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  1. Shadow_Storm419

    Secondary Alsace Builds?

    dont do it cuz the 100mm secondaries literally do 0 dmg unless you spec ifhe.
  2. Shadow_Storm419

    Enough with the overpowered fake Russian ships

    video evidence as in cherry picked clips of them shooting broadsiding potatoes?
  3. keep in mind that harekaze only has 13k hp which is around 30% less than akizuki's hp.
  4. Shadow_Storm419

    Co-Op Economy Nerfed?

    Credit income is based on percentage damage not raw damage. So if you dealt 20k dmg to a dd, you would get the same amount of credits from doing 100k to a bb assuming they have 20k and 100k hp respectively.
  5. Shadow_Storm419

    Directive 1 tokens...

    oof 9 containers opened for a grant total of 45 tokens. rip
  6. Shadow_Storm419

    Clan Battle temporary ship upgrades

    They are automatically demounted for free, so it would be a good idea to stock them up on discounted upgrades.
  7. Shadow_Storm419

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    Will you be able to play in divs like previous sprint seasons?
  8. Shadow_Storm419

    Convince me: RN or USN DD?

    Interesting. On paper the tier 5 and tier 6 brit dds seem rather weak. Also after the ifhe rework the jutland and daring do not need ifhe anymore.
  9. Shadow_Storm419

    Convince me: RN or USN DD?

    I dont have the brit dds but I do have the gearing. Each of the US dds are solid, but they have been powercrept. At the higher tiers they are more torp oriented while the brits are more gun oriented. The brits have hydro and a lot (6) fast reloading smokes. The us dds have long smokes which imo are worse. I think the brit dd line is better but I've heard that the lower tier ones (under tier 7) are bad. The higher tier ones (lightning, daring, etc) are pretty strong, but you might have to suffer a little to get there.
  10. not live on na yet. its only live in asia right now
  11. Shadow_Storm419

    Where are the Legendary Upgrades

    Oh I can't read. I thought they would add the UUs back within an update.
  12. Shadow_Storm419

    Where are the Legendary Upgrades

    WG said that they would move the UUs to the research bureau in 9.2 a while back. They're not in the armory.
  13. Didn't WG say that they would move the UUs in the research bureau in 9.2? Did they just forget?
  14. Shadow_Storm419

    Can t7 cl pen 32mm?

    Does it round up? this is so confusing. 152/6*1.25 = 31.6666666667. If it rounds up then it can pen 32.
  15. Shadow_Storm419

    Can t7 cl pen 32mm?

    Can t7 cls like the shchors pen 32 with ifhe after the new update?