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  1. _Pixi_

    The flamethrower Meta

    I don't run IFHE on my smol and I'm able to consistantly damage BB's, HE at range and AP at close. I ran IFHE + range at first then switch to a gunboat build. With the proposed IFHE changes I doubt i'll change back. She works fine and can average 120k i think
  2. "will trigger special events" We know you loved PR, so here's another ship! Get your Hayate and start building it in your Drydocks today!!!
  3. I'll take the 50x flags over 4x camos anyday
  4. I think christmas '17 was the last really good year? Could be wrong. The rates have really dwindled. At least last year there was a set pool that it would pick from for each crate before moving to the general pool. gave you a bit more options on what you wanted
  5. If you're only looking for ships than chances are alot of 'crates' will never actually be worth it. (aside from the x5 camos) the mega crate camo drops aren't the worst in the world and can help with grinds Personally would've preferred they put some 100x normal signals in the mega's
  6. _Pixi_

    Double secret probation IFHE ships?

    Hinden has baked in 1/4 pen, meaning without IFHE you pen 50, with you pen 65. Pretty sure this only allows you to pen soviet deck armor (@60mm)? Don't have access to the game rn but personally I have my Hinden points allocated elsewhere. I do use it on my HIV for the 50mm pen however
  7. As for IFHE, I don't run it on my Smol atm and I still average 120k a game in her. This'll just free up my last 4 points. The armor change OTOH is something that will probably require testing just to see how she fairs
  8. "Competitive" (being used loosely) Gamemode = More skill required. Interesting What's the situation. Did someone just smoke? Easy to shoot if you know where they're sitting. Last known position markers and tagergeting circle on Minimap help enemies target you. Then there's always the lucky educated guess What ships? If a BB goes out of their way to shoot your turrets, chances are they'll succeed if they know what they're doing at that range. Doesn't really matter if it's never happened before to you? Turrets breaking is just a matter of shell placement. As a cruiser main, if you know how cruiser player's 'dodge', it's relatively easy to hit them even if they're running away. You also just said a High RoF ship was able to tag you. Well yeah, he has high ROF, he's bound to make one land if he knows what he's doing. I doubt every single shot hit. Not sure why people jump to the conclusion that people are cheating. Post replays if you're concerned, Mods and players can take a look and provide more insightful feedback. From my sample size of 5,000 games I've never encountered anything I would consider 'cheating'. Sure when I was new to the game there was "unexplainable' situations, but that's just because I was unfamiliar with mechanics. I've played against a JB one time who took a Devstrike from my div mate. He gave full broadside, then proceeded to complain in chat that we were cheating. After reviewing his stats it became apparent that he was too new to the game and bought the JB and had no idea how the game mechanics worked.
  9. Well soon you'll be able to earn TX PR for grinding , which aside from say Alaska B, is worth more than any of the black ships
  10. _Pixi_

    Black Scharnhost personal quest

    "...If you already have the standard counterpart of a ship that dropped from a container..." Seems pretty defined?
  11. _Pixi_

    Black Scharnhost personal quest

    The combat missions are pretty clearly explained if you read the details of the bundle. If you can't be bothered to read it, that's your problem I've jumped the guns before, I accept fault for those situation.
  12. _Pixi_

    PSA: Black Ships and the Doubloon Mission

    Considering on the 1:35 conversion rate it still would amount to spending 1,000,000 FXP and receiving 187,500 FXP worth back. (Think it's only like $15 CAD worth of doubloons anyway)
  13. I think I can just squeeze in the 7th directive while having 12 TX's I like to see that this at least requires people to own a TX before they can get one for free, but honestly when it comes down to what Nations/classes you have unlocked it can be kinda meh if you're unlucky
  14. Didn't they also change the protected rank from R12 to R10 with the tier split? I think that was where a lot of the hate was directed since it kept more people in the 10 and lower bracket. It's been awhile though so I could be wrong.
  15. Well if you're in the Baltimore you only have a 27mm bow -- against the Bismarck that's fine but any 406 shell is going to overmatch any angling on your bow, which may be what you are experiencing. The american CA's was one of the first lines I ground when I started playing. Initially i was like "bow in is the best" which may be fine for the new orleans at her tier, but once you start fighting more T9/10 , the bow in tactic works in very situational circumstances. It comes down to knowing what's around you and what you're susceptible to. 406 shells? Sure I can kite in / kite out angled, 429? keep my distance. Other times it benefits to be close depending on your ship (i.e Smolensk) because any high caliber shell will just overpen. Here's a replay of a DM game from awhile ago that is probably one of my best. Cruisers suffer from the fact that positioning is key, you over extend? you probably don't have the health/stealth/speed to make a turn and get out of there before someone devs your poor booty. https://replayswows.com/replay/43300#stats