it 100% free. I'm not even counting mosaic for directive 7, since I only have 14 of those, and special flags, I can do only like 30ish battles full. So, yeah hehe will be hard but not impossible , Guess I will make mino, conq and whatever DD I'll use shine during those days. Hope I get decent teams, some luck might be needed.
  6. Completly agree, it's 99.9% impossible
  7. Yeah, it's nearly impossible, I was just answering to the question of the 2,250 where they come from
  8. 9 of the 10 missions from directive 7 gives you 250 steel when you finish it, so 9 missions finished = 2,250 steel.
  9. Yeah, missing the dailys cost me the extra time for 5 and 6, you are right. Oh well, time to think about directive 7. Any suggestions? Seems like I will do the three 350k ones, and that will complete the credit and 1.1k one. Seems best? What do you think or recommend for dir 7?
  10. Yeah, checked the math. If I had finished directive 5 on the 28th and directive 6 on the 01st, and buy those the same day, will not need to do directive 7 even missing dailys, oh well
  11. No, I have checked the math and cause I did the event in a nice speed, even if I missed the dailys at first, it was all about directive 5 and 6, and that's the 10hs I was talking about between @Kemi337 time and mine. He finished them the first day, I finished them 5 and 5hs later. I checked with the spreedsheet, if I had bought the 6 token same day (28th) and 7 token also same day (01th) that directives were opened, I won't need to do directive 7. In my case, it didn't depend on dailys, it was all down to the speed of directive 5 and 6. Unfortunately for me, i will have to struggle with directive VII hehe