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  1. Very often in WoWs, good, team-supporting play is not really rewarded with XP/credits/etc (the specific example that prompted this was contesting a cap for a couple of minutes in a DD but there are a multitude of ways this plays out) It would be nice to be able to recognize those types of efforts by teammates (or even opponents) and have it be more meaningful than just a tick to their karma by having those recognitions of teammates by teammates carry post-battle rewards. This could be accomplished by adding that element to the existing complement system or thru the creation of some new, similar system, one that would obviously have some sort of a limit per day/per game/per person/etc It would make good, team-orientated play rewarding in a real, more tangible sense for the players who contribute and further encourage good play and good manners in the game. It would also be self-balancing to a general extent as the players themselves would be the ones promoting and rewarding team-mates for team-play. In the end, the reward is not the goal, but merely another means to help encourage the right type of play and teamwork via a "democratic" means enacted thru the players themselves rather than just an algorithm of battle statistics.
  2. OnePingOnlyPlease

    Which coal ship to buy?

    Thank you both for the info Perhaps tanky was the wrong word. (As with the Salem) it was more their heal allowing you to recover from a push I was thinking of but after seeing your replies I also see that perhaps her heal was nerfed since I last looked? Also, I do already have my GK and Bismarck to fill that playstyle/role Regardless, with that info, I am starting to lean more towards the yoshino, as even though it may not have the most unique set of characteristics overall, in terms of the ships I have, it's combination of tier and features are not really duplicated in my port
  3. OnePingOnlyPlease

    Which coal ship to buy?

    Currently debating between the Georgia, Yoshino, Salem, or waiting for the next round of ships. I have the Jean Bart & Alaska and I know the Zao and DM also match up with the Yoshino and Salem, especially the DM. For background, I play all classes, and I enjoy any ship with a unique play style. Based on what I have seen so far, I think this leads me most of all to the Georgia since it's tanky/secondary playstyle (as a USN ship especially) is quite unique for me since I do not have the Massachusetts (hell I never made it past the NY in the American line). I still enjoy the Bismarck (perhaps more now with the 8.5 AA rework) and do not have the Tirp. All that said, the Yoshino does look interesting, especially at T10. But a tanky DM with the super heal sounds cool too. Damn you WG, stop making so many neat ships (said no one ever, well its the internet so probably someone but I digress) Also, as stated above, trying to comb the web for other upcoming coal ships that might be worth foregoing the above for. Decisions, decisions. Please help, OK thanks
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    Debatable CV Captain Skills

    Notice what is missing from the game? They used to have DDs to spot for them.....................