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  1. something new

    As others have stated, Every ship has a repair fee, as well as an ammunition fee attached with each game. If you're curious to see this cost, In the post battle screen you're able to see the break down of XP gain, as well as Credits earned/used in the last tab. (I can't for the life of me remember the tab header atm)
  2. Fix MM with Divisional MM

    So.. does being in a clan now correlate to skill? Because I've seen some godawful players who have clan tags -- its not some exclusive non-clan characteristic. In general though, something like this, provided it were matching their clan battle league, would have a better effect of evening out the teams.
  3. Ah, that's fair. I've helped friends in a few scenarios but I believe they're all running W10
  4. I think he means force shut-down of his own game client... not every player in the match
  5. If the game freezes and won't let you load task manager, Open up a second desktop via (Wnds + Tab) and open it up there. It's saved me from a full restart multiple times
  6. I found love with the Maass, the Z-23 never stuck with me whatsoever. I was just a [edited] captain in her though, couldn't make her skills work for me. OTOH z46 has been a beast to play so far. Getting the 3x2 layout and being able to boast a 23k health pool when running SE makes her a joy to play imo.
  7. Normal credit/doubloon camo's can only be purchased one at a time, This means you can't stockpile on a sale. In your case, once the sale had ended you would've paid 7500 per camo even if you hadn't taken it off and switched to another. Perm camo's however are permanent. You can take them off whenever you like and put them back on, free of charge, whenever you please.
  8. I mean, I never really have an issue with my montana. You mainly have to keep track of which dd is where, what are their torp-ranges, and on top of that, where would you torp from? Using the mind of a DD player I've been able to anticipate their moves meaning I can dodge their incoming torps
  9. Map PSA: Okinawa

    Someone once told me A was the best option for that map. Needless to say that person didn't contribute much that match, or probably any match on okinawa for that matter
  10. I Don't really mind being bottom tiered for T5-7. Heck, I've even fail divisioned in a Kuma and gotten first place before. The lower tiers aren't that bad for tier differences once you learn what you're doing. When playing through NO & Edin, The biggest issue I found when bottom tiered is facing cruisers with repair party, or simply not having the range to engage enemies on higher tier maps. In all of this, I just see this as a part of the game. You get shat on some times, but eventually you'll be a T10 ripping up T8's. What goes around, comes around.
  11. I think it's mainly just because of casual players who don't play that often throughout the week . Take an average player who plays 5/7 days and someone who plays 2/7, chances are that those who are more dedicated will be more skilled (On average). I mean, just because your skills excel in one area/field doesn't mean they're all going to transfer to WoWs (for example) (Speaking for myself personally as a someone in University, even after a day of classes I find myself amidst assignments and reports.)
  12. Fairly certain they are rewards for completing 1 and 2 stars of the new operation. Also I bought a crate when it all began and still was 2 duplicates short. Great luck
  13. T10 Ops?

    If I recall there is still an option for a "hard" mode in the operation selection screen that they've left there since the beginning. Maybe they'll use that somehow to incorporate T10s? It would also still allow people to run the Op at standard tiers.
  14. WGing fix This

    I've had issues where WOWs will crash and freeze everything including task manager. A work around I've discovered to this is opening a new desktop (Windows key + Tab) and then opening task manager from the 2nd desktop to force shutdown. It has saved a couple reboots over the past months
  15. Buying a New Ship

    I haven't finished Yorck yet, But my experience with Edin was somewhat lackluster. The combination of constant uptiering and poor range lead to games with an average of 40k damage. When facing 7-9 or 6-8 she performs fairly well and I was able to get a kraken with her. The real gem is getting to Neptune imo, that 5 second fire rate makes the Edin worth the grind.