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  1. How it Works: Fires

    Haha I feel ya, I only have it "Burned" into my head from when I was calculating FP builds with the Montana legendary module.
  2. How it Works: Fires

    IIRC, FP is simply 'Reduce chance of fires by 10%' and doesn't actually affect burn time at all
  3. I can't say much on the matter, I free-xp'd basically all the way through Seattle. Part of it is that having played the T6 Cleveland for so long, I had already adapted the skills required to play Cleveland in her T8 position. Seattle simply felt 'clunky' in comparison to Cleveland and that was all i could see in her. FWIW, even thought her turrets were dual purpose + Heal, I still would've much rather played Cleveland at T9 instead of Seattle. The issue is partially that Seattle actually gets a citadel, (in comparison to Cleveland) and to use all your guns you have to show more of that citadel (again, in comparison). I bet Seattle isn't all that bad, But for me personally I found Cleveland to be more promising. (Again, this could totally be just because of her teeny tiny citadel, or the fact that every so often T8 MM blessed you with a T6 match.
  4. Wait, So you mean My HIV can get ~5 second reload for 15 seconds now? Well, heck -- Totally didn't need this but okay
  5. Running a 26% firechance on HIV I don't find it too difficult to light up a fire -- But in comparison to other ships you do only get 9 shells vs the typical 12 at TX. The one tiny adjustment I would give to HIV is giver her a second triple mount torps where the boat launder is near the smoke stack. (Cuz whynot? It's nearly the same size) It would give her just a tiny buff that her torps could pose some threat? In general though I do enjoy the 240s and think HIV is pretty decent where she stands
  6. Had my first solo last week in the Mogami -- Hot damn, the Adrenaline that you get when you're down to 3k health and Shokaku misses a full DB squad. That's one replay i'm glad to have saved. Congrats on the achievement!
  7. Dealing with tier 10

    If under 100k avg in a T7 is 'Mentally dysfunctional'... Well then golly might as well call me a vegetable lol
  8. Maybe it was your superstructure? That or you weren't as angled as you thought you were.
  9. I avoid this confusion easily by having 0 doubloons
  10. Honestly there's been some games where I've wondered if people have their chat turned off and it can be pretty irritating. I've had various games where there may have been a ship trying to lemming with one side of the map, leaving the other flank undermanned. Usually all it takes is a gentle, "Hey [x], You wanna come to A with us?" And they're usually willing to come. No chat? Welp, you're out of luck. Even communicating things as simple as, "Hey, Look out for those torps coming your way" can be pretty helpful. F-Spammers can get quite annoying though, especially if they're not really contributing much to the game and I can understand the frustration
  11. Better Ship

    Operation Hermes ( I think thats the one?) Is always a fun one to bring your Richi too as an added benefit.
  12. Micro-teams

    Never sit in a queue for the entire time limit. Once it reaches max time, (Which now is 3:00 minutes) it'll just dump whoever is available from the queue into a match. FWIW, MM isn't that bad as you get to 4/5, in terms of having full teams that is. It really shouldn't take much to progress from T2/T3 to a T4 or T5
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    That was kinda the entire point of my initial post... Regardless, Yea once US Hype dies down excessive radar games shouldn't be an issue
  14. Get someone to constantly spam text. On a serious note, I know some of the chat mods change the appearance, but i'm not certain if there's one that keeps it up 24/7
  15. All you gotta do is outsmart the 'trolls' who like to screw around. Played a game acouple of weeks ago where we had a Hindenburg who wouldn't stop spamming his F-Keys. The team was getting annoyed so we asked if he would be quiet which was promptly met with a 'KMA' remark. One of my divmates shot at him, which he retaliated with a couple rounds of fire, earning him TK status. Knowing that this guy was triggerhappy, I drove up next to him, and fired torps that cleared his bow by a large distance. And What did he do? Let off a broadside of torps right into me. Only he had TK status which meant bye-bye hidenburg. The chat was much quieter after that. (We even won the game lol) I'm not condoning shooting back at trolls, but once in a while it is preetty fun to mess with them.