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  1. However, now the update is freezing again like after most WG updates. After a few months with relatively little trouble, and no crashing/freezing for a long time, game crashes are reintroduced. Seems like this is WOWS main feature sometimes. Reports.zip
  2. Yep, that version is visible. Loaded WGC, launched WOWS. Thank you.
  3. If you have a Time Machine backup of your /Users/~/Library/Application Support/Wargaming.net Game Center from yesterday morning, just move the Wargaming.net Game Center folder that is in ~/Library/Application Support folder now to the desktop. Then restore /Users/~/Library/Application Support/Wargaming.net Game Center from the Time Machine backup. If you do not have a time machine backup… 😢 I tried reinstalling repeatedly also, but there is something wrong with the update and no matter what you do, when Wargaming.net Game Center launches it will update and the interface will disappear. Much of 2019 has been marked by broken and even unplayable WOWS updates. I effectively lost months of premium, which has kinda put me off the game. But at least in this case if you can return your game to the state it was in yesterday, the update will run when you launch, and although the interface will promptly disappear, you will be able to run WOWS from the OPEN command in the file menu. WorldOfWarships.exe is located here —> /Users/~/Library/Application Support/Wargaming.net Game Center/Bottles/wargaminggamecenter64/drive_c/Games/World_of_Warships_NA/WorldOfWarships.exe
  4. After Wargaming.net Game Center updated to Version 3.3.2 (3.3.2) today the interface window is there, but entirely transparent and you cannot interact with it. If you hit FN-F3 you can hover over the blank window and even move it about. But you cannot use any of the interface. However you can launch WOWS from the Game Center anyway by going to the File menu at the top –> Open –> /Users/~/Library/Application Support/Wargaming.net Game Center/Bottles/wargaminggamecenter64/drive_c/Games/World_of_Warships_NA/WorldOfWarships.exe.
  5. Shockingly, although updates to WOWS were often unplayable for months earlier this year, I am having no problem whatsoever (so far) with on WOWS NA. Is super unexpected.
  6. For Pity’s sake do not ‘upgrade’ your OS for the sake of Wargaming. That is opening a whole other can of worms with hours of worm troubleshooting and lost functionality. I have been using High Sierra for a year and a half and these WOWS problems come and go. It is not your operating system.
  7. How would that pad their revenue?
  8. It is hard to post here without swearing. The game was stable for a couple or a few months. And then we got another feature update with content that really adds nothing to the game. And freezes are back. Please, PLEASE Wargaming STOP releasing content updates and concentrate on fixing your broken code.
  9. Yay! After months of almost no crashes or freezes, another fatuous WOWS update brings them back. How I missed letting my team down by inexplicably freezing, struggling to force-quit the game, struggling to get it to relaunch, waiting endlessly for the ever slower log-in and then discovering that I am already sunk. This is so much fun. Best game feature ever. Glad to see you put it back in.
  10. I also have been frustrated by broken updates to this software. However I might ask, why would you need to update your operating system? Do not install a new version of macOS and you will be fine in that respect. Never update any software if you can possibly avoid doing so.
  11. After many weeks of blessed stability the latest client update has brought renewed in-game freezes and today, a new feature, continually getting logged out and/or not successfully logging in. Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro6,1 Processor Name: 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 Processor Speed: 3 GHz Chipset Model: AMD FirePro D700 VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 6144 MB
  12. Ha ha. Game center theoretically downloaded the update yesterday. However now it is trying to download again and got stuck at 4% and will not move.
  13. The wargaminggamecenter-3.1.0_beta4.dmg should fix the game. If it works on some machines and not others, except possibly very old machines, I would guess that there has been a procedural problem with your clean install. Remember to manually remove every file associated with the old installation from Applications, from ~/Library/Application Support, from ~/Library/Preferences before starting to install the beta game center. Search and delete all WOWS files from your user Library. I hope this helps, cause you should feel the relief of having a fully functional WOWS. It is awesome.
  14. Another day, another, “OMGGs! WOWS plays just fine without continually crashing.” No crashes, no lagg, no freezes, no graphical glitches on custom low settings which as Taylor3006 points out look fine. Oh what a day! Oh what a glorious day!
  15. I just played for about an hour on a Mac Pro running High Sierra. I had the problems you are reporting, but I did a clean install from the “wargaminggamecenter-3.1.0_beta4.dmg” and WOWS is perfectly playable now. So, it is unfair to say support has just laughed at Mac users. They have released the beta wrapper and will release a full new wrapper in the summer probably. They have been active of late on this thread and as of yesterday there is a fix for mac users, I used it and it is fixed.