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  1. _Pixi_

    Worcerster a little OP

    But Worc can use HE I'm a fan of using Mino's torps to save my butt when I get cornered. but that's situational. The HE benefit on Worc is much more noticeable It's 'Absolute' range may be 19km, but in reality, anything past 16-7km you're struggling with USN shell arcs. That's not to say you can't, but it's not as easy to do as compared to some other TX cruisers
  2. Last year's collection awarded Camos for Z-23, Kiev, Charles Martel, & New Orleans. Finishing everything awarded you with one for Monarch. Honestly I loved last year's collection and how completing certain task would unlock you a collection piece. Hoping that there's still something in-store to make this year's more interesting
  3. _Pixi_

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I'm fairly certain during a cyclone, radar information is only available to the user
  4. _Pixi_

    Most citadels dealt in a match?

    The biggest difference imo, would be that getting citadel'd by a BB hurts a lot more than a Citadel hit from a CL/CA. What might take my Repbulique 3 cits to kill, Could take my Worcester upwards of 10 cits to kill. (Shooting at a cruiser of course)
  5. _Pixi_

    Sale Price...good thing

    This. I was doing fine for a little bit but then I invested into Worcester + Republique. There goes 50 million credits. Also lost my premium time from the SantaCrates so T10s hurt if the game doesn't end well. FWIW, even if my credits start going down, I'd just play a T8 premium or Mo' before I spent money on credits.
  6. _Pixi_

    Why have different caliber guns?

    Well if you're playing a DM and only shooting HE....
  7. _Pixi_

    Clevelan to the Worst

    You would need ~270,000 Free XP to bypass Seattle entirely. Your Cleveland XP can only be used to unlock Seattle.
  8. _Pixi_

    Well, that was unexpected... but good.

    Well, if you got 284 xp on a win... Then either you died instantly or all you did the entire game was get that spotting damage. Don't know enough about the game at-hand so that's as far as I'll go.
  9. Wasn't meant to be serious lol
  10. Lets go one step further, Everyone is always detected.
  11. _Pixi_

    Is this possible to fix ?

    i find when in situations where a dd chooses to lem with other DD's; or runs away from the flank he started on, All it takes is a 'Hey [Ship_Name], can you help us at [Cap]'. Most of the time they comply, and if they don't? well not much you can do about that. Either way, them going down middle is more contribution then fleeing to the A/B line in frustration. FWIW, I've called out players for bad plays before (None have resulted in a chat ban). If it's justified, usually I don't even lose a report. If you go ballistic, well... Maybe just 'tone' down the lashing out
  12. _Pixi_


    India Yankee, India Delta & Sierra mike I tend to run on all of my BBs Depending on the Cruiser I might run Juliet Charlie and Victor Lima + X-ray for fire chance In most cases it depends whether I have a bunch of flags in excess, Or if I'm just too lazy to go and equip flags
  13. _Pixi_

    The New WGC Launcher

    Reading that was a roller coaster
  14. _Pixi_

    The next Season of Rank

    It's similar to last ranked season. Ranks 23-11: T8 Ranks 10-2: T10 Rank 1: T5
  15. Wait -- So HIV has base 12.3s RoF, and SL is about to get nerfed to 12s RoF. so only 0.3s increase for 240mm guns apparently ? Uhh...